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November 9, 2012


The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach met at 3:00PM with Mayor Barrella and Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie and Reid present. The Deputy Municipal Clerk read the resolution authorizing an Emergency Meeting, without adequate notice, in compliance with the law. Attorney Gertner noted that there is a full house in attendance.
Motion by Councilman Corbally, to approve the Resolution for Emergency Meeting, was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote:
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie and Reid….YEA


Administrator Riehl: purchases/rentals made before close of business today are eligible for 100% FEMA reimbursement – those made after will be split either 75/25 or 90/10 – first emergency appropriation was a guess, to get it in place so contractors could be hired, to assess damaged vehicles and get them replaced – tried to rent as much equipment as possible – not readily available, so purchases have been made – $350K of the additional $785,405 is for parking meter boxes, as 27 were lost in the storm – PPB’s biggest revenue-generator, order must be placed today, to have them for next year.
Mayor Barrella opened discussion to the public.
Councilman Gordon: asked if additional funding is anticipated or if this is another best guess (Administrator Riehl: should cover what is needed – additional $50K for debris disposal in the landfill, additional $100K for vendors to facilitate debris removal – have Waste Management, Caruso Excavating and, this weekend, will have Roselli Contractor – concentrating on clearing the street – have run out of equipment to get debris to the landfill quickly, so will stockpile in Silver Lake lot, to get it out of the neighborhoods – applied for DEP permits – turnaround is @24 hours – trying to eliminate people’s frustration with it in front of their homes – still need to address Boardwalk, building that Surf Taco is leasing, Inlet bathrooms which are gone, pavement damage in parking lots – significant issues to deal with before next summer) asked if there are matching funds for those capital requirements; Mayor Barrella: there were after Irene; Councilman Mayer: expects 75/25).
Motion by Councilman Gordon, to authorize an emergency appropriation in additional amount of $785,405 for expenses related to response, recovery and restoration with respect to Hurricane Sandy, was seconded by Councilman Mayer and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie and Reid….YEA


Mayor Barrella: asked Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) Petrillo to address the plan for power restoration east of the tracks.
CEO Petrillo: State sent 8 inspectors to help – been canvassing the town, south to north, and east from the 100 block west – finished south of Arnold Avenue and are now in the northern area – placing red stickers on houses where meters and/or power boxes were submerged in water – JCP&L will go to those properties and pull the meter/stop electric, so electricity can get through to the good houses on that circuit, and the bad ones won’t hold them up – damaged ones can be fixed with permit – prefers homeowners be available to let inspectors in to view panel boxes – advised all to shut off circuit breakers until they get electricity, and turn them on one at a time, so they don’t overload the circuits [Mayor Barrella: frustrating for everyone – spoke to Office of Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator (OEMDC) Grace, who has been unable to get straight answers from JCP&L – Construction Official (CO) Gardner contacted the DCA – he, himself, called DCA Commissioner Constable – DCA supervisor met with CO Gardner yesterday and decided how many inspectors would be necessary to inspect properties east of the tracks expeditiously – moved things along quickly – are now on the north end – been assured that JCP&L will follow-up with pulling meters – there is no problem with the substation – JCP&L is concerned that turning on power in compromised houses would lead to fires – don’t have capacity to handle dozens of electrical fires at once] will be working tomorrow, 8 AM until finished – houses not inspected today will be done tomorrow – advised all to call the office if concerned whether they are on the list (Mayor Barrella: anyone with a red sticker on their meter, needs that meter removed because the system is compromised, per DCA’s electrical inspectors – if panel boxes/breakers have been under water, they will not function properly and must be replaced – outlets that were submerged should be kept shut off – if someone has a red sticker, but panel box has not been affected, it was because inspectors couldn’t get in and erred on the side of caution – if inspector couldn’t get in and someone believes his box was above the water, he can call the Building Department to be put on the re-inspection list, hopefully before JCP&L pulls the meters – re-inspection process can’t hold up half the town – CO Gardner and CEO Petrillo did a great job coordinating this – moving process along as best we can).
Mayor Barrella opened the discussion to the public.
Janice Aportela, PPB: asked for JCP&L’s turnaround time (Mayor Barrella: per CO Gardner, about 2 hours behind) no way to get in touch with JCP&L (Mayor Barrella: invitation was extended to them – they decided their personnel would not attend council meetings and get beat up – not sure this is all their fault – enormous storm of unprecedented scope – doesn’t believe the state anticipated what would happen, or representatives in Trenton would be lambasting JCP&L (Councilman Gordon: JCP&L has been in touch with OEM and Construction Department daily – have asked them to stay in touch before firing up, so fire assets can be pre-positioned, in case of the worst case scenario; Councilman Reid: that scenario would be houses burning down; Mayor Barrella: and someone getting hurt).
Peg Born, PPB: asked the fee and process for power box removed (CEO Petrillo: homeowner or electrician would come in for permit – minimum $75 fee; Mayor Barrella: must be waived by the state).
Carol Luccioni, PPB: has 2 houses – is sure that the outside meters were touched, but the panels inside were ok – asked how she can be at two houses at once (Councilman Corbally: advised her to leave a phone number at one house, while at the other, and to get over there now).
Mike Koen, Mgr. Harborhead Beach Condominiums, PPB: had substantial damage – asked if JCP&L would cover meter replacement or, if it is the association’s expense, if emergency FEMA funds are available – worried about winterizing the units – JCP&L replaced bad meters in the past at no charge (Mayor Barrella: will try to get an answer – panel box is the homeowner’s responsibility).
Adele Tamburo, PPB: house is uninhabitable – asked how an inspector would reach her (Mayor Barrella: they’ve been on Niblick Street – if there is no red sticker, she should be ok).
Joan Campbell, PPB: got a red sticker and is trying to get an electrician – panel box and circuit breakers are fine – shouldn’t have to pay for anything (Mayor Barrella: advised speaking with Diane Scavone in the Building Department after the meeting to arrange for an inspector to enter her house, see that there is no damage, and remove the sticker).
Terry Bourbon, PPB: meter outside was fine, but box was submerged – electrician is coming this weekend – asked about meter removal procedure (Mayor Barrella: they will remove the meter and cap it – her electrician must come into the Building Department for a permit to replace the panel – when replaced, it will get inspected and power will be turned on – will speak to CO Gardner, CEO Petrillo, Administrator Riehl and Attorney Gertner to come up with a streamlined methodology to get these inspections done – may require additional DCA help – PPB has only 1 part-time electrical inspector).
Kathleen McGuiness, PPB: thanked all for their help and effort – asked how she would know when her street is next for inspection (Mayor Barrella: won’t know, per se – they are working their way north) did not get water in her panel box – asked if she must wait for every home to be approved before getting power (Mayor Barrella: no – once JCP&L removes the damaged meters, they’ll be able to turn on power for the entire east side of the tracks – inspections will be completed by tomorrow at the latest – hopeful that power will be on by Sunday) asked if town can provide a place to charge electronic devices (Councilman Gordon: library; Councilwoman Tooker; St. Mary’s; Councilman Gordon: perhaps the firehouse) is not hearing anything (Councilwoman Tooker: advised her to sign up for Swift 911) asked for the curfew back – has a broken garage and front door.
Administrator Riehl: south side of town, from Arnold to Delaware, has been done and tagged, and they are starting to pull meters – the 200, 300 and 400 blocks of Arnold to Broadway are done – working their way down Broadway now – will head back south and do Randall, Ocean, and streets in-between – Mr. Gardner is somewhat confident that they can be done tonight.
Tom Highton, PPB: thanked all for a good job during the crisis – important that the Building Department be open Sunday and Veteran’s Day (Mayor Barrella: will discuss with Administrator Riehl).
Resident, 111 Cornell Ave, PPB: should appropriate emergency funds to open the Building Department on Monday – more important now than parking meters (Councilman Mayer: appropriation includes $10K for overtime; Mayor Barrella: the reason for including expenditures now is for greater possibility of reimbursement).
Sharon Cadalzo, PPB: her heat source is gas – asked how the Borough would be proceeding with that (Mayor Barrella: if furnace and hot water heater were damaged, it is incumbent on the homeowner to contact a plumber to install new ones) asked about her gas meter getting wet (Mayor Barrella: NJNG has had people out the past couple of days inspecting gas meters; Councilman Corbally: doesn’t believe they’ve turned gas off in any part of town).
Catherine Totin, PPB: has 4’ of sand at the curb on Water Street – yesterday, surfers were parked there and homeowners couldn’t get in – 25 cars on both sides of the street – even a fire truck couldn’t get through, if needed – asked if the Borough would remove sand in the right-of-way (Mayor Barrella: County road crew has done a magnificent job with sand removal – removed most from Ocean Avenue and are building 12-foot-hight dunes in anticipation of the nor’easter – hopes they will continue – have been picking it up from private property, as it would be moved into the street anyway) problem is that the viewers come to Water Street – homeowners can’t clean or visit their homes (Administrator Riehl: Caruso Contracting is heading south on Ocean Avenue now – they will come back up and do another sweep of sand; Mayor Barrella: asked Administrator Riehl to have Chief O’Hara put up “No Parking” signs; Attorney Gertner: if sand on any street or alley is a public safety, health or welfare issue, Borough should remove the sand with County’s assistance – should also be done for beach replenishment; Councilman Reid: should not put burden on residents to remove sand – was decided that it would be removed from all properties, private and public; Attorney Gertner: need communication from homeowners, granting the Borough permission to remove sand from their properties).
Peg Born: don’t get radio station outside town (Councilwoman Tooker: same information is on phone and e-mail) residents have implemented e-mail communication – asked if a firehouse, gym or school could be opened for residents to shower and have coffee before leaving town after spending hours clearing contaminated materials from their homes (Mayor Barrella: Firehouse #1 was flooded, Firehouse #2 has been used to house and feed First Responders, schools would be up to the Board of Education; Councilwoman Tooker: St. Mary’s and Pt. Pleasant Presbyterian Churches have a couple of showers available; Councilman Gordon: Firehouse #2 became available last night – will inquire).
Mike Sirchio, PPB: complimented Council and First Responders on magnificent job – an adjuster, he travels up and down the coast – what happened here is nothing compared to other areas – worse than Katrina – if emergency management plans weren’t in place, there would have been casualties in PPB – will be a long road, months or years – some towns won’t rebuild, as their infrastructures are shot – concerned about health issues, like cholera – asked Council to address – very bad situation (Councilwoman Tooker: some people just left and houses are closed up – asked what will happen when they come back – if houses need to be opened) when heat goes on, mold generates.
Administrator Riehl: Fire Department reports that they don’t have showers in Firehouse #2.
Councilman Gordon: there are tractor trailers with showers – need OEMDC Grace to ask FEMA to get some here (Mayor Barrella: Councilman Corbally has been in contact with Congressman Smith, who toured PPB with him, met with the Borough Administrator and OEMDC Grace, went to the Firehouse and First Aid – spent about 2˝ hours in town – perhaps he can expedite the request – advised all not to get their hopes up, because there are much more devastated areas than PPB and assets might be dedicated elsewhere; Councilwoman Tooker: OEMDC Grace is trying to get the Tide truck here also; Councilman Corbally: we are 2-3 days ahead of Brick – also ahead of Pt. Pleasant – administrative staff, OEM, Police, Building and Public Works Departments have gone beyond the call – town is very lucky – didn’t lose anyone – hopes it will be up and running by next week – could take a year or two to get back fully; Councilman Mayer: assumes everyone knows to file a claim with FEMA – office on Chambers Bridge Road, at Civic Plaza – anyone who can’t get there should let the Borough Administrator’s or Borough Clerk’s office know; Mayor Barrella: OEMDC Grace requested a mobile unit, based on the availability of our lots – should also contact homeowners and flood insurance companies).
Bruce Fioretti, PPB: thanked Council – St. Mary’s has 3 wireless computers set up for FEMA registration – getting 5-10 calls/day for temporary housing (Attorney Gertner: attended meeting yesterday with the County OEM and County Board of Social Services – there is a major housing shortage in Ocean and Monmouth Counties – Social Services, along with the local Board of Realtors is trying to develop a uniform list of available rentals – as Chairman of Ocean/Monmouth Legal Services, reported that they’ve gotten grants from the State and United Way to increase staffing to reach out to people in shelters and comfort sites – looking to Mercer, Camden and Burlington Counties for temporary housing) asked if Council would allow homeowners with uninhabitable houses to put RV’s on their properties, and if Code Enforcement would be lenient – Mark Ashley, Scott Motor Coach, has 70 trailers for rent or purchase (Councilman Corbally: lot of available rentals when power comes back; Councilman Mayer: asked if they are RV’s or pop-up trailers) travel trailers – deferred to Mr. Ashley.
Mr. Ashley: most travel trailers have an external generator – motorized units have on-board generator – lights, heat, etc. can run off the battery and don’t need an external source – televisions and air conditioners would require external power (Councilman Mayer: asked CEO Petrillo if a travel trailer in a driveway would violate existing code; CEO Petrillo: per ordinance, can be stored to the rear of the property, by the house line – under no circumstances can you live in a trailer anywhere in town; Mayor Barrella: asked for Administrator’s opinion; Administrator Riehl: viable idea – people have no place to live – if not in a street, blocking a sidewalk or interfering with Police or Fire, should be allowed – should have a list of who is doing it; Councilman Lurie: asked Mr. Fioretti how many requests he has gotten; Mr. Fioretti: doesn’t have a number; Councilman Reid: volunteers will be going door-to-door on the east side tomorrow asking people what their needs are – will have a better answer then; CEO Petrillo: suggested May 15 end date and a case-by-case evaluation thereafter; Councilman Reid: number shouldn’t matter – if people needed houses, should do it; Attorney Gertner: as Administrator stated, as long as there is not a health or safety issue as to the particular trailer, the Borough is inclined to allow it, subject to at least registration with the administration – can address a time period after – concerned that people are rushing into structures without proper inspection – this administration and Council is dedicated to removing as much red tape as possible, but need public’s cooperation in telling them what they are planning, so their health and safety can be protected; Councilman Gordon: asked that Administrator Riehl and CEO Petrillo figure out a process to register the vehicle, where it is going to be located, and a drop-dead date of May 15 – shouldn’t be a maximum number – ludicrous to think many people would take advantage of it anyway – should open the opportunity for those who choose it – asked how high trailers sit off the road – in case of another nor’easter – would like to see a picture) 8-12” off the ground – they have stabilizers (Councilman Mayer: asked for dimensions and price) 8-12-feet-wide, 23-42-feet-long – rentals are $109-170/day, can buy one for $16K-$35K (Councilman Mayer: FEMA will advance people up to $31,900 for housing and repair – these would probably qualify, but there would be less for repair – has no problem with it; Councilman Corbally: doesn’t think there will be a big demand – not against it; Mayor Barrella: can authorize Administrator and Code Enforcement to decide on a case-by-case basis – doesn’t know if the Borough has the authority to approve them on County roads; Councilman Gordon: get professionals to decide the process and move forward; Mayor Barrella: has no problem with that – opposes blanket waivers; Councilman Mayer: must be temporary, and reasonably new trailers in good condition, for existing residents and tenants, either in the driveway or on the property itself; Mayor Barrella: assumes they have their own sanitation system) self-contained – someone can come in and dump them or Council can let it go into the town sewer.
Councilwoman Tooker: tomorrow, when volunteers from College of New Jersey and Masonic Lodge go door-to-door, will have a better handle on things, including who needs dinners delivered from St. Mary’s or help from Masonic Lodge – Red Cross will be set up for mobile distribution at the Presbyterian Church tomorrow and Sunday, 9AM-3PM, with food, water, blankets, cleaning supplies, batteries, etc. – can drive up and get what you need – lot of resources – all here for each other.
Councilman Corbally: realtors in PPB know of many dry, furnished summer rentals with heat.
CEO Petrillo: the old Tally Dodge has a facility set up for food, clothing, blankets, shoes, etc.
Ben Dispoto, PPB: wife is at his house now and they got a red sticker without anyone knocking (CEO Petrillo: advised calling the Building Department tomorrow).
Administrator Riehl: OEMDC Grace contacted FEMA – negative on shower facilities – they referred people to Monmouth Park Racetrack on Route 36 – also, the Red Cross drive through at the High School tonight has been cancelled (Councilwoman Tooker: asked her to text him back and see if that’s the mobile distribution at the Presbyterian Church).
Councilman Reid: asked the process for waiving the $75 permit fee (Attorney Gertner: Borough received correspondence today on that – can address at next meeting – can issue refunds for those who already paid; Councilman Gordon: believes insurance will cover fee).
Attorney Gertner: advised all to call their insurance agents – highly technical with flood insurance (Mr. Sirchio, PPB: agents work for insurance companies – advised all to get an adjuster, an attorney, and second and third opinions).

Motion by Councilman Lurie to adjourn was seconded by Councilman Gordon and carried by consent of Council.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:31PM.

ATTEST: Eileen Farrell, Deputy Clerk

Published January12, 2013 | Council Minutes | 1500

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