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February 21, 2012


6:30 P.M. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Closed Session Minutes, 2 Potential Litigation,
Contract, Police Personnel

7:00 P.M. Regular Meeting
1 Open Meeting - Public Meeting Notice - Roll Call
2 Flag Salute – Invocation
3 Approval of Minutes:
a) February 7, 2012 Council meeting
b) December 20, 2011 Closed Session

a) American Cancer Society RE: Thank You Plaque
b) Joe Leone’s RE: Grand Opening Celebration

a) Elaine Petrillo RE:
1. Rental Certificate of Occupancy
2. Tourism Commission
3. Code Task Force
b) Clerk Ellsworth RE: Primary Election Conflict with Council Meeting

a) Borough Engineer RE: Little League field
b) PPB Education Foundation RE: Ad Journal


10 PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Non-Agenda Items, First Reading of Ordinances and
Resolutions – 5 Minute Limit)

a) Proclaim March as ‘Youth Art Month’
b) Proclaim February as ‘Heart Month’
c) Annual approval of miscellaneous water/sewer utility fees
d) Payment to Brick MUA for January bulk water usage ($45,892)
e) Payment of 1st quarter installment to OCUA ($285,982.50)
f) Acceptance of 2012 Green Communities Grant and authorization for matching
funds ($3000)
g) Scheduled payments to PPB Board of Education ($2,183,081.45)
h) Payment to OC Landfill for tipping fees ($50,000)
i) Approval of Cystic Fibrosis S/E App for ‘Great Strides’ Walk on 5/20/12
j) Approval of American Cancer Society ‘Breast Cancer’ Walk on 10/21/12
k) Authorization to appt 20 additional Class I Special Officers
l) P O to Tech Electric Corps for Fire Dept computers ($3405.32)
m) Payments to T&M Assoc from BOA escrow accts ($1512)
n) Refund of dumpster bond to Atlantic Ocean Construction ($250)
o) Approval of Payroll #3 ($179,024.83)
p) Payments to Galvin Law Firm from Planning Bd & BOA accts ($1252.50)
q) Award of contract to Best Uniforms for DPW employee uniforms ($6350.50)
r) Authorization for Mayor to execute contract with T&M Associates for services of Borough Engineer
s) Emergency Appropriation to 2012 Temporary Budget
t) Support for S-243/A-327 (Remove insurance obstacles for volunteer drivers)
u) Payment to State Health Benefits for employee health benefits ($112,060.72)
v) Payments to Fire & Safety Services for repairs to fire trucks ($8761.65)
w) Payment to Denise Sweet from BOA escrow ($200)
x) P O to Hertrich Fleet for DPW pick-up truck ($20,692 thru recycling grant)
y) Approval of towing agreement for 2012-2013

a) Payment to Hutchinson Plumbing for work performed for NJ Clean Energy program ($19,983.07 thru grant)
b) Change Order #1 to National Water Main for trenchless sanitary sewer spot repairs
c) Payment to NJ Division of Pensions for annual PERS contribution ($327,573)
d) Payment to NJ Division of Pensions for annual PFRS contribution ($602,200)
e) Authorize tonnage grant application
f) Certify recycling taxes paid to Ocean County Landfill in 2012
g) Memorialize retirement agreement for confidential secretary
h) Payment to Pitney Bowes for prepaid postage for postage meter ($4074)
i) Approve S/E App for PPB Little League ‘Opening Day’ Parade on 4/21/12
j) Correction to annual salary for Sanitation Supervisor
k) Transfer funds between 2011 budget accounts
l) Approval of Temporary Capital Budget
m) Payments to the Galvin Law Firm from Planning Board accts ($870.00)
n) Refund tax overpayment ($4076.56)
o) Authorize advertise RFQ for wireless communications antenna/tower siting and management consultant
p) Approval of computer generated vouchers ($561,947.96)
q) Water/Sewer bill adjustments (10 accts)
r) P O to HD Waterworks for water meters ($6765)

13 RESOLUTION 3: Authorization to draft ordinance amendment regarding overnight parking/commercial vehicles

a) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-05 (Capital Bond – Boardwalk Repairs)

15 DRAFT ORDINANCES (Language in working Copies provided may/may not be amended before introduction with expectation of introducing this evening)
a) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-04 (Open Space Membership) – Version 1
b) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-04 (Open Space Membership) – Version 2
c) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-06 (Resident Parking Pass Program)
d) 1st Reading/Introduction Ordinance 2012-07 (Waste Materials & Collection)

16 PUBLIC PARTICPATION (2 Minute Limit):

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