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August 8, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Point Pleasant Beach Open Space Advisory Committee

Present: Mickey Diaz, Max Gagnon, Anne Lightburn, Sal Pepe, and Greg Culp

Absent: Greg Cox , Glen Paesano, Mike Ramos, Student Representatives Cassidy Alia and Councilmen Mayer and Gordon

Minutes from the July 11th open space advisory committee meeting were approved as submitted.

Anne Lighturn reported on the FEMA notification of matching funds for repairing the Inlet comfort station and bathhouse have been increased to 90%, up from 75%, for borough expenditures up to $228,810 for the bathhouse and $430,497 for the Inlet comfort station. Also reported is the receipt of $325,000 from Green Acres as part of the matching fund grant for purchasing the Risden property. This brings the total received to date to $1,275,000 for the acquisition grant.

The committee discussed repairing the bathhouse. Putting the bathhouse operations in the context of the borough gaining ownership of the beach, it was reiterated that having a bathhouse with restroom, showers, changing area and food concession were functions that were essential as a benefit to residents and guests. With municipal ownership of the beach, residents benefit from free admission for children under the age of 12, reduced resident and senior rates. While lockers were viewed as important, the committee did not see them as an absolute essential and felt fewer lockers in lieu of increased food concession area would be an improvement.

In examining the architect proposals, the committee felt the costs high and that possibly one of the colleges would take this work on as a student project. Max Gagnon has agreed to contact appropriate institutions. Mickey Diaz will be contacting a local architect to see if they will do an inexpensive rendering for presentation to the council.

Greg Culp agreed to work on putting together financial information for presentation. As there are several key numbers, including flood insurance unknown, Anne and Greg will meet with Chris Riehl to get a better understanding of FEMA, insurance and labor costs.

Sal Pepe reported that the maximum number of parking spots that could be added by complete removal of the bathhouse would be approximately 25 to the current 45 spots. Last year, with working parking boxes and an increase in weekend rates, each parking spot delivered approximately $1,000/spot.
In light of FEMA deadlines for using matching funds, Anne Lightburn felt it important to get on the council agenda with a recommendation, and financial information to help the council make a decision as to changes/repairs to the building or its functions. It was agreed to meet the following Thursday to informally draw up plans for a recommendation to the council.
Anne will request being on the council
agenda at their October 1st meeting.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 pm

Published April21, 2014 | Open Space Committee Minutes | 1853

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