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March 28, 2013


The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach met at 2:32 PM with Council Members Cortes, Mayer, and Gordon present. Councilman Corbally was present, but stepped out. Council Members Reid and Tooker were absent. The Deputy Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Motion by Councilman Gordon, to enter closed session to discuss contract negotiation, potential litigation and government grant matters was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Cortes, Mayer, Gordon….YEA

Closed Session began at 2:35 PM and ended at 3:23 PM.

Mayor Barrella called the regular meeting to order at 3:24 PM. Present were Council Members Cortes, Corbally, Mayer, Gordon and Tooker. Councilman Reid was absent. The Deputy Municipal Clerk again read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Discussion ensued about installation of garage doors to secure the Surf Taco building, and provide access, in case of a leaky roof, including authorization of up to $3K to fix leaks, install doors and plywood. Councilman Gordon will ask the High School art department to paint a mural there, so it doesn’t look like a condemned building. Also discussed was Open Space Committee’s recommendation for push-cart food sales in that area. Council consensus was no as the ordinance would need to be amended.
Councilman Mayer: should determine if the roof is leaking and seal it – asked if there is a pending insurance claim (BA/CFO Riehl: yes) volunteer group has offered to clear sand from under it to get to the water and sewer – JIF raised concerns (Mayor Barrella: different than volunteers on private property, where risk falls on the volunteer and the homeowner; Attorney Gertner: JIF wants Hold Harmless and approved release forms – it’s a policy decision – asked who would supervise the work – one way to potentially mitigate damage is to allocate a professional to supervisor) Engineer Savacool believes the building is structurally sound – would like to encourage, rather than discourage this.
Motion by Councilman Mayer to authorize up to $3K to fix leaks, install doors and plywood at the Surf Taco building was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Cortes, Corbally, Mayer, Gordon, Tooker….YEA

Deputy Clerk announced Closed Session items to be added to the agenda.


Councilman Cortes: No report.

Councilman Corbally: No report.

Councilman Mayer: No report.

Councilman Gordon: No report.

Councilwoman Tooker: asked who is sending the easement letters (Attorney Gertner: his office is sending them on Monday; Mayor Barrella: have temporarily set a meeting for Tuesday with DEP’s Cindy Randazzo – asked BA/CFO Riehl to call each invitee).

Mayor Barrella: asked Councilman Gordon about the town-wide parade (Councilman Gordon: met with High School principal this morning – trying to pin down a date - probably mid to late May – will recognize the entire year’s successes – will limit proclamations to Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, State Bowling Champion and Antrim Future Problem Solvers State Champions – will be working with Carol Vaccaro on this).

BA/CFO Riehl: No report.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Non-Agenda Items, First Reading of
Ordinances and Resolutions) BEGAN AT 3:44 PM

Anne Lightburn, Point Pleasant Beach (PPB) Open Space Committee: thanked Council for approving money for garage doors and roof leaks – understands the reservation about vendors – other thoughts include treating this area as a charity or organizational place, where people could sell raffle tickets or provide information about their organization – Chamber of Commerce might want to have a volunteer there on the weekend, with downtown maps, etc. – would like a reason for people to wander down to that section and get some value; asked about resolution supporting legislative actions for permanent or sustainable Green Acres funding sources – Green Acres owes PPB $675K, so it’s in our best interest to pass this – Green Acres was funded by sales tax and now by bond referendums for the public – there was no new bond referendum in November – Green Acres is trying to get a funding source - tax on water, gasoline, sales, etc. (Mayor Barrella: directed that this be added to the April 9th meeting agenda; Councilman Mayer: must encourage the volunteer sand removal; Mayor Barrella: will do an indemnity with which JIF is content; Councilwoman Tooker: Environmental Commission is working on replacing garbage and recycling cans and cigarette butt containers – need to keep the town clean – will get ideas and figures to the Finance Committee; Councilman Gordon: asked about the Beautification Committee budget; up in the air; Mayor Barrella: need a budget quickly, as if Sandy never happened – then, need to translate Sandy and the CDL into it, so the net effect of Sandy is as close to neutral as possible – then, manipulate it to what DCA wants, which is for us to be where we would be without Sandy – encouraged Finance Committee to have something for discussion at the April 9th meeting).
Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: Fisherman’s 5K route zigzagged in Districts 3 and 4 – red cones blocked trucks and workers – asked that future runs be held in Districts 1 and 2, and that those already approved be compassionate and not mess up deliveries; addressed the pink line down the center of Arnold Avenue – concerned about turning public property towards a particular cause – and some might not want a daily reminder of cancer (Sandy prohibited County re-striping it).
Councilman Corbally: asked if PPB has an ordinance prohibiting building in the summer (Councilman Cortes: just a noise ordinance in effect 6 PM Friday until 8AM Monday; Chief O’Hara: no construction noises 6 PM – 8 AM and on Sunday; Councilman Cortes: and none on holidays outside of routine lawn mower, etc.).
Mayor Barrella: asked Chief O’Hara if he thinks Route 35 construction would proceed (Chief O’Hara: per meeting he attended, might not start until August) should ask them not to work on Weekends.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Non-Agenda Items, First Reading of
Ordinances and Resolutions) ENDED AT 3:57 PM

Motion by Councilman Mayer, to adopt resolutions covering items listed below, was seconded by Councilman Cortes and carried by roll call vote.
a) Appointment of Stephen Roe as Temporary, P/T Code Enforcement Officer
b) Approval of curb cut at 304 Arnold Avenue
c) Support for Safe and Secure Communities Funding legislation (A-3984)
d) Authorize Borough Engineer to seek proposals from State contract extenders for sand
sifting, including cleaning and relocation (Closed Session Item)
e) Award contract to KG Marine for construction of bulkhead at Delaware Avenue ($35,000)
(Closed Session Item)
VOTE: Council Members Cortes, Corbally, Mayer, Gordon, Tooker….YEA


Meeting was adjourned at 3:59 PM by consent of Council.

ATTEST: Eileen Farrell, Deputy Clerk

Published April24, 2013 | Council Minutes | 1584

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