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January 21, 2014


Point Pleasant Beach
Recreation Committee

Members Present:
Janice Aportela
Peg Born
Vince Cicalese
Glen Paesano
Mike Ramos
Maryjane Reilly
Barbara Seaman
Tony Testa
Tom Vogel (Council Liason)

Members Absent:
Rich Akins
Kas Dyson
Matt Nagle

Others Present:
Joe Fitzsimmons

Meeting Discussion:
The meeting opened at 7:10 PM.

The following individuals were proposed and approved as officers:
Chairman - Glen Paesano
Vice Chairman - Mike Ramos
Recording Secretary - Maryjane Reilly
Correspondence Secretary - Janice Aportella
Treasurer - No Nominees
Municipal Liason - Mike Ramos
Information Officer - Peg Born
Summer Rec Program Chair - Janice Aportella
Basketball Chair - Matt Nagle (to be confirmed with him)
Beach Bonfire Chair - Barbara Seaman & Tony Testa
Family Fishing Night Chair - Mike Ramos
Movie Night Chair - No Nominees
Easter Egg Hunt Chair - Peg Born & Maryjane Reilly
Christmas Tree Lighting Chair - Glen Paesano (with Beautification Comm)

The Committee approved the minutes of the 11/25/2013 meeting.

A letter from Joe Fitzsimmons was reviewed. It concerned unauthorized transfer
of players between basketball teams and unauthorized rescheduling of games. It was
agreed rules have to be established and followed by all. Matt Nagle will meet with Joe
to discuss the issue.

Glen Paesano proposed that we move the Committee’s Christmas Tree Lighting
efforts to Pleasure Park to make it more of a resident event. He believes a better event
could be developed for the money spent. The Committee alone spent $3,450 this past
December. While the Committee wants to support the downtown businesses, it was
noted very few have been open the night of the event. More work will be needed on this
idea as well as discussion with Carol Vaccaro before making a decision. Tom Vogel
suggested the Beautification Committee should also be involved.

Peg Born will arrange for an ad in the Ocean Star and on Facebook seeking
more Committee members.

Joanna Douglas has agreed to serve again as Director of the Summer Rec
Program. The Committee reviewed her report for 2013 and recommendations for

An extensive list of potential Committee events developed by the Committee’s
Executive Sub-Committee was reviewed and will serve as a resource in reviewing
events for the year.

Glen Paesano asked Tom Vogel to investigate the Town Council’s expectation of
the Committee. Tom will bring up the subject at the next Council caucus session. Peg
Born raised a related question of the resident’s expectations. Glen and several other
Committee members will try to get together with Tom and Bill Mayer to further discuss
Council expectations and to outline potential future events. Tom Vogel also suggested
reaching out to some of the local churches regarding using their facilities for Committee

It was noted that if the Borough provides the Committee with a $20K grant, the
Committee would be eligible for a $20K state stipend. The total $40K budget would
allow the Committee to organize a number of additional events.

The Committee’s next meeting will be Monday February 24.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Maryjane Reilly
Recording Secretary

Published February27, 2014 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 1791

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