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May 6, 2014 (Revised 5/5/14)


6:30 P.M. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Items to be discussed include matters including (1) attorney-client privilege – Ippolito-v-PPB; (2) personnel – LAD violation accusations; temporary suspension; (3) contracts – response to receipt of Phase I and Title Report for 1 Ocean Avenue and status of ATM contract; and (4) possible litigation – demand letter from counsel for Risden’s regarding ramp. The Governing Body reserves its right to amend and supplement the purposes of executive session by motion at the public meeting.

1 Open Meeting – Public Meeting Notice - Roll Call
2 Flag Salute – Invocation
3 Approval of Minutes: April 1, 2014 and April 15, 2014 Council Meetings

a) NJT improvements; offer of $19,890 for PPB land along railroad tracks needed for project
b) Curb cut request policy
1) Curb cut request for 196 Baltimore Ave
2) Curb cut request for 405 North Street
3) Curb cut request for 1505 Ocean Ave
4) Curb cut request for 206 Randall Ave
c) Attorney Jackson RE: Boardwalk Buggy
d) Clerk Ellsworth RE: Dates for ABC License Renewal Hearings
e) Obstruction of Boardwalk Right-of-Way

a) Resolution to defer $5,975,327.00 school taxes
b) Budget Introduction


9 FIRST PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – agenda items & ordinances on 1st reading only
(5 minute limit)

a) Memorialization of S/E Appl. approval for Jersey Shore Running Club relay 4/26/14
b) S/E Appl. for Teen Challenge NJ event 5/26-28/14
c) S/E Appl. for St Peter PTA to place car & sell raffles on Boardwalk 5/10-9/30
d) S/E Appl. for PPB Farmers Market Cmte to hold Farmers Market in Borden’s lot 6/8-9/28
e) Social Affairs Application for Elks Fluke Tournament 7/25 & 7/26
f) Payroll #8 ($332,045.64)
g) Payroll #9 ($246,111.34)
h) PO to Nolze Garage Door for 2 garage doors at water plant ($3,990)
i) Payment to State of NJ for May employee health benefits ($122,723.49)
j) PO to Precision Door Svc to remove/replace DPW overhead doors/hardware ($16,963)
k) PO to E-Conolight for lamp fixtures at DPW garage ($3,524.40)
l) PO to Lasting Line Painting for painting parking stalls, crosswalks & curbing ($25,000)
m) Payment to OC Landfill for replenishment of March escrow ($50,000)
n) Payment to OC Landfill for replenishment of June escrow ($50,000)
o) Designate $2,739,290 Bond Anticipation Note as Qualified Tax Exempt Obligation
p) Payment to PPB Bd of Ed for March allocation ($916,131)
q) Payment to The Ronan Agency for Recreation & Volunteer Accident Policies ($3,925.50)
r) Payment to All Points for 2014 parking passes, postage and mailing prep ($2,911.56)
s) PO to Water Works Supply Company for 3 flanged butterfly valves ($3,000)
t) Payment to United Computer for 2nd Quarter service agreement ($2,550)
u) Appointment of 14 Seasonal Parking Enforcement Officers
v) Appointment of 2 Seasonal P/T Communications Operators
w) Payment to Carman Dodge for 2103 Dodge Charger for PD with equip & paint ($34,320)
x) Payment to Downs Ford for engine block & transmission for police vehicle ($3,841.52)
y) Payment to Meridian Occ. Health for 20 Class 1 SLEO pre-employment physicals ($5,500)
z) Revised Banner Permit Appl. for Meridian Health, Paint Town Pink - Arnold Ave, 5/8-22

a) S/E Appl./request for fee waiver for OC Fire Co #1 to place motorcycle & sell raffles on Boardwalk 5/18-9/19

a) PO to Motorola for replacement of portable police radios ($22,101.75)
b) Support of research to find a cause and cure for Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
c) Payment to Denise Sweet from Planning Bd & BOA escrow accts ($400)
d) Payment to Galvin Law Firm from Planning Bd & BOA escrow accts ($3,533)
e) Appointment of Greg Culp to Open Space Advisory Committee
f) Payment Certificate #2 to MiBo Construction for DPW roof replacement ($27,222.12)
g) Payment Certificate #3 to Wallace Contracting for Boardwalk Plaza Recon ($287,725.11)
h) Payment to Detcon for DPW equipment ($3,770)
i) Payment to International Salt for rock salt ($2,911.19)
j) Appointment of Catherine Bradley as temp P/T clerk in court office 5/27-10/10
k) Award of contract to Johnson Baran for Inlet Drainage Improve ($5,800)
l) Award of contract to Joe Hunter Const. for D2 Police Bldg Improve ($34,505.55)
m) Hand checks for Jan-Apr ($4,481,881.33)
n) Computer generated vouchers ($2,662,859.20)
o) PO to McKeon Electrical Svcs for installation of DPW light fixtures ($3,720)
p) Award of Seasonal Taxi Owner’s License to Damon Mason
q) Permission for Deborah to solicit merchants for prizes for 10/8/14 raffle
r) PO to McNamara Screen Printing for police shirts ($3,500)
s) Authorization for Borough Attorney to draft curb cuts ordinance
t) Authorization for Borough Attorney to draft an ordinance to establish a fee for the purchase of trash bags, for weekend drop-off at the DPW department
u) Authorization to advertise for a temp P/T building inspector
v) S/E Appl PPB Rec Cmte Bonfire on the Beach 5/25 (rain date 5/26) & 9/6 (rain date 9/7)
w) PO to Tennant Co for DPW Tennant Sentinel Sweeper equip ($5,400)
x) Approve Nicole Letizia to work Mon-Fri, 1:30PM-4:30PM in court sessions
y) Payment to Utility Innovations $35,881.26, for Sanitary Sewer Spot Repair ($35,881.26)

a) 1st Reading/Intro Ord 2014-16 (Prov. for auction of annual taxi license w/min bid of $7,500)
b) 2nd Reading/Public Hearing – Ordinance 2014-13 (Cap Bank)
c) 2nd Reading/Public Hearing – Ordinance 2014-15 (Amending Ordinance 2014-08)

14 SECOND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – meeting items & non-agenda items (5 minute limit)


Published May01, 2014 | Council Agendas | 1865

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