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April 11, 2013

Meeting Minutes

Point Pleasant Beach Open Space Advisory Committee

Present: Mickey Diaz, , Max Gagnon, Anne Lightburn, Sal Pepe, Mike Ramos, Katie Frio
Councilmen Bret Gordon and Bill Mayer

Absent: Greg Cox , Glen Paesano, Student Representatives Cassidy Alia

Minutes from the March 14th meeting were approved as submitted.

Anne Lighturn chair reported on the FEMA notification of funds for repairing the Inlet comfort station and bathhouse. For these projects FEMA will match 75% for borough expenditures up to $228,810 for the bathhouse and $430,497 for the Inlet comfort station.

Bill Mayer provided the borough’s 2013 budget for the borough’s Open Space Trust Fund. 2013 Revenue will decline primarily to the loss of the bathhouse rental ($16,000) and the reassessment ($58,500 in tax revenue) to $270,320 vs. $310,089 in 2012. Expenses will decline, however there will be a negative cash flow of approximately $12,000, which is a first for the fund. The committee discussed the impact of a negative cash flow and the increase in wages for DPW to $85,000 from the 2012 expenditure of $46,000.

While the committee was unhappy with this situation, no action was taken.
In light of the FEMA fund match to repair the bathhouse, the committee had a lengthy discussion on what functionality they would like to see at the bathhouse. Given this window opportunity to potentially make changes or alter functionality, the general consensus was to maintain the current functionality. This includes operating as a bathhouse with toilet and shower facilities and as a food concession. It was felt, however, that there may be potential to improve, add and/or increase the concession footprint and possibly add additional retail/food space. To accomplish this, the committee felt the number of lockers could be reduced. All felt that a recommendation should be sent to the council outlining the discussion with a recommendation to secure the services of an architect to begin defining the nature of the repairs and possible improvements to the bathhouse and food concession areas. Anne will draft a memo for committee approval prior to sending to the council.

Meeting adjourned 8:25 pm

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