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Introducing Online Business Registration

The Borough of Point Pleasant is pleased to announce the addition of online business registration.

Starting on January 6, 2014, business owners can apply for their mercantile license online. ALL businesses are required to complete this new online registration by following the directions listed below:
• Go to: https://pointpleasantbeachbornj.portal.fasttrackgov.com/.
• Click on “Login” tab and then “Register Now,” complete your user account and click create user. You will be able to use this Username and Password for all your future business needs, including your fire registration.
• After logging in you will be directed to our portal, here you will find a section marked “Licensing and Permitting.”
• Click Apply for or review your Mercantile License and then “Start a New Application” and then follow the fields.
After submitting your online application, you will be required to remit payment to the Licensing Department located within the Building Department. Please make checks payable to the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach and return it with your remittance to:
Point Pleasant Beach Building/Licensing Department
416 New Jersey Avenue
Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey 08742
All mercantile licenses must be completed online or in person by March 15, 2014. Following that date a late fee of $50.00 will automatically be assessed. For further information please feel free to contact Erin Mathioudakis at 732-892-1118 ext.221. Please note that ALL licenses are renewable in January, even if you recently opened your business and purchased a license.
Failure to comply by either not returning the appropriate fee or by not notifying this department that you are no longer doing business in Point Pleasant Beach will result in the issuance of summonses with fines of up to $500.00 per day for failure to obtain a mercantile license.

Published January06, 2014 | Announcements | 1755

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