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May 1, 2012


6:30 P.M. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Closed Session Minutes; Attorney/Client Privilege

7:00 P.M. Regular Meeting
1 Open Meeting - Public Meeting Notice - Roll Call
2 Flag Salute – Invocation
3 Approval of Minutes:
a) April 3, 2012 Council Meetings
b) 2012 Closed Session on February 7th, February 21st and March 6th


7 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Non-Agenda Items, First Reading of Ordinances and
Resolutions – 5 Minute Limit)

a) Award contract for website overhaul to NJ MetroNet ($1800)
b) Approve Payroll #8 ($253,681.25)
c) Authorization for surplus vehicle/equipment auction
d) Payment Denise Sweet from BOA escrow accts ($425)
e) Payment to Eagle Point Gun for police ammunition ($16,583.24)
f) P O and payment to Meridian Health for special officer physicals ($5609)
g) Refund water tap fee to Riverwood LLC ($2500)
h) Refund Tax overpayment to GMAC Mortgage ($2614.08)
i) Salary adjustment for passage of ‘Municipal Court Administrator’ certification test
j) Payment to Plainfield Consultation for special officer psych evaluations ($5525)
k) Payments to T&M Assoc from escrow accts ($3002.25)
l) Payment to CDWG for replacement UPS damaged during hurricane thru insurance ($5485)
m) Payment to All Time Auto Body for recondition of surplus Humvee ($2400)
n) Payments to Ronan Agency for volunteer workers & blanket accident policies ($3511)
o) Water/Sewer bill adjustment (1)
p) Payment to State of NJ for employee health and Rx benefits for May ($109,226.87)
q) Payment to Ray Smalling for power-washing/painting of Boro Hall ($7950)
r) Payment to T&M Associates from develop escrow ($2122.50)
s) Appointments Code Enforcement Task Force (2)
t) Appointment of seasonal police records clerk
u) Authorization to draft ordinance amending road opening code
v) Re-appoint comfort station attendants (3)
w) Approval of computer generated vouchers ($189,527.32)
x) Payment to Pedroni Fuel Co for gasoline & diesel fuel ($40,079.51)
y) Appointment of Stu Saffeer to perform duties in the absence of Electrical Sub-Code Officer
z) Approval of Change Order #1 for sanitary sewer excavation spot repair($10,800)
aa) Approval to destroy old beach badge tags and recycling tonnage reports as per DARM regs
bb) Approval of payment schedule for summer recreation program employees
cc) P O to County of Ocean for replenishment of sand at Inlet Recreation Area ($11,000)
dd) Re-authorize participation in the volunteer tuition credit program
ee) Authorization for VFW annual ‘Buddy’ poppy drive
ff) Amend Project Graduation S/E application to include 9/29 town-wide garage sale
gg) Appt of seasonal parking enforcement officers (16)

9 USE OF BALL FIELDS, contingent upon final approval of dates by Little League
a) Point Pleasant Pirates
b) Point Pleasant Predators

a) 2nd Reading/Public Hearing Ordinance 2012-15 (ABC License Closing Times)
b) 2nd Reading/Public Hearing Ordinance 2012-16 (Modify ABC License Hours upon
Petition by Licensee)
c) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-17 (Multi-Purpose Bond)
d) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-18 (Water/Sewer Utility Bond)
e) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-19 (Resident Parking Permit Placement)


Published April27, 2012 | Council Agendas | 1361

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