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October 2, 2013


The October 2, 2013 Regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Planning Board opened at 7:30 pm. The Acting Chairman read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were Board members Mr. Winter, Councilwoman Tooker, Tom Migut (Acting Chairman), Mr. Highton and Mr. Paesano.
Absent: Chairman Neumaier, Mrs. Loder, Mr. Pasola and Mrs. Koscinski
Motion by Mr. Winter to nominate Tom Migut as acting Chairman, second by Tom Highton

Opposed: None
APPLICATION #2013- 359 Vitollo Subdivision/Variances - Property: 122 Randall - Block 149 Lot 38

The applicant is requesting the following variances: Proposed Lot 38.01 - For lot area of 2,862 square feet, whereas 5,000 square feet are required; lot width of 28.62 feet, whereas 50 feet are required; lot frontage of 28.62 feet, whereas 50 feet are required; front yard setback of 14.92 feet (to house) and 0 [4.07] feet (to stairs), whereas 25 feet is required; side yard setback of 3.21 feet, whereas 5 feet is required; building coverage of 38.8%, [37.8%] whereas 30% is the maximum permitted.

Variances - Proposed Lot 38.02 - lot area of 2,866 square feet, whereas 5,000 square feet are required; lot width of 28.66 feet, whereas 50 feet are required; lot frontage of 28.66 feet, whereas 50 feet are required; front yard setback of 12 feet [18 feet] (to house) and 0 [7] feet (to stairs), whereas 25 feet is required; rear yard setback of 33 [30] feet (to porch which is conforming) and 27.33 [26.50] feet (to stairs), whereas 30 feet is required; building coverage of 37.5% [36.1%] whereas 30% is maximum permitted.
Applicantís Attorney, Nicholas. Monaco, Esquire stated that this is an application for the subject property for a minor subdivision with bulk variances.
Ray Carpenter, P.E., applicantís professional Engineer stated that currently the property consists of two single family structures on a single lot, which are both one story structures at the present time. The applicant wishes to subdivide the property into two lots in the SF-5 zone, which will eliminate the existing nonconformance of two principal structures on one lot. The building on 38.01 is just being raised and is not being demolished. The building on 38.02 is going to be demolished and a new structure built on it. The structure to the south has an existing garage in between the houses. Most of the houses on Randall Avenue are pretty much the same size and setback, and are all encroaching onto the side yard setbacks. The applicant plans to elevate both houses high enough so they can have parking underneath. The house on 38.02 is going to be put back on the same footprint as that is already there, the only additions are a porch and a deck on both of the houses, with stairs coming down to the street level. Both structures will be fully FEMA compliant. The parking underneath the houses will accommodate approximately two cars. There is currently one depressed curb in the middle of the two lots, and that will be eliminated, and they will create a depressed curb for each house. On street parking will be maintained as long as the street is striped in accordance with the submitted plans, and they will now have the driveways underneath the houses, which they didnít have before; so it will open up more on street parking spots. The applicant intends to eliminate the existing curb cut in the center, and they will put a parking spot back there. The applicant will eliminate the garage in the back, which decreases the impervious coverage, and makes the properties more usable by providing a backyard.
John Vitollo, applicant, stated that the north house was the applicantís primary house, which got destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. The south house was renovated the year before, and they put the heater and hot water in the attic, so after the storm, he was able to gut that house quick for a place to live. He is now living in the south house, which was the rental house. After the proposed changes, the applicant will be living in one of the houses.

Joseph L. Walker, III., Professional architect, stated that the applicant first started the project by just trying to elevate the northern structure, but couldnít get the permits. They decided that the three current structures produced more building coverage than the two proposed structures. The northern structure, the house that is being raised, will have the same exact footprint with the enclosed building, including the enclosed front porch. The only physical change is the front stair and landing, and since the house is higher up in the air, they proposed a deck in the rear. The applicant is creating a new property line, so the distance to the supposed line that splits the current lot is not changing, but it will now be conforming. The existing footprint on the south structure is wider than what they are proposing. The applicant is proposing to conform on both side yards of the south structure lot. They are reducing the width of the proposed structure from the over 20 feet, down to 18.48 feet, so they are matching what you see down the rest of the street. The open floor plan is what makes the floor plan livable. There are three bedrooms upstairs, and the applicant is trying to bring the living conditions on this property into a better state and provide better amenities, by making the size of the bedrooms bigger. Height of the house from the curb will be 34.8 feet. The curb height is 3.9 feet. The attic area is not going to be habitable, there will be no stairs going to the attic, and the only access will be by pull down stairs. Both of the houses are 800 sq. ft. per floor. Lot 38.02ís total building coverage amounts to 1,077 sq. ft.; 798 sq. ft. on the house and 213 sq. ft. on the rear deck and stair, and 65 sq. ft. on the front stair and landing. The front stairís width and size of the landing is at their minimum, so they cannot be minimized any further. The rear deck was not there before, but is necessary now that the house is required to be raised above the flood plain. There will be a garage underneath both structures, so 38.01 would be a 2 story structure and 38.02 will be a 3 story structure. In the house to the north (38.01), the rear deck, rear stairs, front stairs and small porch, comprise 8.87%, of the building coverage of 38.84. The garage is going to be demolished at the same time as the house.
Audience questions/comments
Glenn Amatucci, who lives almost directly across from Mr. Vitollo, stated that from a structural perspective he sees only a net benefit on both structures to the overall environment of the neighborhood itself. He thinks it is a positive getting more cars off the street, and parking underneath the buildings. He also commented in respect to the subdivision, by stating that the lots on Randall are all relatively small in size anyways, but by having the lot subdivided, it will make it easier in the future if they wish to sell one house. Overall Mr. Amatucci agreed that this would be a net benefit for the street, the owner and the public.

The Board then expressed their concern regarding the amount of variances that the applicant was seeking. Specifically in regards to the side yard setbacks and the amount of variances in particular on the new structure. A new structure should comply with the zoning requirements where possible.

The applicant agreed to revise their plans, to eliminate some of the variances, and to bring the property into greater conformity.

Motion by Mr. Highton, second by Mr. Winter to carry application #2013-359 of John Vitollo to October 23, 2013 without notice.

In favor: Winter, Tooker, Migut, Highton and Paesano
Opposed none

Meeting adjourned at 10:27pm

Attest: Karen L. Mills, Clerk of the Board

Published December11, 2013 | Planning Board Minutes | 1742

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