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July 17, 2012


6:30 P.M. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Litigation; 3 Contract (Little League, CAFRA and Prosecutor)

7:00 P.M. Regular Meeting
1 Open Meeting - Public Meeting Notice - Roll Call
2 Flag Salute – Invocation
3 Approval of Minutes: June 12, 2012 Council Meeting

4 PROCLAMATION: Honoring Michael Palisi for his service to the Borough


8 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Non-Agenda Items, First Reading of Ordinances and
Resolutions – 5 Minute Limit)

a) Approve ‘Ad Interim’ permit application for Wharfside ABC License pending completion
of renewal process
b) Set date for continuation of Wharfside ABC License renewal hearing for 8/7/12 at 4:30PM
c) Authorize Mayor to execute State Local Cooperative Housing Inspection Program agreement
d) Payment to Selective Ins Co for Police Boardwalk substation flood insurance ($4070)
e) Approval of Payrolls #13 ($291,883.99) and #14 ($301,145.57)
f) Payments to American Uniform & Supply for police uniforms ($16,020.80)
g) Support for the New Jersey/New York Clean Ocean Zone
h) Support Legislation addressing health of Barnegat Bay
i) P O to Firefighter #1 for Fire Dept turnout gear ($37,696)
j) Payment to SPS VAR for Police computer maintenance ($3600)
k) Payment to This & That Uniforms for police raincoats & windbreakers ($5639)
l) Appoint Counselor for Park Recreation Program (1)
m) Appoint comfort station attendant (1)
n) Authorize Mayor to execute 2012 CDBG funding agreement ($32,500)
o) Approval of hand checks for May through June ($1,901,147.50)
p) Approval of Special Olympics ‘Jersey Shore Relay’ on 4/20/13
q) Approve retirement of building department clerk
r) Approval of PPB HS S/E app for summer band concert on 7/31/12
s) Appointment of P/T Police Communications Operators (3)
t) Appointments to Beautification Committee (4)
u) Appointments to Municipal Alliance Committee
v) Payment to Lasting Lines for repainting of parking lines, etc ($24,909)
w) Payment to United Computer for quarterly computer network support ($2550)
x) Payment to State of NJ for employee health and Rx benefits for June ($108,718.04)
y) Payment to Grainger for Tennant litter vacuum ($40,442.50)
z) Payment to Lawmen Supply for special officer duty gear ($6982.50)

a) Authorization for Police to block entrance to Cramer Ave from Arnold Ave during downtown events and allow for 2 way traffic on Cramer Ave from Trenton to Arnold
b) Progress Payment #2 to Jak Construction for Boardwalk repair work ($81,830)
c) Progress Payment #2 to Insituform for cured in place sewer lining project ($83,731.85)
d) Payment to Best Uniform for public works uniforms ($6070)
e) Approval of PPB Outlaws S/E app amendment to add fall play dates
f) Payment of 3rd quarter tax levy to the County of Ocean ($2,091,473.50)
g) Payment to Denise Sweet & Assoc from Planning Board escrow ($200)
h) Scheduled payment of district taxes to the PPB Board of Education ($896,186)
i) Payment to C&L General Services for River Ave grinding ($2925)
j) Payment to Dell Computer for police computers ($3,180.05)
k) P O to Turf Equipment for polar trac cab, snow thrower & plow attachments ($22,275.89)
l) P O to T Slack Environmental for maintenance of oil/water separator ($2500)
m) Payment to Brick Utilities for June bulk water usage ($119,836.08)
n) Payment of insurance opt-out amounts ($11,428.86)
o) Payments to T & M Associates from escrow accounts ($5939.58)
p) Approval of computer generated vouchers ($1,391,175.37)
q) Payments to the Galvin Law Firm from Planning Board escrow accts ($610)
r) Authorization for MAC to apply for 2013 GACDA grant ($16,900)
s) Support for “Peggy’s” Law

a) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-27 (Establish Third Party Payroll Provider)
b) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-28 (Establish Handicap Parking Space)


Published July13, 2012 | Council Agendas | 1414

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