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May 6, 2014


Mayor Barrella called the regular meeting to order at 6:32PM. Present were Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon and Toohey. The Deputy Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Motion by Councilman Toohey, to enter closed session to discuss (1) attorney-client privilege – Ippolito-v-PPB; (2) personnel – LAD violation accusations; temporary suspension; (3) contracts – response to receipt of Phase I and Title Report for 1 Ocean Avenue and status of ATM contract; and (4) possible litigation, was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by the following roll call vote. The Governing Body reserves its right to amend and supplement the purposes of executive session by motion at the public meeting
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey …..YEA

Closed Session began at 6:32PM and ended at 7:20PM.

Mayor Barrella called the regular meeting to order at 7:32PM. Present were Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon and Toohey. The Deputy Municipal Clerk again read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Motion by Councilman Mayer, to approve April 1, 2014 Council meeting minutes, was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

Motion by Councilman Mayer, to approve April 15, 2014 Council meeting minutes, was seconded by Councilman Vogel and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Toohey….YEA
Council Members Reid, Gordon….Abstain

Department Head memos and correspondence were discussed with items moved to resolutions for action. Mayor Barrella: asked Attorney Riordan if NJ Transit (NJT) Improvements item was appropriate for public discussion (general discussion, yes – negotiation strategy would be a closed session item); BA/CFO Riehl - NJT doing signalization upgrades on New Jersey and Washington Avenues – need to obtain easements on portions of PPB property – have set forth a dollar amount to be accepted or negotiated; Attorney Riordan – tax assessor thought numbers were reasonable – very small parcels (Councilman Reid: asked about scheduling meeting with DOT regarding lights on New Jersey and Forman Avenues); Mayor Barrella: would have liked to strategize instead of having this as part of the public domain; Councilman Gordon: asked if we can find out what they've offered other towns: Attorney Riordan: they are only required to provide an appraisal – contesting number would require a professional appraisal of our own – expense is unwarranted; BA/CFO Riehl: based on size and fact that we do not utilize property, wouldn't recommend hiring a professional; will be considered as Resolution 4.
Curb cut requests were discussed, along with who pays to move hydrant on Randall – cost is about $2K; Mayor Barrella: need policy – suggested the owner pay 50%, not to exceed $1K.
John Jackson, Esq: addressed Council regarding Boardwalk Buggy – spoke with Police Chief, as required – also spoke with Zoning Officer – Police Chief required that drive aisles not be blocked in parking lots and BOA determined it would be a benefit – there is no ordinance prohibiting this – a list of lots will be provided for Police approval – BOA determined it was a great idea and beneficial to PPB – is completely legal, yet there is a BOA condition; Councilman Reid: has a problem with them going to parking lots and taking business from taxis; Mr. Matteis, owner of Boardwalk Buggy: travel is very short range – would not impact taxis; Councilman Gordon: Mr. Mason, seasonal taxi applicant, felt it would be beneficial as the ‘Buggy’ could drop passengers at taxi stands to exit PPB; Mayor Barrella: would have to authorize use of municipal lots; Councilman Vogel: they were to provide routes to Mayor and Council; Attorney Jackson: Inlet Lot, RR Lot, Little Silver Park Lot, Arnold Avenue lot, the one behind Arnold Avenue and whatever businesses would allow use, as approved by PD – will work with Chamber to bring on businesses; Councilman Cortes: concerned with possible lost parking revenue; Attorney Riordan: BOA condition is that it be approved by ordinance; Mayor Barrella: suggested resolution permitting use of municipal lots, then pass, by title, an ordinance to do the same – if BOA removes condition, don't need to do anything on second reading.
Mayor Barrella: suggested May 27th as ABC license renewal hearing date; Broadway at 7:00 PM with Martell’s directly after; BA/CFO Riehl: added 2 items to consent resolutions.
Mayor Barrella: while judging Easter Parade, noticed that Martell’s has fenced-off a portion of Boardwalk in front of their establishment, which was reconstructed with taxpayer dollars, and has placed tables and chairs there, with a sign indicating it is for use by Martell’s patrons only – flow of pedestrian traffic has been impeded – could cause a safety issue –Martell’s has sought to lay claim to that section of Boardwalk, but nothing has been produced that establishes it is not part of PPB’s right-of-way (ROW) – NJSA 40A.60-1 gives Mayor authority to enforce Borough’s ROW – Martell’s should ask for permission to put out tables and chairs, like other businesses; Mayor and Council discussed options and depositions regarding who maintains that section of Boardwalk; BA/CFO was authorized to open communication with Martell’s.


Councilman Reid: water buffalo will be shipped May 14th; been discussing Saturday morning trash drop-off in colored bags, to be sold at $3/bag – will run Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend – would be for everyone, not just second homeowners.

Councilman Cortes: Boardwalk is completed – left message with JCPL to start re-installing lights at Plaza section – District II Police substation is getting a facelift – looking at putting a temporary women’s bathroom trailer at foot of Arnold Avenue, due to long lines last season – short-term fix for this year; working with JCP&L to get electric hookups at temporary bathroom trailer at Inlet – DPW is working on railings there – looking for DPW to start clean up at Loughran Point; DPW roof is pretty much done; met with Engineer and Boston Avenue residents about repaving & milling; looking to demolish Cooks Lane pump building; resident complained about Curtis Avenue flooding – in budget to alleviate that; did not attend Beautification Meeting; will attend Planning Board meeting tomorrow; sat in on water quality issue meeting – test samples were taken – T&M has a specialist and will meet with Brick MUA.

Councilman Vogel: received complaints about tree blocking stop sign at intersection of 300 block of Central, westbound, and St. Louis Avenues, and about condition of street, stairs and beach at Maryland Avenue Beach – addressing; Police ‘Narcan’ training will be completed this week – Rx drop-off was very successful – officer has been trained in child safety – Special Law Enforcement Officers, Class I and II, will be in the field shortly.

Councilman Mayer: had a budget meeting last Tuesday and introducing budget tonight.

Councilman Gordon: not in attendance at last meeting where Fire Truck Acquisition Bond was tabled - did not show up on tonight's agenda (Councilman Vogel: left the room at 8:43 pm) - has been brought to my attention that there are some on Council who are questioning the purchase of this truck - asked Mr. Michael Brodeur to attend to address any Council questions or concerns - I was told by several sources that somebody feels they were misled by the Fire Department- I want to make sure that we put this all to rest, so we're all on the same sheet of music - that's why I asked Mr. Brodeur to step forward (Councilman Cortes: have some concerns about conflicting pricing - spoke with the sales rep regarding the price - he confirmed what you said, $650K in 2009 was the last bond, but that was not the price of the truck; Mr. Brodeur: that bond included engineering fees, bonding fees and equipment; Councilman Cortes: I don't remember that being made clear to me the last time, so a little concerned – the $725K was also a confirmed number by him - you said that the new truck is only $75K more - but it's technically not because you outfitted that truck and there's other engineering fees in there - so I did some research with him and went on their website while I was on the phone with him - trust me, I'm all for safety and you're going to get a truck - I just have questions about the cost - very similar trucks to what you had, chassis wise, pump capacity, gallons per minute, actually a 75’ aerial device, not 50’, and I've got E-One coming in less than the $725K; Michael Brodeur: yes, because the 75' is a ladder truck, not an engine - it doesn't have the hose bed - it doesn't have all the features that an engine has - that's a truck - we're not looking for a truck, we're looking for an engine - 75' truck is also too high and too long to fit into the building - this is my third truck committee doing this – when we look at trucks, there are certain parameters we have to work within - we have heights, we have distances, we have lengths, we have widths of truck - you can get a commercial chassis engine that seats two guys very inexpensive - in 10 years, you'll be doing maintenance nightmares on that - we buy trucks that are quality trucks that are large enough to carry the members that we need to keep the town safe – we look for the truck that does what we need it to do – the 75’ ladder is going to have same restrictions on swiveling around, where the 50’ mid-mount doesn’t have that; Councilman Reid: asked if 50’ ladder will be high enough; Mr. Brodeur: will get to the 3rd floor windows where we need to go – it’s not meant to replace what the larger ladder truck does, it's to work alongside of that - it’s a companion piece – would love to have all 100’ trucks that have everything, but it’s not practical to do - it doesn’t fit what we need – we’re looking at what we feel is the best for the town - it’s gonna last 20+ years because that’s what we get our trucks to do – we don’t look for a truck that’s gonna last 10 years- we pay a little more for trucks because we go for that quality of apparatus – compared to buying a Hyundai or a Cadillac, we’re shooting for somewhere in the middle; Councilman Reid: this is why you chose this vendor – this is a State vendor, also; Mr. Brodeur: this is why we chose that truck; Councilman Cortes: you have other Emergency One vehicles in the department; Mr. Brodeur: yes, right now our other engine is an Emergency One, which is a convenience because it’s one dealer to work with, with repairs – the maintenance contract that we get, they service both vehicles when they show up – we have familiarity with the truck because we’ve had one in the past – we know how it works, we know what it does; Councilman Toohey: my stepfather is a firefighter – we support you guys 100% - you need a pumper, you’re going to get a pumper – my concern with this, and I don’t believe we were misled, but I have to; Councilman Reid: first of all, let me just say to Michael and every fireman that is here, that never came out of any one of our mouths – want you to know that – this misled stuff and lied to, you might have heard that out there but we never said that – we have questions which is; Councilman Gordon: Stephen, were you at that meeting; Mayor Barrella: yes, he was – you weren’t Bret, but I don’t know –we don’t tape those meetings, do we - do we tape those meetings; BA/CFO Riehl: the budget workshops, yes; Mayor Barrella: my memory is usually pretty good; Councilman Reid: your memory was ‘Mr. Cortes, are you calling these guys liars?’; Mayor Barrella: no, we can go through this, but the fact of the matter is that the word misled was used a number of times and what I basically did say, and I did say that, ‘are you saying that they lied to you’ – because, to me, if somebody misleads you, they’re lying to you – but Stephen brought it up – I’m sitting here quietly; Councilman Cortes: you’re not sitting here quietly; Mayor Barrella: if you’re going to say that I made something up, then I’m going to defend myself; Councilman Cortes: and so am I – I did use the word mislead – you tried to get me to say that they lied to me, that I was calling the firemen liars – that’s what you said and no they did not – what they said and I just reiterated was the truth – somebody can tell you the truth, it may not be the entire truth, but it’s still the truth – that doesn’t mean they’re lying – they didn’t give me an outright lie – I just said, yes, the $650K spent in 2009 was not just for a truck; Mayor Barrella: if that’s you explanation Andy, I’m done; Mr. Brodeur: whether misled was said or not, doesn’t matter to us at all – our request is, if there’s questions, contact us; Councilman Toohey: I have one for you – up here, we have to take action, at some point, and decide what we are going to purchase for the fire truck – the last time you came before us, we were given a number from 2009 at $650K – the one with the ladder, with the tele-boom, came in at $725K – we started kicking the idea around – we auction off for $25K - I asked you to get me the real to-date comparison on what a pumper would look like versus the tele-boom – what I heard, that the 2009 price was inflated as a result of outfitting, that’s what brought questions – I would really like to see what exactly a pumper would cost versus what exactly the truck you want to buy would cost – that’s, Councilman Gordon, why I wasn’t willing to take action on it at last meeting, because I’m for firemen but I’m also for taxpayers – I’d like to see that information; Councilman Gordon: I get that, but if you had those issues or concerns, you’ve had the last two weeks to reach out to somebody from the Fire Department and get these answers so we can move forward on this – yet, you chose to wait to the next meeting which, if I hadn’t brought it up, this wouldn’t even have been brought up – so,; Councilman Toohey: no, we were gonna talk about it tonight; Councilman Gordon: it’s nowhere on the agenda; Mr. Brodeur: my recollection of the purchase orders that I signed for the truck, it was around $575K – the truck bid was, I want to say, $530K with another $30K in change orders and $12K to $15K for the maintenance contract; Councilman Toohey: thank you – that’s still 2009 prices; Mr. Brodeur: yes, there’s been a 5% increase since then – the $725 that’s on here is an increase over the original $700K we asked for because time has changed – next year, the $725 might be $735 – I don’t know anything that goes down in price, except for our paychecks; Mayor Barrella: the truck that was purchased in 2009 is not the same as this truck here because this truck has the added features of the 50’ ladder; Mr. Brodeur: the engine that was bought in 2009 was a rescue engine – it’s an engine and a rescue truck all in one; Mayor Barrella: okay, but pumping capacity standpoint; Mr. Brodeur: pumping capacity, what we’re getting rid of and what this ladder engine will bring, we’re actually increasing our pump size; Councilman Toohey: is the current pumper still operational – are we putting you in a situation where we’re endangering people in this town; Mr. Brodeur: no, it is operational; Mayor Barrella: timing is a different issue, I just want to make sure that everybody up here understands what’s being asked for and that any issues that may have existed as to what was being asked for and pricing have been resolved – if they haven’t been, let’s ask additional questions - I am assuming, Mr. Brodeur, that this is what your truck committee looked at and determined was the right truck to buy; Mr. Brodeur: that is correct; Mayor Barrella: people may not have noticed, I am somewhat opinionated, but what I try to do, though, is stick to what I do know - I wouldn’t try and lobby somebody – I wouldn’t try and run a school system – I wouldn’t try and run an aircraft carrier or I wouldn’t try and run cable because I don’t know how to do that – I wouldn’t try and figure out what is the correct piece of apparatus that you guys who are out there working with it believe that you need – so I am satisfied that if this is what you guys are saying you need, this is the cost for the State contract, I’m satisfied – I don’t know about anybody else, but I am satisfied – the rest of it is simply timing and this doesn’t really factor into your equation, because it does to the extent that you may want the truck, and it’s something you can comment on, but you don’t need to be here for the timing discussion – I think you’ve provided that information that you have – so you don’t need to be sitting up here when we have the question and ask whether or not we go out to bond on this now so that it can be delivered in February or March, because I believe it’s an eight month delay; Mr. Brodeur: 240 days; Mayor Barrella; or whether we wait and do it in 2015, - in which case, we don’t get it until November or December – does it make sense if you’re buying it all in 2015, to go through summer of 2015 without this piece of equipment – but that’s a discussion that we have to have and people can certainly feel free to weigh in on that, you don’t necessarily need to sit there; Councilman Gordon: does anyone have any additional questions; Councilman Mayer: I do, Councilman - my quandary is that I am getting feedback from senior firemen in this town who don’t want to be in a disagreement with their fellow firemen but have gone out of their way to tell me that this is not the right piece of equipment - that we don't need a second ladder – that one’s the engine company and two’s the ladder company – put me in a very awkward position – I mean, how do I deal with that – how do deal with the fact that I ‘m being told that we don’t need another ladder, it wasn’t in ’95, it was in ’96, it’s in good condition, what we need is a pumper ; Mr. Brodeur: which is why what we’re getting is a pumper – it has a ladder on top but it’s design, it’s main function is a pumper – I would also say if a senior firefighter calls and asks that, you could redirect them to the Fire Department to ask those questions; Councilman Gordon: you’re taking one man’s opinion over an entire committee that met to determine what their particular needs were; Councilman Mayer: you see, it’s not only one man, that’s the problem – I’m trying to get to the right answer; Mr. Brodeur: I would love to sit here and tell you that every time a truck committee decides what truck they want, the Fire Department is 100% in agreement with that – I’d be lying to you if I told you that so I’m not going to- there are always dissenters – I can’t tell you what to tell them – I can tell you what I would tell them if they talked to us – we would tell them it’s not another ladder truck – it’s a pumper that has an added feature; Councilman Gordon: which became a little more critical as the houses started to get raised; Mr. Brodeur: you could go back to them and say why do they have an engine in their firehouse if they’re the ladder company; Councilman Mayer: it’s not only one company, it’s both companies – I don’t know how to deal with it; Mr. Brodeur: we deal with it like we deal with every truck – there’s disagreement in the company over what people get; Councilman Mayer: it’s a pretty big delta between the two prices; Mr. Brodeur: yes, there’s a pretty big delta in the capability of the two trucks also; Councilman Reid: could I ask what the delta is – I was hearing 400 one thing and 700 another - what is the delta, do you know; Councilman Cortes: Mike, I know the truck you presented - it's not a base truck - it does have some personalized, customized features tailored to the department outside of the ladder on top - is that correct; Mr. Brodeur: we have not sat down and gone detail by detail with the vendor yet because they won't do that until they know they're getting an order - there may be things that could be cut out if it could drop the price; Councilman Cortes: understandable and when I was talking to the sales rep, and I was on the website when we were talking, and I have them printed out here - let's just talk pumpers, not with the ladder - they range from, and again this is base, that's why I asked you that question, $222K to $350K - just the pumper and then the aerial trucks, anywhere from 591 to 612 so that's why I'm asking where the 725 or if you had any customizing - can't fault me for having some concerns; Mr. Brodeur: all I can explain to you is, it's not a ladder, it's not an engine, it's a combination of the two - there's very specific designs that they have to do for this truck - you'll notice, if you look around at other fire truck manufacturers, there are not lots of options for a short mid-mount ladder like this - it's not a common built truck; Councilman Cortes: I'm new to fire engines - I'm not new to ordering vehicles, bucket trucks and (inaudible); Mr. Brodeur: I've got 31 years of this - I'm not new to this; Councilman Cortes: I'm new to fire engines but I'm not new to purchasing vehicles for a major utility company so I understand how that goes - that was just my concerns; Councilman Reid; Councilman Mayer, do we have money in the budget to bond for this this year; Councilman Gordon: we wouldn't be bonding until next year - the monies wouldn't come out until next year's budget because we wouldn't take delivery, right; Councilman Mayer: right now it’s in the capital budget for next year – and to adopt a bond ordinance you need a down payment, you need the 5%; Councilman Gordon: correct, and that's available; Mayor Barrella: that's $36K; Councilman Gordon: we have $1.8M in surplus, right now, and I understand $800K of that is for the CDL- so basically we have $1M in surplus that just sits there - that's exactly why we have surplus - so when we come into these types of scenarios, that we can make these decisions that's in the best interests of the town - it's beyond me that a bunch of bureaucrats who sit at this table, and I'm unfortunately one of them, that we question our professionals in this town on what they need - we're trying to dictate what they determine is in the best interests of this town – frankly, safety should always be paramount – that's why the CDL is there - not for spending but I don't want to get into that right now - I know that we are so dollar conscious and it becomes kind of a mantra of this particular Council, especially those who seek reelection in the near future, and frankly, we've got to start thinking about the town and work towards getting what’s done in the best interests of this town - so you're asking for a 5% down payment, totaling about $36K, that would not even put a ripple in the surplus we have now and I say we move forward on this - I don't know why we are backpedaling - my fear is that you're going to push this down the road and you're going to have the same argument next year - you're going to push it down the road and the promises that we've made to these fire houses 20 years ago, that when 20 years are up we'd get them that new truck - God forbid, we have another fire like we did with the loss of life and we did not equip our professionals appropriately; Councilman Reid: Councilman, thank you very much - when you have a surplus, it doesn't mean, especially as a government, that you go out and spend it - what I will get into, Michael, maybe there's a way that we can bring somebody in, let's say a consultant, to work with you and us and just come up with something - maybe your plan is the best plan, maybe there's another plan - I don't know; Councilman Toohey: maybe he tells us that there's something out there that's more expensive; Councilman Gordon: so you absolutely invalidate the truck committee of this town, that has served this town, time and time again, and you're saying your opinion just doesn't matter, let's go get a professional and pay for them to tell us what's in the best interest of our town, where we don't even trust our professionals - that's a ludicrous idea; Mayor Barrella: I don't know that we've ever gone out and gotten an independent professional to evaluate what we buy for DPW or what we buy for the police department - we typically rely on the Chief or John Trout or, in this case, the volunteers - Bret raised the point, what if there's another fire - I'm not an alarmist and some would remember where I would say let's hold off or let's not do this, let's see if we have the money – some people looked at that as me being anti-something, but it was just being fiscally prudent - this is a situation where it's not like we need to buy this just in case there's a fire and we're gonna have this extra piece of equipment - we need to replace a piece of equipment - we're going to replace that piece of equipment in the year 2015 - they're not coming here saying buy us this equipment because there might be a fire that it'll be helpful for and we want it now and it's not scheduled to be replaced in 2015, it is; Councilman Mayer: well it isn't; Mayor Barrella: but it is ; Councilman Mayer: it's a '96 truck; Mayor Barrella: so you want to push it back to; Councilman Mayer: what is the condition and the mileage; Councilman Cortes: hours and mileage; Mr. Brodeur: it's got a few thousand hours - it's not a rundown truck, it's functioning very well - was taken care of well - we have a maintenance contract on that and we use it; Councilman Mayer: it was bonded in '95 but the bill of sale, the title was '96 - it was delivered February 15th of '96, apparently - that's what I've been told; Mr. Brodeur: you were told incorrectly, it was delivered January 24th - it was asked for in '94 - we had a hard time getting the Administrator at that time to finally write the specs on it, so that delayed it longer, but that was 20 years ago - it doesn't matter - again, working on a 5-year plan, we have a 2005, a 2010, a 2015 - that's following the 5-year plan that was laid out to us by Mayor and Council back in 1990 when we did the big replacement of the two trucks; Councilman Mayer: do many small towns have the second ladder truck; Mr. Brodeur: Point Boro, Brick - Manasquan has a couple - Bay Head, right now, is in the process of buying a ladder truck for their town; Councilman Mayer: they don't have any - Mantoloking doesn't have any; Mr. Brodeur: Mantoloking does - Mantoloking and Bay Head work together; Councilman Mayer: I'm not going to argue with you - just telling you that I don't know how to deal with the fact that I'm getting input that this isn't the right truck; Mr. Brodeur: and you're getting input that it is the right truck; Councilman Mayer: right, that's my problem: Mayor Barrella: but the people who are telling you it's the right truck are sitting in front of you - the people who are telling you it's the wrong truck are whispering in your ear - maybe they're shouting in your ear, but they're not shouting in this room; Councilman Mayer: I know that (inaudible); Mayor Barrella: there should be no quandary; Councilman Gordon: how did you resolve purchasing 1 Ocean Avenue when you heard people disagreeing with it - it's a huge expense - you heard people saying yea, people saying no - yet, you had no problem making that decision; Councilman Mayer: I thought that was the right decision; Councilman Gordon: okay, so there you go; Councilman Mayer: there you go what, there you go what; Councilman Gordon: there you go; Mayor Barrella: these guys deserve a decision; Councilman Gordon: what'll it take for you to be able to make a decision; Mr. Brodeur: I can tell you this, Mr. Mayer, they haven't come to us with complaints and this goes before the Board of Officers (BOFO) which is our ruling party; Councilman Mayer: has it been before BOFO; Mr. Brodeur: yes; Councilman Mayer: and they have endorsed it; Mr. Brodeur: it came from the BOFO yes for the truck committee to get your truck and this is the truck you're getting; Councilman Mayer: who comprises the BOFO; Mr. Brodeur: the Chiefs, the assistant chiefs, the captains, the lieutenants of both companies: Councilman Mayer: because I was wondering if one way to resolve it wasn't to send it to the BOFO - I'm not adverse to the consultant, either because I've got a quandary - I'm just looking for the right answer; Councilman Gordon: that's just stall tactics; Councilman Mayer; no it's not, stop it; Councilman Gordon: you've had 20 years to figure this out and 20 years comes up - here we are at the time frame to purchase the truck; (conversations overlapping); Councilman Mayer: I'm sorry, was this on the agenda; Mayor Barrella: yes, it’s on the agenda; Councilman Mayer: no, it wasn’t on the agenda; Mayor Barrella: asked if it was in the budget; Councilman Mayer: yes, it’s in the capital budget; Mayor Barrella: it’s in the budget, therefore, it’s on the agenda, Councilman - it’s on the agenda; Councilman Mayer: this is more government by ambush – this is what you do with your Martell’s, you don’t tell us…(inaudible – people talking over each other); Mayor Barrella: you know, Councilman, I’m a little tired of you sitting there with that smug Bill Mayer attitude – you married into the DiCorcia family and you think that that’s special – I’m sorry, it’s not and neither are you – so, if you have a problem, if you think I ambushed you, then fine – you can think I ambushed you – you can think I ambushed you all you want – you don’t want to do this because you got a problem with it and that’s fine – and you convinced these guys to do your dirty work, so that’s fine; Councilman Cortes: no, Mayor, with all due respect, you’re out of line – he didn’t convince me to do any dirty work; Mayor Barrella: so misled was your own word; Councilman Cortes: yes, I did my own due diligence – yes and look at that smug smile – I asked questions – Mike, thank you – I brought my concerns and you answered them; Mayor Barrella: we’re not going to resolve this, at this point in time, this way because here’s the problem – we’re going to go around and around; Councilman Gordon: Mayor, you’re just creating a firestorm right now – all I am here to do is the right thing by this town - and doing the right thing, I don’t care who you are or who you married or anything of that nature – I just want to do what’s right by this town and hopefully my fellow Council Members got their concerns addressed, they got their questions answered – that we can move forward on this so we can put this thing to bed because #1, it’s the right thing to do; Councilman Cortes: Councilman you’re right – do right by the town – safety first but I also do look at taxpayers, you know the best bang for the buck – that’s why I asked those questions; Councilman Gordon: actually, I appreciate that – the operative word was safety – so when you’re getting the bang for your buck this isn’t like going out and buying a personal car, this is a safety issue and you cannot put a price tag on safety – now, they asked for this particular ladder truck because the complexion of this town is changing - you have a lot of 3-story houses going up – we’ve got another ladder truck but it’s so big that it will not fit in a lot of the spaces that they need access to - so this isn’t some superfluous requirement that they’ve put on board – this is a committee who sat down and, to use your words, did their due diligence to determine what was the best interest - these are the professionals that we entrust with our equipment that we equip them with – we entrust them with our lives in the decisions that they make to fight these fires on a routine basis – so, it’s incumbent upon us to equip them accordingly, to trust them – all they are going to get is capability and that’s all they’ve asked for - they are paid nothing, they are volunteers; Councilman Mayer: asked Mr. Brodeur if they’ve had the same truck; Mr. Brodeur: had similar truck in the past - had snorkel which had little access to places so we got this to make up for what the snorkel could not do – snorkel came out but was not used as a snorkel much because we had problems with trees and wires – so we got this truck because it would make up for what the snorkel could not do; Councilman Mayer: what’s the ladder on this: Mr. Brodeur: 50 feet – it’s small, it’s maneuverable, it’s what we need; Mayor Barrella: there are two issues – there are two separate and distinct issues and we’re losing sight of the two separate and distinct issues – they are 1) do we put our trust in those people who have done the work and made the recommendation or do we go out to a third party consultant who will bill us to probably tell us for what we exactly know, that if you do just a plain pumper, this is going to be the price and if you do this, this is going to be the price and we know that already – that’s issue number one, do we put our faith and our reliance in those people who have done the work - the second issue is one of timing, because what we are fighting over is not whether or not we’re going to do something – the issue we’re fighting over is whether we’re going to do it so this equipment is delivered so we have it in the summer of 2015 or whether it’s delivered after the summer of 2015 – do we have it for next summer of don’t we – it’s a timing question and we’re fighting over timing that amounts to whether we put $36K in this year's budget or $36K in next year's budget, the fact of the matter is the $36K is there in the form of over $1M worth of surplus, the highest surplus PPB has had since the 1990s and you’re quibbling over whether we put $36K in this year or next year – if the real problem is you don’t believe these guys need this truck then tell them that and say no you’re not going to do it but don’t sit here and give them well you know we’ve got to worry about taxpayer dollars because you’re going to spend the money anyhow – so, have the courage to say no if that’s what you’re gonna do or do it this year and be done with it – we’ve got the money, let’s get it in for the summer of 2015 – those are the two distinct and separate issues you – either you believe they need it or you don’t – and if you believe they need it, do we want to do it now or do we want to wait until 2015 so as to shift $36K from this year’s budget to next year’s budget which $36K, by the way, is not going to cost the taxpayers anything because the money is there in surplus – whether it comes out this year or next that $36K is going to be needed, so make a decision – yes, you want to do it for them, you trust what they are asking you for – no, you don’t – if the answer is no you don’t, move on – if the answer is yes, then ask yourself are we going to mess around with this summer for $36K and God forbid something happens when we were going to do it anyhow – it doesn’t make any sense, not when that $36K is sitting there already; Councilman Toohey: Mayor, you’re entitled to whatever opinion you have but the fire company was promised a pumper, they’re going to get a pumper – they’ve asked for additional equipment to the tune of $150K – I get the down payment but it’s an additional $150K - we are tasked with ensuring the safety of the residents of this town but we’re also tasked with making fiscally responsible decisions – don’t know where the balance is right now; Mayor Barrella: Tom, that’s fair – if the answer is you don’t think that you want to buy this particular truck for them, than tell them that – don’t push it off and put it in the capital budget for 2015 – don’t play games with it – make a decision – quite frankly if it’s a decision that no you don’t want to spend that much, they’ll have to make do with something cheaper – guess what – I’m sure they’ll make do with something cheaper – they made do with a truck that‘s 20 years old now – they don’t think it’s best and that’s a very fair point – but don’t agree with them that you think this is a good idea for the Beach, and it may be a good idea for the Beach, and then say but we’re not gonna do it this year; Councilman Toohey: if the conclusion is they’re getting a pumper without a ladder, whether or not we replace it for next summer or not, it doesn’t matter- do you understand, they want the additional apparatus in the event that there’s another, God forbid, fire like we just had – it’s where the price and the need intersect and I don’t know where that is right now which is why I don’t think that Councilman Reid’s suggestion to get an outside consultant is a bad idea; Mayor Barrella: you guys want to hire somebody to double check on them – I’m gonna tell you what the consultant is gonna say – the consultant is gonna say if you want a piece of equipment that does this, this is what you should buy – if you want one that does this, this is what you’re gonna buy – if you’re gonna ask a consultant to come back and say to you do we need this piece of equipment, maybe you’ll get somebody to say we do or we don’t, I don’t know; Councilman Mayer: the question isn’t that the question is the optimal piece of equipment with our existing two companies and where it fits in - Mike may very well be right – we disagree – you don’t want to hear that – you wanna call names; Councilman Gordon: but you never get a unanimous decision - we certainly don’t so why would we expect: Mayor Barrella: okay then, at least, 1) the fact that this is in the 2015 capital budget can we all agree that the Inlet property that we just spend 400 some odd thousand dollars on to build a bathroom wasn’t in the capital budget either – so the fact that it might be in 2015 versus 2014 should not be an impediment, okay - if we can agree on that; Councilman Toohey: that came out of Open Space which doesn’t have an impact on the taxes; Mayor Barrella: it’s still taxpayer money and the fact that it came out of Open Space; Councilman Mayer: you know there’s a difference but of course; Mayor Barrella: but Bill, you spend $400K to buy a piece of property to put a bathroom on; Councilman Mayer: Open Space funds - it’s different; Mayor Barrella: and you could pay down Open Space debt – yes, it is different; Councilman Mayer: it’s much different; Mayor Barrella: and if I thought that you were going to have to increase the tax rate this year to put the $36K into the budget, I would say maybe you have a point, but you don’t have to – the money is there; Councilman Mayer: it’s there but it doesn’t regenerate – but you don’t want to hear that; Mayor Barrella: Bill, I understand it a lot better than you do, please; Councilman Mayer: (inaudible in the background); Mayor Barrella: I’ve been doing it a lot longer – but the bottom line is, can we; Councilman Mayer: (inaudible in background); Mayor Barrella: the bottom line is; Councilman Mayer: of course…inaudible in background) Mayor Barrella: can we - Bill, if you don’t stop, okay, this is what you do - and when people react to you, you get all that huffy, and I’m sorry, this is your problem; Councilman Mayer: Vince, you mentioned my family (inaudible); Mayor Barrella: Bill, this is your problem because the family, I’m sorry, has had a problem with the Fire Department for years; Councilman Mayer: Oh, stop; Mayor Barrella: Alright; Councilman Mayer: Stop; Mayor Barrella: So, I mean just - but you stop, okay; Councilman Mayer: stop; Mayor Barrella: we don’t need to go there, you’re bringing it back up again; Councilman Mayer: inaudible; Mayor Barrella: I’m just trying, I am just trying; Councilman Gordon: listen; Mayor Barrella: I am just trying to; Councilman Mayer: Mayor, why don’t we; Mayor Barrella: why don’t we wait - why don’t we wait - why don’t we do the following – look at it - meet – has it gone through your Board of Officers – did they put their stamp of approval on it – included in that are people from two, correct; Mr. Brodeur: the Board of Officers, yes, that’s both companies; Mayor Barrella: so people from Fire Company 1 and Fire Company 2 both put their stamp of approval on this and they did so publically; Mr. Brodeur: as public as a Board of Officers meeting; Mayor Barrella: okay so they didn’t do it, they didn’t do it by whispering in somebody’s ear that this is not necessary – they put their reputation on the line and they signed off on it and if I’m wrong, you tell me; Mr. Brodeur: as far as I know – I mean one of our Chiefs and two of the members of the Board are back there; Mayor Barrella: you guys want to study it longer, study it longer – but I’m telling you, make a decision so they can take delivery of this thing before next summer, okay – take another month – go through to June; Councilman Gordon: I’m going to try something, Mayor, and we’ll see how far it goes and we’ll test the temperature of this Board.
Motion by Councilman Gordon to pull Ordinance 2014-14 off the table was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA
Councilman Vogel…. No vote as he had left the room.
Councilman Gordon made a motion to introduce Ordinance 2014-14 (Fire Truck Acquisition Bond) on first reading. Mayor Barrella asked that it be introduced and voted with other ordinances after public participation.

Councilman Toohey: No report

Councilman Vogel rejoined the meeting at 9:28PM.

Mayor Barrella: asked BA/CFO Riehl to set-up a meeting with Monmouth Beach, which allows online building permit application and inspection scheduling, to investigate savings.

Business Administrator/Chief Financial Officer Riehl: trash cans were installed downtown – old ones will be power-washed and relocated at Inlet (Councilman Reid: asked about tree cut down at intersection of River and Arnold Avenues; Councilman Gordon: several trees were taken down – were determined to be unsafe; Councilman Reid: asked BA/CFO to investigate).

Councilman Mayer: 5A is resolution to defer school taxes – wanted to ratchet down deferred school taxes at time of Annual Financial Statement, as school is retiring debt in 4 years – led to discussion about surplus and lowering deferred school tax – have taken back about $100K on same; confirmed that budget hearing is June 3rd – assessed value increased by $53M in the last year, giving PPB an assessed value of $1.928B – tax increase was designed to be no greater than 2 cents – 98.5% collection rate last year – second biggest item in regenerating surplus was construction code fees – surplus balance at the end of December was $3,135,000 and included $800K CDL – trying to hold that aside and pay it back within the next 2 years, once we’ve returned to a normal budget – had a W/S increase last year – have removed current fund expenses from the W/S budget – debt service is up with $9M in Sandy bonding – not all is being reimbursed through FEMA – made substantial payment on the Refunding Bond Ordinance – salaries are up over the 2% cap – number of full time workers has increased – health insurance increased by 17%, but pension contribution was down – had Council budget session last week and released draft budget – Non-Resident Taxpayer Committee (NRTAC) has commented on it – recommended introduction (Mayor Barrella: moved $156K from W/S and corrected a problem that began 25 years ago when the first appropriation cap was passed – that was the way municipalities got around that cap – taking $156K out of W/S budget, then moving $100K out of W/S surplus into Current to make up that $156K, looks like a shell game – the idea of taking the $156K out is a great idea but shouldn’t pay for it with W/S surplus because the average homeowner can’t deduct their W/S bills on their income tax returns but they can deduct their property taxes – businesses can do both – doing it this way is business-friendly but not homeowner-friendly – long been an advocate of not funding budget by using W/S funds – budget was constructed without his input, unlike previous years – don't continue to drain the W/S utility, take the $100K out of municipal surplus instead – advocated adding $36K down payment – surplus is highest since before the millennium – biggest driver of building surplus last year was not construction fees, but the fact that $1M in parking revenues was budgeted but $1.9M was generated – this year’s budget has parking plugged in as $1.8M, which is a risk – suggested being more conservative, $1.5M, and using more surplus – budgeting court revenue at $800K, with $810,000 in revenues last year – Governor and State are learning the ramifications of overestimating revenue – should take advantage of year-end surplus and use it) BA/CFO Riehl has done a projection of surplus regeneration – shows PPB as being $260K short in regenerating $1.3M surplus – surplus transfer was not done without serious consideration – $260K short without considering other issues, including labor contracts and Chief’s request for additional compensation for specials – need to match recurring revenues with recurring expenses and then develop a surplus policy (Mayor Barrella: since 2008, have been cognizant of surplus and how not to abuse it – understand its importance and that it’s at its highest level since before the year 2000 – suggested that lowering revenue anticipations will not have a huge impact – losing $260K and using $36 for a down payment will leave a surplus of $700K, well above what we’ve had since mid-2000s) one problem with the levy cap is that it makes it almost impossible to regenerate surplus, shouldn’t waste it (Mayor Barrella: appropriately estimating revenues is not wasting surplus, but being fiscally prudent – only spending of surplus advocated tonight was the $36K down payment for the fire truck – whether spending it this year or next, it’s coming out of surplus) need to keep an eye on revenue figures – can’t keep spending down surplus.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Agenda Items & Ordinances on First Reading) BEGAN AT 9:54PM.

Carol Vacarro, Chamber of Commerce: supports Boardwalk Buggy – downtown retailers had a bad winter with the weather – moving tourists from Boardwalk to downtown would help.
Joe Feely, Point Pleasant Beach (PPB): BOFO is in agreement that truck is the right one for PPB – suggested firemen sit with Councilman Cortes to discuss line items in reference to fire truck in order to evaluate situation.
Vince Castin, PPB: spoke in favor of Boardwalk Buggy; spoke about recent Supreme Court ruling allowing prayer – suggested reverting back to recital of Lord's Prayer [Attorney Riordan: complex issue – recommended proceeding with caution (Councilman Mayer left room at 10:04PM, returning at 10:06PM) – expect this to be an issue going forward – recommended watchfully waiting as courts elaborate on Supreme Court's opinion]; asked about surplus policy.
Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: asked about budget transfer from Water utility – asked what would happen if there is a deficiency in Water utility; asked if there is an allotment for NRTAC in budget – taxpayers shouldn't subsidize special interest groups – spoke about their private meetings (Attorney Riordan: they are subject to OPMA – he will speak to BA/CFO and make sure committees understand); spoke about Martell’s obstruction of Boardwalk ROW – they were notified and should be summonsed; surprised to see garbage bag fee on agenda, without any discussion – will slow down pickups on Mondays, as weekend trucks cannot be emptied until then – asked who is going to sell the bags; asked if Jersey Shore Relay in resolution 1/A was a new event; complemented Councilman Vogel for leaving room when recusing himself.
Ben Dispoto, PPB: agreed with Mr. Cavagnaro on Martell’s obstruction issue – seems it’s better to ask for forgiveness than live by rules – should enforce the rules; fire volunteers do a good job – put a lot of work into their issue – should respect their opinion; asked if town could put money into a fund each year for large capital purchases like fire and sanitation trucks.

Motion by Councilman Cortes, to close public participation, was seconded by Councilman Vogel and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Agenda Items & Ordinances on First Reading) ENDED AT 10:25PM.

Motion by Councilman Mayer to defer $5,854,982.76 in school taxes was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

Motion by Councilman Mayer to introduce the 2014 Municipal Budget was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote. The Public hearing will be held on June 3, 2014.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

Motion by Councilman Vogel, to adopt resolutions listed below, was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by the following roll call vote.
a) Memorialization of administrative action approving Jersey Shore Running Club S/E appl.
on 4/26/14 relay
b) S/E Appl. for Teen Challenge NJ on 5/26 through 5/28
c) S/E Appl. for St Peter PTA to place car & sell raffles on Boardwalk from 5/10 to 9/30
d) S/E Appl. for Farmers Market in Borden’s lot on Sundays from 6/8 through 9/28
e) Social Affairs Application for Elks Fluke Tournament on 7/25 and 7/26
f) Payroll #8 ($332,045.64)
g) Payroll #9 ($246,111.34)
h) P O to Nolze Garage Door for 2 garage doors at water plant ($3990)
i) Payment to State of NJ for May employee health benefits ($122,723.49)
j) P O to Precision Door Svc to remove/replace DPW overhead doors/hardware ($16,963)
k) P O to E-Conolight for lamp fixtures at DPW garage ($3,524.40)
l) P O to Lasting Line Painting for painting parking stalls, crosswalks & curbing ($25,000)
m) Payment to Ocean County Landfill for tipping fees ($50,000)
n) Payment to Ocean County Landfill for tipping fee escrow ($50,000)
o) Designate $2,739,290 Bond Anticipation Note as Qualified Tax Exempt Obligation
p) Scheduled payment to PPB Board of Education ($916,131)
q) Payment to Ronan Agency for Recreation & Volunteer Accident Policies ($3925.50)
r) Payment to All Points for 2014 parking passes, postage and mailing prep ($2911.56)
s) P O to Water Works Supply Co for 3 flanged butterfly valves ($3000)
t) Second quarter payment to United Computer for service agreement ($2550)
u) Appointment of 14 Seasonal Parking Enforcement Officers
v) Appointment of 2 Seasonal P/T Communications Operators
w) Payment to Carman Dodge for 2013 Dodge Charger for PD with equip & paint ($34,320)
x) Payment to Downs Ford for engine block & transmission for police vehicle ($3,841.52)
y) Payment to Meridian Health for 20 Class 1 SLEO pre-employment physicals ($5,500)
z) Revised Banner Permit Appl. for Meridian Health’s Paint Town Pink Campaign, 5/8-5/22
a) P O to Motorola for replacement of portable police radios ($22,101.75)
b) Support of research to find a cause and cure for Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
c) Payment to Denise Sweet from escrow accts ($400)
d) Payment to Galvin Law Firm from escrow accts ($3533)
e) Appointment of Greg Culp to Open Space Advisory Committee
f) Progress payment #2 to MiBo Construction for work on DPW roof ($27,222.12)
g) Progress payment #3 to Wallace Contracting for work on Boardwalk Plaza ($287,725.11)
h) Payment to Detcon for DPW equipment ($3770)
i) Payment to International Salt for rock salt ($2911.19)
j) Appointment of Catherine Bradley as temporary seasonal clerk in court office
k) Award of contract to Johnson Baran for Inlet Drainage Improvements ($5800)
l) Award of contract to Joe Hunter Const. for Police Substation Improvements ($34,505.55)
m) Hand checks for January through April ($4,481,881.33)
n) Computer generated vouchers ($2,662,859.20)
o) P O to McKeon Electrical Services for installation of DPW light fixtures ($3720)
p) Award of Seasonal Taxi Owner’s License to Damon Mason
q) Permission for Deborah to solicit merchants for prizes for annual gift auction
r) P O to McNamara Screen Printing for police shirts ($3500)
s) Held (Authorization for Borough Attorney to draft curb cuts ordinance)
t) Authorization for Borough Attorney to draft ordinance to establish fee for purchase of
trash bags for Saturday morning drop-off at DPW
u) Authorization to advertise for a temporary P/T building inspector
v) S/E Appl. Recreation Committee Beach Bonfire on 5/25 & 9/6
w) P O to Tennant Co for DPW sweeper equipment ($5400)
x) Approve Nicole Letizia to work Mon-Fri, 1:30PM-4:30PM in court
y) Progress payment #2 to Utility Innovations for Sanitary Sewer Spot Repair ($35,881.26)
z) Authorize request for RFPs for ATM if contract provided on 4/9 is not executed by Friday, 5/9/14 – Closed Session Item
VOTE: Council Members Reid (All except items 1/M and 1/N), Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon,
Councilman Reid (Only items 1/M and 1/N)…..Abstain

Motion by Councilman Mayer to adopt RESOLUTION 2 (S/E Appl. and fee waiver for Ocean Fire Company #1 to place motorcycle & sell raffles on Boardwalk 5/18 to 9/19) was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA
Councilman Vogel recused himself.

No Action was taken on RESOLUTION 4 (NJ Transit Offer of $19,890 for PPB land along railroad tracks). BA/CFO will speak with neighboring municipalities.

Motion by Councilman Reid to adopt RESOLUTION 5 (Approve curb cut request for 206 Randall Avenue with condition that 50% of cost for fire hydrant relocation be borne by homeowner in an amount not to exceed $1K) was seconded by Councilman Cortes and adopted by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Toohey….YEA
Councilman Gordon….NAY

Motion by Councilman Vogel, to adopt resolutions listed below, was seconded by Councilman Reid and adopted by roll call vote.
a) Curb cut request for 196 Baltimore Avenue
b) Curb cut request for 405 North Street
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

No action was taken on RESOLUTION 7 (Approve curb cut request for 1505 Ocean Ave.).

Motion by Councilman Gordon to adopt RESOLUTION 8 (Authorization for low-speed vehicles to utilize areas, designated by Police Chief, in municipal lots) was seconded by Councilman Mayer and defeated by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Mayer, Gordon….YEA
Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Toohey….NAY

Motion by Councilman Reid to adopt RESOLUTION 9 (Establish date for ABC License Renewal Hearings – May 27th, 7:00PM for Broadway with Martell’s to follow immediately) was seconded by Councilman Cortes and adopted by roll call vote. Mayor Barrella asked that motion be amended to include a second date of June 10, 2014. Both Councilmen Reid and Cortes accepted and amended their motions accordingly.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

Motion by Councilman Cortes to adopt RESOLUTION 10 (P O to Road Safety Systems for replacement of damaged guard rail at Inlet - $3,550 with $1,050 from insurance reimbursement) was seconded by Councilman Reid and adopted by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

Motion by Councilman Reid to adopt RESOLUTION 11 (P O to Glencoe Supply for changes to Pay and Display signage - $3,185) was seconded by Councilman Vogel and adopted by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

Mayor Barrella asked if any Council member wished to add Introduction of Ordinance for low speed vehicles and received no response.

Ordinance 2014-16 (Provide for auction of annual taxi license with minimum bid of $7,500) was introduced on first reading. Motion by Councilman Vogel, to approve Ordinance 2014-16, was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by the following roll call vote. Public Hearing will be held on May 20, 2014.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

Councilman Vogel left the room at 10:40PM and returned at 10:43PM.

Ordinance 2014-14 (Fire Truck Acquisition Bond) was introduced on first reading. Motion by Councilman Gordon to approve Ordinance 2014-14 was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by the following roll call vote. Public Hearing will be held on May 20, 2014.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Gordon, Toohey….YEA
Councilman Mayer….NAY
Councilman Vogel….No vote as he had left the room.

Ordinance 2014-13 (Cap Bank) was considered on second reading. The public hearing was opened by Mayor Barrella and held with no member of the public wishing to be heard.
Motion by Councilman Mayer to close the public hearing and adopt Ordinance 2014-13 was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA

Ordinance 2014-15 (Amending Ordinance 2014-08) was considered on second reading. The public hearing was opened by Mayor Barrella and held with no member of the public wishing to be heard.
Motion by Councilman Reid to close the public hearing and adopt Ordinance 2014-15 was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Reid, Cortes, Vogel, Mayer, Gordon, Toohey….YEA


Joe Feeley, PPB: Maryland Avenue beach has been cleaned well – one step has a piece missing; spoke about activity on dunes across from his home and asked that it be investigated; complimented Mayor and Council on their job performance.
Dan Hennessy, PPB: appreciates the job the Governing Body does; very little has changed over the decades – same discussions as 20 years ago; showed pictures of Ocean Avenue on Easter weekend, depicting garbage from Arnold Avenue to Broadway – embarrassing image for town; something needs to be done about port-o-john at Inlet – been 18 months since the storm.
Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: asked about Engineer’s report on Risden’s property (Bathhouse/ Concession Stand) – asked if there will be public comment before moving to next phase; asked if any decisions have been made on existing buildings at 1 Ocean Avenue – reiterated suggestion of renting upper level apartment in rear building – BOA variance was granted to that property in 2008, allowing for various structures with commercial/residential use mix; asked about backfill ordinance, as ability to add 10.5 inches of soil to a 50x150 property without a permit is considerable and has an impact on surrounding properties; asked about height measurement deliberations – who has been deliberating, where and if meeting with land use boards was open to public; asked if any of the $34K for police substation improvements was going to improve the downstairs restrooms or interior of upper level.
Mayor Barrella: asked for courtesy of being advised of meetings – asked BA/CFO to set meeting for him with land use boards; asked Chief to contact Old Bridge police for information for May 27th ABC hearing (Chief: must be requested through Middlesex Prosecutor’s office) – asked Attorney Riordan to obtain pleadings from Middlesex County court in various lawsuits that were filed – will continue to work on getting ABC Director Halfacre to turn over evidence that he was provided by Old Bridge Police, including videotapes and receipts – must have those documents as they are necessary to make an informed decision on that ABC license renewal.


Motion by Councilman Vogel to adjourn the meeting was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by consent of Council.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:11PM.

TRANSCRIBED BY: Maryann Ellsworth, Municipal Clerk
ATTEST: Eileen Farrell, Deputy Clerk

Published June09, 2014 | Council Minutes | 1887

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