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February 24, 2014

Point Pleasant Beach Recreation Committee Minutes

Members Present Members Absent

Rich Akins Vince Cicalese
Janice Aportela Kas Dyson
Peg Born Matt Nagle
Glen Paesano Tony Testa
Mike Ramos Tom Vogel (Council Liason)
Maryjane Reilly
Barbara Seaman
Others Present

Meeting Discussion

The meeting opened at 7:10 PM.

A motion was made and the minutes of the January 20 were approved.

Glen Paesano spoke with the PPB Registrar to renew the Special Use Permission for this year’s Summer Recreation Program. It was noted that the school year will end on June 19.

The Summer Surf Program will begin on June 23. The Committee needs to let people know by newspaper and the Recreation e-mail chain. We also need to check how many kids can be accommodated and whether there will be two sessions. Price last year was $250-280 for a week. Recreation price was $50 for a two day session.

Joanna Douglas will be Director of the Summer Recreation Program to be held from June 30 to August 8. Glen also has two applications for counselors. It was suggested something for older boys needs to be added to the Program. Ideas included golf lessons at the Little League or Antrim fields, surfing, and skateboarding.

Tom Vogel asked the Town Council about their expectations of the Committtee. Tom Toohey suggested two events. One would be a one mile Ocean swim for kids (Tom Vogel has contacts in the swimming community.) The second was a Striper Tournament to be held in the October-November time frame under the Committee umbrella. Past tournaments have attracted about 60 people.
Glen Paesano is looking for input on a Family Day on Maryland Avenue Beach ending with a bonfire. We could also have Family Game Nights if we can get firehouses at night. Fireworks nights at the Inlet or Maryland Avenue Beach are other ideas.

The Basketball Program has one week left. Matt Nagle will provide numbers and a recap at our next meeting. We’ll also invite Joe Fitzsimmons to attend. The Mayors Cup Game vs. the Boro will be held on March 10 this year in the Boro.

Peg and Maryjane are working on the April 6 Easter Egg Hunt. Peg and Glen are borrowing space heaters to use in the Pleasure Park garage. We have a pre-approved $500 allowance for the event. We can borrow a bunny costume and we have a volunteer bunny. Games will include an egg toss and egg roll.

Peg will run ads in Facebook, the local newspaper, and our e-mail chain seeking new members.

Glen Paesano will call Tom Vogel seeking more Council feedback. He and Mike Ramos will also request a caucus meeting with the Council to obtain approval of the proposed activities.

The Committee’s next meeting will be Monday March 24.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Maryjane Reilly
Recording Secretary

Published April03, 2014 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 1831

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