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April 4, 2012


Minutes of the April 4, 2012 Planning Board Meeting

Opening statement of the Sunshine Law was read
Elaine Koscinski was sworn in as a Planning Board member and given her oath of Office
Roll Call:
Mr. Migut, Mrs. Thomson, Mr. Shamy, Chairman Neumaier, Mrs. Koscinski, Mrs. Loder, Councilman Corbally and Mrs. Mills
Mr. Davis has stepped down from this application
Absent - Mr. Paesano and Mr. Brodeur
Motion by Mr. Migut, second by Mrs. Koscinski to approve the submitted vouchers
In favor: Mr. Migut, Mrs. Thomson, Mr. Shamy, Chairman Neumaier, Mrs. Koscinski, Mrs. Loder, Councilman Corbally and Mrs. Mills
Opposed: None
Vouchers approved for payment

Application #2012-350 – WPPB, LLC Minor Site Plan and Minor Subdivision.
Property Laurel and Trenton Avenue; Block 76; Lot 4
John Jackson, attorney for applicant. Applicant is proposing to subdivide the property on Trenton Avenue to two residential lots. The new homes will have an architectural style that fits in with the homes on Trenton Avenue. The bank has six fulltime employees and the application will revolve around the parking. The application as proposed will have six to seven spaces and we realized that more parking is needed. Bill Stevens has made some changes to add additional parking. The property was just leased back to the bank and they are aware that the rear property is being sold. William Stevens licensed Engineer and Planner, sworn. William Stevens has appeared before boards in Brick town, Point Pleasant Beach and Jackson, credentials accepted. Property is unique in that the property on Laurel is in a commercial zone and the property on Trenton is in a residential zone. Concept plan that will add four additional spaces and bring the total parking spaces up to ten is marked as exhibit A – 2. John Jackson had a conversation with the bank today and they would like to have twelve parking spaces so Bill Stevens will have to redesign again. A question has been raised that when the bank’s lease is up and another use moves in how would the new use provide more parking if needed and Bill Stevens believes the new use will not need a drive through so that might be removed and replaced with parking spaces. The residence at 605 Trenton Avenue has a fence in the rear that needs to be replaced. The applicant will replace the fence with a solid wood fence and install a landscape buffer. The concept plan is at 79% impervious coverage with the additional two parking spaces. Chairman Neumaier questioned the safety of navigating the new spaces. Bill Stevens stated they will take that into consideration on redesign. Bill Steven stated that Trenton is a county road and the county has already approved this plan but are requesting an additional five feet in the right of way. Bill Stevens stated that the residential lots will comply with all requirements. Applicant is proposing to use low shoe box fixture lighting to eliminate glare from neighboring homes; will need a variance for parking spaces to be 9 by 18 foot stalls. Grades will be provided to show water being moved to Laurel Avenue.
Curbing and sidewalks will be replaced on Trenton Avenue. Sump pump discharge on Trenton Avenue will need to be addressed. Existing sign on Laurel Avenue will remain. Councilman Corbally questioned the landscaping plans and the thirty-two trees pictured. Applicant is going to submit landscape plan to board engineer for approval. Fence will be installed on the bank property and will be the same the length of the three rear residential homes. Ray
Savacool stated that the sump pump on Trenton Avenue will have to be moved. Bill Stevens believes it is from a storm drainage line and will address it at the next meeting. Dumpster will be moved to the north on the commercial property away from the residential line and a fence will be provided to screen the dumpster. John Jackson stated that the bank has a ten year lease with an option of a ten year renewal. Dennis Galvin said that he missed the special reasons for the application. Bill Stevens replied that this application brings the property into a more conforming state. Chairman Neumaier requested to see the new plans before a decision on the application is made. Councilman Corbally is not comfortable with the sump pump and needs to see the solution before making a decision. Chairman Neumaier also inquired if the bank needs both drive through or would one be enough? (Will inquire of bank)

Audience questions/comments
Dennis Carmody, 612 Trenton Avenue - concerned about the parking spaces shrinking. There are some large trucks. Inquired about just one handicapped parking spot; he said what if a bank employee is handicapped?
Lisa Muller, 605 Trenton Avenue - biggest concern is the sump pump drainage. Lisa Mueller thanked the applicant for their offer of replacing the fencing but would prefer a wooden fence. Trek or real wood would be fine, just not white vinyl. John Jackson stated he will provide fence samples for the next meeting.
William Lovgren, 608 Trenton Avenue - Worried about the styles of the home. Most homes on the block are Victorian style with large porches and would hate to see a stucco mansion. Is in favor of the homes being built just worried about the style.

Proposed Conditions
1. In the event that the bank no longer occupies the building the drive through will be removed to provide more parking for the next commercial use.
2. A sign will be installed designating the rear four parking spaces for employee parking.
3. The applicant is to install a six foot high wooden fence on the rear of the bank property line and is to be screened according to how described at the time of the hearing. The fence must be one style. Sample to be approved.
4. The applicant is to supply a five foot right away to the county.
5. The applicant is to supply a lot grading and drainage plan to the Board Engineer for his review and approval.
6. The applicant agreed to abide by the Board Engineer’s letter.
7. The curbs and sidewalks are too replaced on Trenton Avenue.
8. The landscape plan is to be submitted to the board Engineer for his review and approval and must show the additional landscaping promised at the time of the hearing.
9. The dumpster’s location and screening are to reviewed by the board’s engineer.
10. The parking stalls are to be lined with hair pin striping.
11. The constructed homes are to be consistent with neighboring homes and are to have porches.
John Jackson waived the time for the Board to hear this application

Motion by Mr. Shamy, second by Mrs. Koscinski to carry application #2012-350 to May 2, 2012 of WPPB, LLC without notice
In favor: Mr. Migut, Mrs. Thomson, Mr. Shamy, Chairman Neumaier, Mrs. Koscinski, Mrs. Loder, Councilman Corbally and Mrs. Mills
Opposed: None

Motion to adjourn, unanimous
Meeting adjourned at 9pm
Attest: Karen L. Mills, Certified Planning/Zoning Board secretary

Published July19, 2012 | Planning Board Minutes | 1420

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