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May 2, 2012


Minutes of the May 2, 2012 Planning Board Meeting

Opening statement of the Sunshine Law was read
Mr. Migut, Mr. Davis, Mr. Shamy, Chairman Neumaier, Mrs. Koscinski, Mrs. Loder, Councilman Corbally and Mrs. Mills
Absent – Mrs. Thomson, Mr. Paesano and Mr. Brodeur
Motion by Mrs. Koscinski, second by Mr. Migut to approve the minutes from the April 4, 2012 meeting
In favor: Migut, Davis, Shamy, Neumaier, Loder, Corbally and Mills
Opposed: None
Mr. Davis has stepped down from this application

Application #2012-350 – WPPB, LLC Minor Site Plan (Provident Bank) and Minor Subdivision.
Property Laurel and Trenton Avenue; Block 76; Lot 4
Meeting carried without notice from April 4, 2012
Kevin Sheehy is filling in this evening for John Jackson, attorney for applicant. Applicant is proposing to subdivide the property on Trenton Avenue into two residential lots. There were questions about additional parking, the sump pump being re-routed and landscaping at the last meeting.

William Stevens, Professional Engineer for applicant, reviewed the last meeting. He reviewed the new plans and explained how the twelve parking spaces were created. Revised the light fixture (per Ray Savacool) and relocated the trash facilities, the plantings will be continued along the entire rear area. He addressed the Board Engineer’s review letter dated April 30, 2012 –
1. Will provide twelve parking stalls.
2. Previously testified to
3. Previously testified to
4. Drive through will be removed if no longer a bank use.
5. Six foot fence will be provided in rear between bank and residents property. (6 foot wooden fence)
6. Created grading plan to install curbs
7. Sump pump has been relocated to go along westerly side of bank to exit at rear of bank into infiltration system with an emergency over flow to Laurel Avenue.
8. Applicant will have landscaping similar to what exist now. Three street trees will be planted. The trees will be chosen from the shade tree committees list of appropriate trees.
9. Grading and drainage for residential lots will be submitted.
10. Approval from tax assessor for lot numbering.
11. Updated plans have been submitted to the Ocean County Planning Board for approval.
12. Will comply with Borough’s requirements for water sewer services.
13. To correct directional arrow striping to make parking lot functional.
14. Obtain all necessary outside agency approvals for subdivision.
15. Agree to post all required development bonds.

Chairman Neumaier’s concern is adding the four parking spaces that it will be awkward to maneuver the parking lot. Ray Savacool agreed that it is a more difficult movement but there is adequate room to navigate. Mr. Shamy questioned shortening the curbed separation between the drive through and bypass lane to give more room; Bill Stevens will work it out with Ray Savacool.

Audience comments

Lisa Muller, 605 Trenton Avenue – Main concern is the drainage. Has lived in the home for eighteen (18) years and there is a lot of water that comes out of the sump pump. The water that comes out of this pipe is contaminated from the dry cleaners that used to be housed in the building next door. Is concerned how it is going to end up. There are times when it is just a constant flow coming out of the pipe. Ray Savacool stated that presently it just goes into a catch basin. The water will now go through a seventy (70) foot system into a storage tank and the water will be recycled back into the ground and believes that this will be sufficient. Also concerned about the exterior of the house. Dennis Galvin said that he has a condition that says the proposed homes to be constructed are to be consistent with neighboring homes and are to have porches. William Stevens stated that there is a sale pending upon approval of the board and they will be built soon. Lisa Muller is very happy with the landscaping.
Dennis Carmody – Inquired if it could it be stated that the homes are to be single family homes? Ray Savacool stated that the application is before the Planning Board because this is a permitted use. Only single family homes can be built; any other use would be before the zoning board. Dennis Carmody is also concerned with the line of site exiting the parking lot.

1. In the event that the property is no longer used as a bank the drive through is to be removed and additional parking spaces are to be provided.
2. The site plan is to be changed to add signage to establish four parking spaces in the rear of the bank for employee parking only.
3. The applicant is to install a six foot high wooden stockade fence on the rear of the property line as described at the time of the hearing.
4. The applicant is to supply five feet of right away dedication to the county as described by the applicant at the time of the hearing.
5. The applicant is to submit a lot grading and drainage plan to the Borough Engineer for his review and approval at the time of building permits.
6. The applicant agreed to comply with the Board Engineer’s letter.
7. The curbs and sidewalks on Trenton Avenue are to be replaced.
8. The landscape plan must be submitted to the Boards engineer for review and approval and must show three street trees that will be planted in the right of way. The trees will be chosen from the shade tree committee list of appropriate trees.
9. The dumpster’s location and screening are to be reviewed by the Board’s engineer.
10. The parking spaces are to be lined with hair pin striping.
11. The proposed homes are to be constructed to be consistent with the neighboring single family homes and are to have porches.
12. The applicant agreed to reduce the size of the southernly parking island.

Motion by Mr.
Shamy, second by Mrs. Koscinski to approve application #2012-350 of WPPB,LLC with condition.
In favor: Migut, Shamy, Neumaier, Koscinski, Loder, Corbally and Mills
Opposed: None
Application approved with conditions

TD Bank Informal – Td Bank’s attorney Dominic Delduca introduced the bank’s plans; has not received the DOT’s input yet but will have a traffic report and the DOT’s report at the time of the hearing. Many Board members have a concern over the proposed traffic pattern. The Board’s secretary will notice for a special meeting on June 27, 2012 so that this application may be heard.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm

Attest: Karen L. Mills/Certified Planning/Zoning Secretary

Published July19, 2012 | Planning Board Minutes | 1422

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