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Oct. 14, 2013

Point Pleasant Beach Shade Tree Commission

Agenda: Monthly meeting
7:00 pm, PPB Town Hall

No minutes compiled for September. Present: Kitty Stillufsen, Clemens Bremer, Sharon Cadalzo, Kim Dietz, Austin Robertson, Pete Renner, Council-Liason Dave Cavagnaro, Councilwoman Kristine Tooker. Public: Anne Lightburn.

Guest: Kevin Scabilia- Arboricultural & Forestry Consulting Services, NJ Certified Tree Expert #279, Master of Science, Forestry.
Contact: Tel: 609-815-1099 kstreeexpert@gmail.com
Mr.Scibilia will be writing our renewal PPBSTC 5 year Management Plan , as allowed for in the Grant we were awarded. He chatted with us about what to expect from him , inclusion of hazard tree inventory & timeline, and what goals we would like to include. Comments from group- increase public education.

Grant update: Sharon

TD BANK Grant update: Kitty - All properties in designated area cavassed. Letters sent to both PPB & elsewhere addresses. Letters went out twice to ensure notification. Watering: gator bags to be included day of planting (Oct. 19). Next Summer NJ tree Foundation can help water- but PPBSTC also needs to provide water. Time to assertively seek water buffalo. Trees to be 10-14 feet tall. Antrium & bathrooms secured, lunch bags secured, canvassing done, markouts done, gaterbags ready. Speaker at ceremony; Elaine Hennessy. Kitty to invite Mayor and Council. 7 am Antrium field, Sat. Oct. 19th. Sharon to provide a tent.

Paver/donations: Kitty to update

6. Sidewalk ordinance: needs reviewing and updating. Take notes from Kansas city (they were able to eliminate many street drains by replacing them with rain gardens) & Red Bank.

10.Interpretation signs needed at all of the trees we’ve planted Year planted, Species, PPBSTC Logo. - Kitty: email this to the group for comments

11. New Projects: a. sidewalk pamphlet: Kitty: Done! Group comments needed. Will email to group for comments. (All points printing to donate poster size). Clem: add: large gravel should be put under sidewalks to detere roots from growing up and lifting sidewalk. include in pamphlet: how to deter roots from uplifting sidewalk by sidewalk design. Kristine said this is in an ordinance. 2010:45 Omnibus ordinance-

Inspection Assignments: ( Note: Kitty to remind Elaine to tell homeowners about BBT program) Note: commercial property between Laurel Court and trenton Ave. removed trees in right of way without a permit.

Sharon: 311 Atlantic Avenue (Mongelli) – not replanted between sidewalk & curb – tree needs to be within STC jurisdiction. note: Pete heard from owner if owner could replant in fall , not the Spring. he wants to do BBT program. Pete update; 6/11/2013- ok for this homeowner to replant white birch in backyard as it still adds to the tree canopy. Autsin working (professionally) with homeowner. jo[po[0e490-343

Sharon: Address? Atlantic Avenue (O'Donnell - removed 9/2011) not replanted

Clemens: 108 Sanborn Avenue (Keeler - removed 9/2011) Tree removed- not replanted. House gone.

Kitty: 305 Philadelphia Avenue (did not remove) – tree was removed, it is evident by the wood curb railings – not replanted. update: a tree was removed, no permit. The official status is that a tree was never removed.

c. Kitty319 Washington Avenue (new owners, previous owner removed tree)

d.106 Central Avenue (Lipari) – replanted sufficient-

f. Elaine:509 Trenton Avenue (Bruno) – 3 trees down, not replanted – This permit was denied, fine should be issued. update: Aug. 2013; Pete has been contacted about replanting- as of a few weeks ago.

g. Kitty: 316 Niblick St.(not sure where a tree came out) (Churchill) – not replanted

Kitty: 31 Parkway (summons issued, removed w/o permit-Ricci, removed 10/28/2011)
Kim invited us to have a weekly table at Farmers Market- June 9- Sept. 29, Sundays 10-2 Borden parking Lot, 601 Arnold Ave.
Stornios donated $1500, in addition to agreeing to planting 5 trees on Broadway, caliper 2 inches, PPBSTC gets to choose species (will liason through Ray Savacol).

Other issues:

Trees without permits: Chicago & Forman

409 Trenton: resident complained about a possible dead tree behind her house (on baseball field)- determination is that no trees seem hazard at her property.

tree massacre: between Trenton and Little League Field- no response from Council.

Hackberry at Gull Island, Trees at Little Silver lake

Bank of america- tree removal- will they replant? Ask Elaine

Article idea: dont rip out your browned landscaping. Break the branch, if it’s green inside- it’s still alive and might need a year or two to come back.

Published October16, 2013 | Shade Tree Committee Agendas | 1699

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