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ORDINANCE 2012-06 Residential Parking Pass

ADOPTED: March 20, 2012


WHEREAS the Borough Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach has recognized the need to allow its residents and residential tax payers the opportunity to utilize metered parking spaces in conjunction with the needs of the business community and tourists to the Borough; and
WHEREAS the Borough Council finds and determines that for the good and welfare of its citizens it is necessary and advisable to establish regulations and provide for the enforcement of parking regulations within the Borough;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the Governing Body of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach, County of Ocean and State of New Jersey, as follows:

SECTION I. Chapter IX of the Code of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach, entitled “Traffic,” shall be amended at Section 9-14.1, entitled “Definitions and Word Usage,” by adding the following:
“Residential Taxpayer shall mean any person who owns a residential property within the borough.
SECTION II. Chapter IX of the Code of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach, entitled “Traffic,” shall be amended at Section 9-14.3, entitled “Issuance of Parking Pass,” by striking and replacing the sections set forth below as follows:

“9-14.3 Issuance of Parking Pass.

One parking pass per residential unit within the borough shall be issued for a fee of ten ($10.00) dollars for a specified registered vehicle. Each pass shall contain the license number of the vehicle authorized to use the parking pass. The parking pass shall authorize parking in metered borough municipal parking areas or lots as indicated in this section. Only one parking pass may be issued per each residential unit.
a. The Borough Administrator is hereby authorized to issue a parking pass for the parking of registered and insured motor vehicles in metered borough municipal parking areas or municipal lots to persons providing proof of residency as set forth above in subsection 9-14.2 or to persons providing proof that they are a residential taxpayer.
b. The applicant shall complete a form provided by the Borough Administrator detailing the applicant’s name and address, insurance, and the registration number of the motor vehicle for which the applicant desires a parking pass.
c. Each residential dwelling unit is limited to one parking pass.
d. The Borough Administrator will issue a non-transferable sticker to serve as the parking pass, which shall be displayed and adhered to the motor vehicle on the lower passenger side windshield of said vehicle.
e. No change
f. No change
g. No change
h. No change
i. No change
j. No change”

SECTION III. Chapter IX of the Code of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach, entitled “Traffic,” shall be amended by replacing Section 9-14.4, entitled “Parking Restrictions for Parking Pass Holders,” with the following:

”9-14.4 Parking Restrictions for Parking Pass Holders.
Notwithstanding the restriction of parking above provided, any person who has received a parking pass as defined in this section shall be entitled to park in metered borough municipal parking areas or municipal lots pursuant to the following restrictions:
a. Parking will be limited to 2 hours in one spot; any vehicle left over that time will be ticketed as being parked at an expired meter;
b. Any person with 2 or more tickets for parking beyond the two (2) hour limit shall have their and their residential unit’s privileges revoked pursuant to this section by the Borough Administrator for the remainder of the calendar year, as well as for the following year.
c. The parking pass may not be utilized to park at the following Municipal Parking Lots at any time:
1. Silver Lake Parking Lot
2. Railroad Station Parking Lot
3. The former Risden’s South End Lot, located at the southeast corner of Ocean and New Jersey Avenues.”

SECTION IV. In the event any section, part or provision of this Ordinance shall be held unconstitutional or invalid by any Court, such holding shall not affect the validity of this Ordinance or any remaining part of this Ordinance other than the part held unconstitutional or invalid.

SECTION V: All ordinances or parts thereof, which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed to the extent of their inconsistencies.

SECTION VI: This Ordinance shall take effect immediately upon its final passage and publication as required by law.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the foregoing Ordinance was introduced and passed on first reading at the regular meeting of the Borough Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach, in the County of Ocean, held on the 6th day of March 2012 and will be considered for second reading and final passage at the regular meeting of said governing body to be held on the 20th day of March 2012 at 7:00 P.M. in the Council Chambers, Borough Hall, 416 New Jersey Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey at which time and place a person desiring to be heard will be given opportunity to be heard.

Maryann Ellsworth, RMC
Municipal Clerk

Published March08, 2012 | New Ordinances | 1321

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