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January 3, 2013


Regular Meeting – January 3, 2012

The meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Parking Authority was officially opened at 6:00 p.m. at 416 New Jersey Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Open Public Meetings Act Statement was read into the record

PRESENT: Chairman Bonsper, Commissioners Corona and Caruso
Also present: Raymond D. Bogan, Attorney, Raymond Savacool, Authority Engineer and Karen Mills, Clerk

ABSENT: Commissioner Bassinder and Commissioner Cheasty

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Commissioner Michael Corona made a Motion to approve the, December 6, 2012 meeting minutes, seconded by Commissioner Caruso. Commissioner Caruso, Commissioner Corona and Chairman Bonsper approved.
In favor: Caruso, Bonsper and Corona

Attorney’s Report – Has not yet heard from the owners of the “Long Board” as to the payment of the agreed rent.
Engineer’s Report: Issued letter regarding snow plowing contract. This year similar to last year – 2 quotes were submitted and Clean Cut came in with the low bid of $3,345.00 per occurrence for parking lots and $1,100 for the sidewalks. No other bids were received for the sidewalks. Clean Cut will charge separately if they just pre-salt. The Authority agreed that Clean Cut will need to call Paul Bonsper before performing any work.
Motion by Commissioner Corona, second by Commissioner Caruso to award the snow plowing and sidewalk contract to Clean Cut lawn care.
In favor: Caruso, Bonsper and Corona
Opposed: None

Chairman Bonsper – Garbage cans are in the Valentine Parking lot. Inquired if the Borden’s parking lot sprinkler system was winterized. Karen will ask the administrator about the system.

Motion by Commissioner Corona to pay the following checks, second by Commissioner Caruso
In favor: Caruso, Bonsper and Corona
Opposed: None

Vouchers for Payments

Check #

2825 Suplee, Clooney and Co. $5,000.00
2838 Clean Cut Lawn Care 1,774.00
2839 Clean Cut Lawn Care 1,774.00
2840 T & M Associates 927.50
2841 Ray Bogan, Esq. 279.00
2842 Karen Mills 413.61
2843 JCP & L 163.36

Published April12, 2013 | Parking Authority Minutes | 1565

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