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March 5, 2012


P.P.B.S.T.C. Minutes Mon. Mar 5, 2012, 7 pm
Pt. Pleasant Beach Town Hall

In attendance: Sharon Cadalzo, Clem Bremer, Elaine Hennessy, Anne Lightburn, Pete Renner
Absent: Kitty Stillufsen, Kim Dietz, Mike Corbally

1. February minutes approved.

2. Green Community Grant Opportunity: grant approved, we have to get Council to agree to match funds. Council tabled at last meeting, we asked Council to table until 3/20 meeting when Pete R can attend to answer any questions asked. There is a concern that we cannot make homeowners responsible for replacement. There was a 1998 inventory completed and if the homeowner did not replace, there was no mechanism in the ordinance to force the homeowner to comply and the town was on the hook. Elaine P does not want a repeat of this.

3. Public outreach...Sharon met with County Forester on sponsored Arbor Day event at Atrium school – County will handle Sandy Pasola at Antrim. Event is scheduled for Friday, April 27 at approx 1:30-1:45 PM (date chosen by Antrim). School will get a larger tree seedling than usual, as we are the district where the County Forester will be speaking on Arbor Day. - We cannot mandate a class on tree care in the HS. Also, interpretation signs needed at all of the trees we’ve planted.

4 PayPal update: $781.80. Pete to confirm if $$$ is transferred out of PayPal. Pete needs assistance from Kitty, who is out of town.

5. Possible donation of Crabapple tree at HSchool, corner of Trenton & bay. Elaine spoke with Davies in memory of Roland Davies; - would the PPBSTC donate a paver? Elaine suggests that the crabapple tree be removed and replaced by a tree donated by Davies. This way crabapples won’t get tossed by students.

6. New Ordinance update: Passed! Huge thank you to Pete & Anne! Bond money retained can be used to plant another tree under the Big Beautiful Tree Program.

7. Commission status: PPBSTC is on track for 2011 to keep Commission status. Needed: 2011 accomplishment report to State – submitted to the Dept of Forestry by deadline date.

8. Tree City USA: We will apply for this status, as we meet most of the eligibility requirements, including a per capita expense for trees (about $10,000, based upon a population of 5200), by adding all monies our town spends on trees (public workers hours, volunteer time etc), Sharon has this information. The per capita expense is within our FMP, so the info is available. (Total budget, divided by 5200 population). Kitty working with State Forester Todd Wyckoff on this.

9. New Projects: a. sidewalk pamphlet: Kitty: Done! Group comments needed. Will email to group for comments. (All points printing to donate poster size).

10. Inspection reports:
Sharon: 311 Atlantic Avenue (Mongelli) – not replanted between sidewalk & curb – tree needs to be within STC jurisdiction
305 Philadelphia Avenue (did not remove) – tree was removed, it is evident by the wood curb railings – not replanted
Pete: 319 Washington Avenue (new owners, previous owner removed tree)
Elaine: 106 Central Avenue (Lipari) – not replanted
509 Trenton Avenue (Bruno) – 3 trees down, not replanted – This permit was denied, fine should be issued.
Clem: 316 Niblick Street (?, I’m not sure where a tree came out) (Churchill) – not replanted
Kitty: 108 Sanborn Avenue (Keeler - removed 9/2011)
313 Atlantic Avenue (O'Donnell - removed 9/2011) – Visible to Sharon, not replanted
31 Parkway (summons issued, removed w/o permit-Ricci, removed 10/28/2011)

Kitty asked/ will remind Elaine to give homeowners who remove a tree a BBT program brochure. Pete: Please make more pamphlets for Elaine P.

Paver fundraiser: 1 sold so far for 2012.

American Liberty Elm: Kim to update. FREC to donate bench tops & backings, need to find pilings, possibly also legs (Approach shop teacher again) Kris-To see that plaque gets mounted to building. (Plaque- working on mounting it to wall- Kitty suggested we try and source recycled wood. Group (esp. Kitty and Nina) to work on this. We still need to have an official ceremony.

White Pine at Antrim: Kris spoke w/ head of ground, kitty left him a Voice Message. Kitty spoke with another grounds keeper and left a message with head of grounds in December. – Per S. Pasola, tree planted in back of school due to expected size

Sharon- Guidestar.com (or org), can highlight 5 programs on this not-for-profit email with endowment program. Info needed- our mission statement, what we’re looking for. Sharon- completed

11. Discussion of purpose of tree inventory and benefit to the town.

12. Recommendation by Councilman Corbally to try to sell the town on trees, drawing of what the streetscape looks like now and what it could look like. Motion to approve of idea, made by Clem B, 2nd by Sharon C, motion carried. Need a visual plan, how do we get this done for free? Mike C to contact Freeholder Lacey.

13. 3 trees removed at Pleasure Park – Elaine P knew they were to come down; town didn’t inform STC when Davies was hired and which trees were involved.

14. STC has 3 trees to donate; perhaps recommendation could be made by Pete R. Maybe 1 in Pleasure Park, 2 somewhere else. STC should hold a ceremony. Big, Beautiful Tree Program: Pete - We have 9 inquiries & 1 check – orders due at the end of March – We will blitz Washington Ave homeowners to try to increase number of trees on that street. Ann suggested that one of these be used to replace the tree damaged during Irene by the War Memorial and that we ask the VFW to participate in a dedication ceremony with us.

15. 2 trees removed in front of the former Emmas. Was the property owner fined? – Kitty, please check with Elaine P

New Business - Kitty: Asking the town to switch to all recycled paper. Also, Kitty to ask Cathy Sogorka for help. Kitty to update. Note: $414 difference if the borough hall switched to recycled paper. Town currently pays: $32.40 per case of paper at Staples. They have 100% recycled paper at $42.74/case. The Clerk’s office has been copying on both sides of the paper for at least 20 years. The Police Department uses paper with a partial recycled content at $36.99/carton. The Building Department uses about 5 cases of paper/year. The Clerk's office buys for the rest of the building, except for the Police, and orders approximately 35 - 40 cases/year. Cases contain 10 reams of paper.

Also worth our pursuit: Paperless agendas for Council, Board of Adjustment & Planning Board. For all Council Members to receive correspondence via email would also save both paper and budget money.
We could seriously cut down on paper use (4 - 5 cases) if the Governing Body would consider going to paperless agendas.

8:15, motion to adjourn made by Clem B, 2nd by Anne L.

Published April04, 2012 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 1338

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