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March 13, 2014

Meeting Minutes

Point Pleasant Beach Open Space Advisory Committee

Present: Anne Lightburn, Sal Pepe, Ed Crawford, Mike Ramos, Greg Culp and Glen Paesano; Student Representatives Shelby Catala and Samantha Tarabattoni

Absent: Mickey Diaz, Councilmen Toohey and Mayer

Guests: Andy Cortes

Anne welcomed the new student liaisons, Samantha Trabattoni and Shelby Calatla to the open space advisory committee.

Councilman Cortes updated the committee on several issues before the council. He reported on recent information regarding a potentially hefty deductable by FEMA from their project estimate for repairing the former Risden bathhouse. The borough has been assuming a 90% match and no deductable. Due to uncertainty as to how much the deductable is, the council postponed awarding the contract for architectural services. In discussion, Ed Crawford said the best way to get answers is for borough officials to talk directly with the local FEMA staff in charge of this project. He offered to get that contact information to councilman Mayer so he can follow-up on it.
Councilman Cortes also reported that there is interest in the borough acquiring 1 Ocean Avenue. The committee did recommend acquiring it last year. Department of Correction work continues on excavating sand from underneath the Risden bathhouse.
Glen Paesano reported that Jaeger Lumber is interested in planting trees along the boroughs Cooks Lane property adjacent to their lumber yard. It was felt that better use could be made of this property. In discussion as to how to utilize this property for resident benefit, Anne asked that committee members look at the property and bring their ideas for discussion to the April 10th meeting.

Meeting adjourned 8:30 pm

Published April21, 2014 | Open Space Committee Minutes | 1856

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