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February 5, 2014


The February 5, 2014 regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board opened at 7:30 pm. The Clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were Board members Mr. Gagnon, Mr. Ritchings, Mr. Winter, Tom Migut, Mr. Highton, Ms. Devon, Mrs. Mutter and Councilman Cortes
Absent: Loder, Paesano and Pasola
Also present: Karen Mills, Dennis Galvin and Ray Savacool

Motion by Mr. Winter, second by Mrs. Mutter to memorialize the January 8, 2014 minutes
In favor: Gagnon, Winter, Migut, Highton, Devon. Mutter and Cortes
Opposed: None

Motion by Ms. Devon, second by Mr. Winter to memorialize the action and vote memorializing Application #2013-363 Of Jenkinson’s South LLC, 801 Boardwalk with conditions
In favor: Winter, Cortes, Highton, Devon, Mutter and Migut
Opposed: None
Motion by Mr. Highton, second by Mr. Migut to memorialize the action and vote approving application 2013-364 of 1500 Richmond Ave, LLC with conditions

In favor: Winter, Cortes, Highton, Mutter, Migut and Highton
Opposed: None


Motion by Mr. Winter to nominate Tom Migut as Chairman of the Board, second by Mrs. Mutter
In favor: Gagnon, Ritchings, Winter, Cortes, Migut, Highton, Devon and Mutter
Opposed: None

Motion by Chairman Migut to nominate Mr. Highton as Vice-Chair, second by Mrs. Mutter
In favor: Gagnon, Ritchings, Winter, Migut, Cortes, Highton, Devon and Mutter
Opposed: None

Motion by Chairman Migut to nominate Karen Mills as Secretary, second by Mr. Winter
In favor: Gagnon, Ritchings, Winter, Migut, Cortes, Highton, Devon and Mutter
Opposed: None

Appointment of alternate to the Open Space Committee
Motion by Mrs. Mutter to nominate Mr. Winter as alternate to the Open Space Committee
In favor: Gagnon, Ritchings, Winter, Migut, Cortes, Highton, Devon and Mutter
Opposed: None

Ordinance #2014-06 – Amend story definition – Discussion and recommendation
Dennis Galvin explained that the Council passed first reading of Ordinance now it comes to the Planning Board for recommendation. The Council can approve the ordinance whether or not the Planning Board supports it or not. Ray Savacool explained that the ordinance has controls for foundation coverings. According to State law if you are elevating or reconstruction you can go 9 feet base flood plus three which gives you a first floor at 12 feet without regard of height. The height is limited to 38.5 feet by local ordinance and it has to be the same house. Relief is provided for those who have eight feet of space under their home to park their car or for useable storage but will remain uninhabitable.
After much discussion the majority of the Planning Board voted to support it.
Motion by Mrs. Mutter, second by Councilman Cortes to approve recommendation of Ordinance #2014-06 (Definitions of Story) to Mayor and Council
In favor: Gagnon, Ritchings, Winter, Migut, Cortes and Mutter
Opposed: Highton and Devon
Recommendation approved

APPLICATION #2013- 362 – B & H 1997 LLC (Jaeger Lumber) – 411 Central Avenue – Lot 3; Block 106 Applicant wishes to remove older existing warehouse building and lumber storage area with covered roof and replace with 5 lumber storage sheds. (This is the lot on the North side of the street)
Mr. Highton has stepped down from this application
Raymond Bogan, Esquire, attorney for applicant, credentials accepted. Joseph W. Hopper, Jaeger representative. Ray Bogan stated that they believe that they have addressed some of the neighbors’ concerns. Ray Bogan reviewed the site plan, variances and lay out of the sheds. Joseph Hopper has been with the Company since 1970 through 1994, then came back in 2007 through the present and is the manager of Jaeger Lumber and is very familiar with this project. Jaeger Lumber has been in this town since 1994, the property has been a lumber yard since 1885. The lot in question is a storage area utilized as a pickup area for 60 years. The present structure is in terrible shape and he believes the upgrade will make it a better utilized and safer structure. The new configuration will stream line pickup to one central area. If the application is approved it will not expand the use it will just enhance the safety of improve the aesthetics of the property. The sheds will also eliminate the need for the forklifts to cross the street and enhance safety and efficiency of the operation.
Exhibits – A-3 – Photo of east side A – 4 – Photo of subject property, A- A-5 – Photos/Colored Rendering, A-6 Photos of site
South elevation will have a living wall – trellises with plants growing on it with evergreens that will stay green all year long
West Elevation – Additional living wall
North elevation – (pump station) proposed to rehabilitate lot with vegetation.
Ultimately proposing to clean up north side and make it aesthetically pleasing.
East side – Larger and smaller trees along with siding and windows to give it more of a sense of being a home to alleviate some of the neighbors concerns’

Audience Questions of Joseph Hopper
Kathryn Wohlfeil, 401 Central – Questioned the height of the current shed. (Question for engineer) Questioned movement of lumber and forklifts.
Lee Kelly – Questioned Cook’s Lane parking in area (Will remain the same)
Jim Aiosa – 318 Cook’s Lane – Questioned tractor trailers and how they will enter property. (Engineer will answer).

Robert Burdick, Professional Engineer/Planner, credentials accepted. Reviewed Ray Savacool’s engineering letter and requested variances. . Aerial photograph show that the existing building has been there since 1957. Believes this will make the property much safer and attractive. North side will have a row of white pines with Borough Council approval. East and north side will have living walls (lattice work with vines) to break up appearance of proposed structures. Reduced impervious coverage by adding a landscape buffer. This will provide an aesthetic site. Sheds will have a vinyl typed siding; roofs will be metal. Southern wall will also have a living wall and box woods. West elevation – 3 Bradford pears proposed and living walls and box woods. East side of property - Leland Cypresses and arborvitaes.
Max Gagnon had safety concerns about the forklift. Joseph Hopper that there have not been any accidents on the property since 1970.
Audience questions of Robert Burdick

George Meyer - Central Avenue – Would like to see siding on all sides of the sheds and for them to be not as high.
Exhibits entered – N-1, N-2 and N-3 – Photos of property
Kathry Wohlfeil – 401 Central – Inquired if they could be just as efficient with 2 buildings (no)
Greg Gennaro – 318 Cooks Lane – Inquired if Jaeger was intending to buy the Borough lot and what their intention with the lot would be. Ray Bogan stated that there is an environmental condition with the lot and at this time they were not purchasing the lot but was will to enhance the lot with plantings.
Maria Hayes – 306 St. Louis Avenue – Concerned of the sheds being abandoned after the building stops. The sheds are big; then we will be stuck with empty sheds. Robert Burdick stated that the lumber yard is not going anywhere and the property will be utilized.
Jim Aiosa – 316 Cooks Lane – Inquired how tall the fence is (6feet) Inquired pitch of roof (2 feet) Worried about heavy rain fall and the noise from the rain hitting the metal roof and water runoff. Robert Burdick does not believe that this will increase the noise and there will be a recharge pit.
Lee Kelly – Washington Avenue – Commend the applicant for the many adjustments they have made and inquired exactly what the variances are.

Ray Bogan gave closing arguments

The Board gave their concerns about the application and recommendations.
Motion by Mr. Ritchings, second by Mr. Winter to carry application #2013-362 of B & H 1997 LLC (Jaeger Lumber) to April 2, 2014 without notice
In favor: Gagnon, Ritchings, Winter, Migut, Cortes, Devon and Mutter
Opposed: None

Meeting adjourned at 11:10pm
Attest: Karen L. Mills, Clerk/Secretary of the Board

Published March06, 2014 | Planning Board Minutes | 1793

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