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November 12, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Point Pleasant Beach Open Space Advisory Committee

Present: Mickey Diaz, Max Gagnon, Anne Lightburn, Sal Pepe, Greg Cox, Mike Ramos, Greg Culp and Councilman Bill Mayer

Absent: Glen Paesano, Non-voting members absent Student Representative Cassidy Alia and Councilman Gordon

Guests: Ed and Michele Crawford

The committee discussed several issues as below relative to repairing the bathhouse:
1. Max Gagnon reported that Glassboro State might be interested in the bathhouse as a project for its architectural students.
2. Anne reported that the borough has not received an estimate for flood insurance. It was pointed out that the bathhouse, with the right repairs, could possibly be eligible for wet proof insurance, which would be at a lower rate. Anne will check with Maryann Ellsworth that she is getting quotes for this condition.
3. The remaining sand under the bathhouse remains an issue and Ray Savacol is working on a plan. It was suggested that the borough look into county help under their Schedule C program. Mickey Diaz will meet with a county person, whom he knows, to see if it is feasible for them to help excavate the sand.
4. Upon discussion, the committee agreed that repairing the bathhouse to its former state or “white box” state would be the most cost effective and one with the least changes that could trigger more costly repairs to meet new guidelines.
5. The committee rejected removing a large section of the back of bathhouse, as sketched by Ray Savacol, to increase parking spaces.
The committee unanimously agreed, as it has in the past, to recommend repairing the bathhouse. Anne to draft a memo to the council, with the committee’s recommendations and discussion points.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 pm

Published April21, 2014 | Open Space Committee Minutes | 1855

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