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August 27, 2012


Point Pleasant Beach Recreation Committee Meeting Minutes Aug. 2012

August 27, 2012: Start at 7:00pm

Member’s Present:
Bret Gordan
Glen Paesano
Mike Ramos
Janice Aportela
Peg Born

Others: Joanna Douglas

Request motion to accept last month’s meeting minutes. Glen Paesano second by Bret Gordan.

Family Fishing Night: was cancelled due to inclement weather. Possibility of rescheduling for the end of September.

Treasurer’s Report: Andy Cortes was not present to provide figures. Municipality is to forward the reports for Recreation Trust Fund. Glen indicated the Trust Fund was charged for Municipal Building repairs. Bret Gordan will check in to the discrepancy. Glen Paesano & Mike Ramos will review once received and discuss findings at next meeting.

Joanna Douglas reported that the picnics tables purchased this year worked out very well and enjoyed by all. She also said the chairs and the shelves installed in the Club House were perfect and used extensively.

There is a light pole that needs to be fixed in Pleasure Park. The lack of this lighting is causing issues in between the buildings.

Glen Paesano had asked Bret Gordan to have Public Works put the tables away in the building at Pleasure Park for the winter season.

Joanna Douglas asked to have the portable basketball hoops need to be relocated. Some suggestions were to have them placed at the additional storage shed over at Antrim. She also needs to clean out shed to reorganize for next year.

Glen Paesano also indicated the need for an additional storage shed at Pleasure Park. A (pre-fab no foundation required) shed. Glen will look in to the cost and get back to committee hopefully at the next minute.

Glen also discussed the suggestions to having more people get involved with Recreation Committee. Some suggestions were to advertise in Ocean Star and the assistance of Antrim & Point Pleasant Beach High School PTO’s email lists. Also, advertise at Back To School Nights” Glen asked also for members to try to come up with more ideas for recruiting.

End of Summer Bonfire: has been reschedule for September 8th. 2-9pm. Daryl Monticello will provide sliders to all at a minimum cost. Also scheduled is Beach Volleyball, Sand-Castle contest and Beach Bingo. Bret Gordan will speak to council for approval of new time schedule.

Recreation Bastketball: No Committee members were present. Glen Paesano said he had sent Matt Nagle an email regarding the preparation of the season. Glen was advised, the members are waiting to hear back from Mr. Fitzsimmon’s. Also, Glen spoke with Tony Testa via telephone prior to the meeting and Tony is going to meet with Glen Krieger ( the chairperson from last year ) regarding the particulars for start up, etc.

Mary Jane Reilly relayed her message with Mike Ramos that Bob Hurley will conduct another clinic.

Glen Paesano said that Mike Feerst and Nick Catania will also participate in the Basketball program. They may be the additional week at the end of Summer Park next year.

Committee discussed a “Mentor Program” and the possibility in getting the town’s High school children involved assisting the younger players. Basketball, Volleyball, etc.

Board of Education was meeting on August 28. The Recreation Basketball program was on the agenda with the hopes of adding in all Saturday & Monday night practices/games.

As of now, there are no clinics scheduled and no sign up dates.

Discussion: that the committee assist The Chamber at the Tree Lighting Ceremony.
Brett suggested that the committee this year assist and discuss with Chamber how we can possibly help.

Maryland Ave Beach: Glen Paesano submitted a loose proposal to Christine Riehl for the town taking back and running Maryland Ave. Beach. Some of Glen’s suggestions in the proposal are to have a third party management company run the beach for residents at a reduced rate and offer a Family pass of approximately $80.00 a season. Approximately $40.00 to individuals , Seniors and Students, Active & Retired Military.

Discussion was how to go about selling badges. Suggestions were to have Borough Hall issue the badges. Peg Born suggested to identify a few local businesses to offer to sell the badges to promote business in their stores.

Bret Gordan suggested the committee come up with a plan and present to Town Council and send out for bid an RFP.

Janice Aportela made a motion to adjourn at 9:00pm. And Bret Gordan seconded.

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