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March 25, 2013


Point Pleasant Beach
Recreation Committee

Members Present Members Absent
Andy Cortes (Liason) Rich Akins
Matt Nagle Janice Aportela
Glen Paesano Peg Born
Mike Ramos Vince Cicalese
Maryjane Reilly Kas Dyson
Sue Loder
Tony Testa

Others Present:
Jessica Kaiafas
Scott Reilly

Meeting Discussion:

The meeting opened at 7:05 PM.

The minutes of the February 25 meeting were approved.

Glen Paesano received a phone call from a gentleman wanting to have open
mat wrestling in the School gym and be covered under the Committee’s insurance
policy. The program is a not-for-profit. No objection was taken if the applicant
properly fills out the appropriate forms. Scott Reilly a 6th grade teacher and PPB High
School volleyball coach would also like to do this at the High School and conduct a
not-for-profit volleyball camp. The proceeds of this camp would be used to support
the High School volleyball team. This too would meet the criteria for a Recreation
Committee program. He will prepare a flyer for distribution after dates are
established. Scott is also looking for a parent volunteer with a background check to
help coach High School players for training.

Jessica Kaiafas from the PTO Enrichment Program would like to find a way to
have their program and the Summer Recreation Program complement each other.
Their Program usually has about 100 attendees and runs from 9 to 12.

Glen Paesano reported negative feedback on a July 1 start date for the Recreation
Program. A 6/24 start date was suggested with Recreation in the AM and Enrichment
in the PM for that week. Glen will discuss with Joanna Douglas whether she would
prefer AM & PM in Antrim or AM in Park and PM in Antrim on 6/24.

The Easter Egg Hunt went very well with 144 kids attending at a cost of $503.

Matt Nagle reported that the Recreation Basketball program attendance was
down 25 to 170 and that we lost about $550. The Committee then discussed the
possiblity have having a paid director to better manage the Program. It was noted that
fees for the referees seem high and that we are also paying scorekeepers. The latter
could be handled by volunteers at a saving of $1300.

Glen Paesano reported that Chief O’Hara is going to group counselor
background checks together at the end of the process but will only be doing checks
from PPB Police records. Andy Cortes noted that the digital fingerprinting costs $65
per applicant. Chief O’Hara has indicated that use of the current process could
expose us to liability. Andy will check with Chris Riehl and Chief O’Hara as to the
proper process. Glen Paesano note that counselors shouldn’t have to pay for this.
Andy Cortes reviewed the reimbursement policy. Up to $500 has to be
endorsed by Cathy Beno with one signature. She will email a purchase order. From
$500 to $2499 requires a purchase order with two signatures. $2500 and more has
to be reviewed by the Town Council. Andy Cortes will confirm this process with Cathy

The next upcoming Recreation activity will be a bonfire.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Maryjane Reilly
Recording Secretary

Published February27, 2014 | Recreation Committee Minutes | 1789

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