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August 22, 2012

Meeting Minutes

Point Pleasant Beach Open Space Advisory Committee

Present: Anne Lightburn, Mickey Diaz, Sal Pepe, Mike Ramos, Cassidy Alia, Katie Frio, Glen Paesano, Greg Culp, Max Gagnon and Councilman Bret Gordon

Absent: Greg Cox and Councilman Bill Mayer

Anne Lightburn, chair, welcomed new member Greg Culp, who will be serving as the resident alternate, and Mike Ramos, representative from the Recreation Committee. Matt Nagle is now the Recreation Committee alternate.

Anne reported that there will not be a statewide public referendum question on the November ballot to fund Green Acres. This means that it will require legislative action to continue funding Green Acres at past levels in 2013 and may impact the rate at which PPB receives its final grant payments for the Risden acquisition. This has implications for paying off the short term BAN.

Anne reported that Chris Riehl notified the committee that the 2011 Green Acres grant of $450,000 was applied to the short term BAN in August.

Glen reported that repairs to the roof in Pleasure Park have been completed. The summer recreation program was very successful and it took in more money than expensed.

There was a general committee discussion on the RFP for the operations of the Maryland Ave. Beach as Aquaserve’s three year contract expires this year. Ideas for reduced badges, borough operating the beach through a service provider and leasing the beach where brought up. Committee members felt it more appropriate to comment on a plan than propose one. No recommendation/action was taken.

Councilman Gordon expressed the need for a long term municipal plan to address much needed major repairs and routine maintenance for open space and recreation properties. Major repairs are needed at to the Seawall at Loughran's Park and the municipal boardwalk.
Mickey is going to follow-up with John Trout to identify repairs to the former Risden bathhouse property. He is also going to check that the bathhouse has been memorialized.

Anne suggested that of improvements to the lakes for viewing platforms and a shade pavilion at the Inlet should also be included. Councilman Gordon stressed the need for a long term plan that includes items such as these.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 pm.

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