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January 24, 2012


The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach met at 6:37PM with Mayor Barrella and Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie and Reid present. The Deputy Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Motion by Councilman Corbally to enter closed session to discuss one union negotiation, one attorney/client privilege, one potential litigation and two personnel matters was seconded by Councilman Gordon and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie, Reid….YEA

Closed Session began at 6:38PM and ended at 7:49PM.

Mayor Barrella called the regular meeting to order at 7:54PM. Present were Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie and Reid. The Deputy Municipal Clerk again read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Motion by Councilman Lurie to approve December 20, 2011 Council meeting minutes was seconded by Councilman Corbally and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Corbally, Lurie, Reid….YEA
Council Members Gordon, Mayer….ABSTAIN

Motion by Councilman Corbally to approve the January 1, 2012 Council meeting minutes was seconded by Councilman Mayer and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie, Reid….YEA

Department Head memos and correspondence were discussed with items moved to agenda; Engineer Savacool: explained change order consideration to Ball Field Complex Rehab –presented three items for Council’s consideration to amend the contract in regards to landscaping – 1) add fencing to divide the public portion of the property from adjoining property owners on St. Louis Avenue – provided cost of a 4’, 6’ and 8’ fence – recommended 4’ fence – balls are being hit into the neighbor’s yards (Councilman Gordon: the real concern is the drainage ditch just outside the neighbor’s property line – could be a liability issue – considerable amount of water – prudent to put up a 4’ fence) – 2) substitute infield mix with stone dust– 3) replace shade trees that were removed (Administrator Riehl: appropriation would come out of Open Space Trust Fund); applied for full amount in 2012 CDBG grant (Councilman Mayer: clarified that Boston Avenue is a $313,000 project – Engineer is asking for authority to file for $50,000 CDBG grant – there is a $250,000 DOT grant pending, leaving a $13,000 local share – wants to see a breakdown of the $313,000 – reminded Administrator Riehl to put it in the capital budget) applied for CDBG grant – doesn’t expect the full $50,000 – on the DOT grant, have been unofficially told that the Borough would receive $250,000 towards paving Boston Avenue – DCBG grant can be used to improve streets, roads, drainage – Boston Avenue, in this location, is part of a designated target neighborhood and meets the criteria for the CDBG program - Boston Avenue, from Arnold Avenue to Niblick Street – the flooding area.
Councilman Corbally: updated Council on wind turbine – due to miscommunication, Building Department issued “Stop Work” order on the installation at the Inlet – Mr. Gagnon has come up with plans for a pad – Borough Engineer was unaware of the full plans and therefore wasn’t comfortable with it – Engineer Burdick will amend what’s there – then, Borough Engineer and Construction Official believe it will be strong enough – turbine will be up in about a month (Councilman Lurie: concerned that it is too tall, at 30’, to meet the height restrictions in the marine commercial zone; Mayor Barrella: before going forward, will have to check with Construction or Zoning official).
Engineer Savacool: updated Council on recommended Boardwalk repairs, due to Hurricane Irene damage – predominantly from Atlantic to New Jersey Avenues and between Trenton and Arnold Avenues – recommended full replacement of both sections, based on the damage and age of the pilings – concerned with making the Boardwalk functional for the summer (Mayor Barrella: confirmed that it’s $315,000 to replace what is in front of the section where the Borough-owned bathhouse/concession stand is – Borough leases that section and, with the damage, there is no access to the beach or those concessions) the other piece, south of the train, is not as bad – suggested replacing the stringers for now – applied to FEMA for repair from Trenton Avenue to about 400 feet up (Administrator Riehl: need a bond ordinance – have $200-300K in a prior bond ordinance for Boardwalk repairs – could utilize that and add to it – would like to look at all capital projects and come back next meeting with a draft bond ordinance; Councilman Gordon: need a long-term plan for the life of the Boardwalk – must be some mitigating actions we can take, engineering-wise, that will protect and prevent this from happening in the future) the stretch of Boardwalk put down in 2003 was undamaged by the storm – far and away superior to the existing Boardwalk (Mayor Barrella: instructed Mr. Savacool to draft something with Ms. Riehl for authorization; Councilman Mayer: asked if any long-term studies were done on the Boardwalk or any thoughts about a long-term Master Plan for the Boardwalk) a couple of years ago – about 2100 feet is newer, 2800 feet is older (Mayor Barrella: had gotten a cost estimate of more than $3 million – that money will have to come from elsewhere; it’s $315,000 for the Risden’s section and $525,000 for the other section, under which there are utilities); Engineer Savacool updated Council on hole at Inlet sea wall – hole developed in 2009 – Army Corps disavowed ownership of the sea wall in that location – Borough repaired it – believes the sheet that was used has shifted – spoke with DPW about putting some large diameter stone in there – no warranty on the original repair – was a straight quote without maintenance – last year, applied to DEP Bureau of Coastal Engineering for replacement of the aluminum bulkhead – have been encouraged by the Bureau to re-apply – recommends stop gap measures to plug the hole for now; Mayor Barrella: asked Attorney Gertner to work with Chief O’Hara to evaluate impact of the Good Neighbor Act and draft any necessary changes to the Animal House ordinance (Council Members Tooker and Gordon explained that Belmar has rentals put up a $5,000 bond, and if police services are required at that property, their salaries are taken out of it); award of contract for sewer main lining was held pending clarification from O’Donnell Stanton on why only one bid was received (Attorney Gertner: within 60-day period to award the bid); Chamber’s request for Borough to rent the County stage, on their behalf, for the Seafood Festival was discussed – Council expressed liability concerns (Administrator Riehl: have done this in the past – we rent it at a reduced rate and the Chamber reimburses us – could get a hold harmless; Attorney Gertner: and an indemnification on a sub-lease – would have to review their insurance coverage) there is no additional cost to the Borough for the insurance (Mayor Barrella: instructed Administrator Riehl that it must be made clear to the County and the OC JIF that the application is from the Borough for the benefit of the Chamber of Commerce, for their operation (Attorney Gertner: Mike Avalon would be the person to speak to at the OC JIF – can work out whatever language they want for the hold harmless and indemnification – if the Chamber is the chief operator, they should take primary responsibility for the liability – still have the JIF coverage if a liability were to occur – simple process – they give us an insurance certificate and an additional hold harmless through that insurance certificate); Mayor Barrella: asked Chief O’Hara to review Mr. Sirchio’s letter about vehicular traffic on McLean Avenue and provide police input by next Council Meeting.

Council questioned, discussed and amended agenda items; Councilwoman Tooker: flood insurance for the comfort station (Item 1/e) is astronomical – suggested not covering and banking the savings (Councilman Mayer: suggested Administrator Riehl look into an overall insurance consultant; Attorney Gertner: suggested coming back to the next meeting with a recommendation for an RFP for global insurance coverage; Administrator Riehl: policy on the comfort station expired on January 17th – have not yet received a Notice of Cancellation; Mayor Barrella: probably have a 30-day grace period – suggested holding this item and looking at the whole insurance issue) – questioned amount of health insurance opt-out (1/l) – should be revisited, as Board of Education payout is so much less – feels Council should have the prerogative to approve new Special Events for local organizations (Item 1/o) – was agreed to modify item to read “no new events, unless approved by Council;”Councilman Gordon: questioned (Item 1/d) process for applying for bench permit (Administrator Riehl: not currently running the program because of the number of benches in town – have about 25 people on a waiting list – item 1/d is request to get on the waiting list, not to authorize the purchase of the bench – bench is purchased through a third party by the applicant; Councilwoman Tooker: asked about any precedent for prioritizing a former Borough employee; Administrator Riehl: no; Councilwoman Tooker: suggested people purchase a tree and/or paver through the Shade Tree Commission); Councilman Mayer: Item 2/g should go to the Water/Sewer Committee – item will be held; Councilman Gordon: asked for the price of (Item 1/p) sanitation truck (Administrator Riehl: should be removed from the agenda – already authorized bid in July – engineer’s letter indicates that we are now ready to advertise and accept bids – existing appropriation from 2008); Councilman Reid: asked if the $26,000 payment (Item 1/i) was coming from insurance (Mayor Barrella: got $12,000 from insurance); also suggested replacing benches that are in disrepair (Administrator Riehl: letters were sent to bench owners giving them an opportunity to have them repaired, or they would be pulled); Mayor Barrella confirmed with Chief O’Hara that the money for the three bicycles (Item 1/t) is coming from prior donations – clarified that the $5,000 funding (Item 1/s) is a stipend for Tax Clerk Jennifer Coyne – confirmed that Lt. DiCorcia’s appointment to the Local Emergency Planning Council (Item 2/n) is being corrected to Sgt. Ippolito; Councilman Corbally: asked that Items 2/j, 2/l and 2/s be considered separately (will become Resolutions 5, 6 and 7).

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION PERIOD (Non-Agenda Items, First Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions) OPENED AT 8:53PM

Joseph Miller, PPB: lives on St. Louis – neighbors were not contacted about the Little League field project – fence on the property line is only 10-12 feet from the outfield fence – ditch that’s been dug is a clear path from his property to the field – was told there would be shrubbery separating the two properties but not in that area –batting cage was relocated to behind his neighbor – moving other things in behind our property – would like to have the 8’ fence back for privacy – presented photos with 8’ fence and without – there is no buffer anymore – a 4’ foot fence won’t stop kids from jumping it to pick up balls that end up in his yard – requested that a 6’ or 8’ fence be put back up – it’s a chain link fence but he can plant ivy on it – has lost all the trees that were there – will have to build a 10’ fence from the end of his property to his hedge row to keep people from cutting through.
Marilyn Burke, PPB: asked about item 1/l – how many employees opted out of insurance (Administrator Riehl: 5 the first six months and 6 the next six months); asked about item 2/t – the discrepancy between the number of officers who underwent the various tests and who’s paying for it (Chief O’Hara: this was the extra $60,000 that was appropriated in September – some were prior employees who already had psychological exams when they became Class I officers – didn’t need to be repeated for them to become a Class II).
Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: asked if the next Council meeting will start at 7:00 or 7:30 (Mayor Barrella: has been advertised for 7:00 – will see if we need to modify that – tonight’s closed session involved time consuming issues) should start the meeting at 7:00 and go back into closed session, if necessary; asked if Animal House fees will be revisited (Councilman Corbally: involves seasonal renters vs. yearly rentals – we need to do that; Mayor Barrella: add that as part and parcel of what needs to be done); asked how many on Council know what the grant is for in Resolution 5; asked that the Farmer’s Market be moved to Borden’s parking lot – no reason to risk a dollar of potential revenue in the train station lot.
Vince Castin, PPB: should let the comfort station flood insurance lapse; questioned item 1/f and if truck in item 4/e is a recycling truck; agreed with Mr. Miller on the fence – should be a fence at the retention pond as well – there is about 3 feet of water there now – accident waiting to happen; left some information about the Hire Heroes Act – to mitigate unemployment among veterans – tax credits for hiring veterans – enhances and expands the GI Bill.
Ben Dispoto, PPB: questioned the stage rental for the Chamber of Commerce – vendors should be charged a fee to generate money for the Borough, in case there is a large fire or something; asked if item 1/o covers the Boardwalk – asked about the status of the Special Events policy – asked about item 2/g – asked about item 2/s (now Resolution 7) and how it would be enforced – asked about Resolution 3 and shared services; asked the status of the Court returning to the Beach (Mayor Barrella: Boro is dragging its feet – signed a 3-year agreement that should have been working in our favor and is not – they have no incentive for changing it – Council must decide to pull the plug – if Judge Grasso has a problem with that, he can tell our taxpayers that we need to supplement and subsidize the taxpayers of the Boro – both sides have to agree to get out).
John Morrongiello, PPB: asked why credit card payments aren’t accepted in the office (bank no longer covers credit card fees – it’s very costly and technically illegal to pass the cost on to the cardholders) asked Councilman Reid if he is taking over for Councilman Dyer on addressing the issue of Mantoloking and the school system (Mayor Barrella: Attorney consensus was that this requires a statutory change; Councilman Reid: still hope – there are other towns in this position – should meet with them, have them go to their legislators and we’ll go to ours and try to do something grass roots – long process) very dangerous that they have full voting rights – if they decide to go over the 2% cap, they have nothing to lose; asked if anything will be done about the noise ordinance (Mayor Barrella: recommended that Attorney Gertner meet with Chief O’Hara and Prosecutor to discuss any pre-emption issue and what needs to be changed in our ordinance – former Senator Ciesla, Senator Holzapfel and Assemblyman Wolfe need to explain why local and state legislators passed this law without seeking municipal opinions).
Tom Highton, PPB: represents District 4 citizens that work very hard on issues affecting quality of life – glad to hear of movement on Animal House ordinance – there are other issues like Special Events – some candidates said they wanted to amend it to address the additional burden on the taxpayers – candidates also talked about conditions on liquor licenses – noise pollution should be tied in with renewing liquor licenses – one candidate talked about creating a Special Improvement District – expanding litter patrol in Districts 3 and 4; water pump station on Cooks Lane has to be addressed quickly; in District 4, voters approved overnight parking for residents only – this exists in District 3, behind The Ark – would like Council to consider passing such an ordinance for District 4 – a lot of misinformation was disseminated during the election; Residents First is going to develop a newsletter which addresses quality of life issues and how Council Members voted; complained that there are no steps at the end of the Boardwalk leading to the jetty.
Michael Ramos, PPB: served on the Recreation Committee – was recently appointed to the Open Space Committee – asked Council to amend the Open Space Trust Fund Advisory Committee Ordinance by adding the word “paid” before the words “municipal office position or employment in the municipal government” – there is a gray area because he serves on a committee as a volunteer (Attorney Gertner: portion of Open Space ordinance was part of the Open Space referendum – if this language mirrors the referendum, it can’t be changed).
Motion by Councilman Lurie to authorize Borough Clerk to amend the Open Space Trust Fund Advisory Committee Ordinance (Borough Code 20.2, Sections 2f and 3e), based on Attorney Gertner’s review of language, was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie and Reid….YEA

Mayor Barrella: asked Council what size fence Council would want for the Little League field – decision was to go with 6’ fence (not 8’ because that would be out of conformance) - was also decided that Little League would have to pay for the trees, as they had agreed to do (Attorney Gertner: if the trees are not ordered because the Little League does not have the ability to pay for them, Council would have an opportunity to revisit) the trees were not part of the Little League’s project – they were added in exchange for trees coming out – has faith in the Little League – was decided to pull the tree component on the agenda (Councilwoman Tooker: recommended that the Little League utilize the Shade Tree Committee’s Big Beautiful Tree Program for purchasing trees – 4 trees at $300-350 each).

Motion by Councilman Corbally to close public participation was seconded by Councilman Gordon and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie and Reid….YEA


Motion by Councilman Corbally, to adopt resolutions covering items listed below, was seconded by Councilman Mayer and carried by the following roll call vote:
a) P O to Motorola C/O Allcom for Interops reapeater ($1219.35)
b) Payment to HD Supply Waterworks for water meters ($13,100)
c) Approval of hand checks ($1,561,294.70)
d) Approve bench permit application to be put on waiting list
f) Payment to County of Ocean for added/omitted assessments ($27,282.73)
g) Payment to OC Joint Insurance Fund of first installment for 2012 ($236,220.72)
h) Payment to Edmunds for annual finance software maintenance and WIPP fees ($10,229)
i) Payment to Winner Ford for 2011 Police Interceptor (Replace Car lost in Hurricane Irene –
j) Payments to T&M Assoc from escrow accounts ($775)
k) Transfer of funds between 2011 budget accounts ($10,461.06)
l) Payments to employees for 2011 health insurance opt-outs ($18,434.03)
m) Payment to Brick Utilities for December bulk water usage ($60,840)
n) Approval of hand check for 09/11 thru 12/11 ($1,812,753.57)
o) Establish Special Event policy for 2012 (No new events unless existing event is discontinued),
unless approved by Council
p) REMOVED – Existing Appropriation from 2008
q) Payment of 1st quarter tax levy to County of Ocean ($1,960,207.26)
r) Approval of Payroll #1 ($229,600.33)
s) Authorize funding, not to exceed $5,000, for tax assessor to proceed with in-house
t) P O to Pt Pleasant Bicycle for patrol bikes & equipment ($5975.76)
u) Payment to Sungard Public Sector for Police software systems maint ($20,930)
v) Amend 2/15/11 Minutes to reflect change in recycling schedule for District 3 from Fridays to
Wednesdays (Resolution was correct)
w) Payment to Fire & Safety Svc for repair/service to fire trucks ($4758.59)
x) Payment to Fail Safe Testing for annual fire hose/ladder testing ($4389.95)
y) Payment to Knox Co for master key retention system ($3307)
a) Authorization for Mayor to execute contract with Borough Attorney
b) Approval of S/E Application for Kidney & Urology Walkathon on 5/6/12
c) Appointment to Animal Welfare Committee
d) Waive municipal portion of raffle fees for Ocean Fire Co#1 motorcycle raffle
e) Refund dewatering bond – 507 Cramer Ave
f) Approval of Payroll #26A (-$1744.84)
h) Appointment of Richard Akins to the Recreation Committee
i) Authorize Municipal Clerk to sign Fire Dept apps before placing on the agenda
k) Appointment of Steve Ardito to fill the unexpired term of Michael Palisi on the Board of
m) Authorization for Borough Administrator to re-issue RFP for SID consultant
n) Appointments to Local Emergency Planning Council for 2012
o) Approval of S/E Application for National Multiple Sclerosis Society “Coast the Coast” Bike
MS Ride on 5/19/12
p) P O to Meridian Occupational Health for police physicals ($13,221.00)
q) P O to Plainfield Consultation Center for police psychological exams ($12,765.00)
r) P O to Brick Cardiovascular Specialists for police stress tests ($11,750.00)
t) Authorization for Mayor to execute contract with Special Counsel
a) Authorization for Mayor to execute contract with Bond Counsel
b) Clean Ocean Action spring (4/12/12) & fall (10/20/12) Beach Sweeps
c) Progress Payment #3 to C.J. Hesse, Inc. for 2010 Road Improvement Program
d) Change Order #1 to C.J. Hesee, Inc. for 2010 Road Improvement Program (-$37,193.12)
e) Authorization for DPW Superintendent to purchase pick-up truck with money from recycling
grant ($20,692.00)
f) Approve Temporary Capital Budget ($266,450)
g) Approval of Borough Engineer’s recommendation of to install a 6-foot fence at Little League
Ball Field Complex ($4,725)
h) Authorization to submit 2012 CDBG Application for Boston Avenue Roadway
i) Authorization for Borough Administrator to draft bond ordinance for Boardwalk repair and
other capital items
j) Authorization for Borough Engineer to apply for DEP funding and perform stop gap
measures at the hole in the Inlet sea wall
k) Authorization for Borough Attorney, in conjunction with the Police Chief, to evaluate
‘Animal House’ ordinance, as it relates to Good Neighbor Act, and revisit the ‘Animal House’
l) Authorize Borough to rent County stage on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce for the
Seafood Festival, pending receipt of Hold Harmless and indemnification and review of
Chamber’s insurance coverage, provided the Chamber takes primary responsibility for the
liability, and that the County and JIF know that the stage is being rented for and will be
operated by the Chamber
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie and Reid….YEA

RESOLOUTION 3: Opposition to Senate Bill S2 and Assembly Bill A3918, relating to mandatory shared services, was discussed.
Councilman Mayer: there are some good things in here if you ever want to get shared services done in NJ – confirmed that the opposition is not to the employment-related issues, but rather to the consolidation language (Mayor Barrella: the objection is strictly to the mandatory or forced nature of the statute – our building department would be Point Pleasant’s building department if this statute were in place two years ago) that’s assuming the appeal process doesn’t work (Councilman Gordon: should oppose anything that invalidates the voters of Point Pleasant Beach; Councilman Lurie: it does go to a vote; Mayor Barrella: in the case of consolidation of municipalities, if the voters vote ‘no’ then it won’t happen – in the case of a merger of services agreement between two municipalities, plan is evaluated for cost savings, based on Civil Service rules – if one of the municipalities votes “no,” the departments would not be consolidated, but the state will cut that municipality’s aid by $200,000 – that disenfranchises voters – opposition is fully consistent with that of the League of Municipalities and the NJ Conference of Mayors) there needs to be a lean toward shared services and this bill goes a long way to helping that (Councilman Reid: works in Trenton – last thing he wants is Trenton telling us how to run our town – this is the biggest issue in Trenton right now – totally opposed to it).
Motion by Councilwoman Tooker to approve Opposition to Senate Bill S2 and Assembly Bill A3918, relating to mandatory shared services, was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Corbally, Reid….YEA
Councilmen Mayer, Lurie….NAY

RESOLUTION 5: Authorization for Shade Tree Commission to apply for 2012 Green Communities Grant (not an authorization to match funds) was discussed.
Councilman Corbally: as liaison, couldn’t get a response on what the next step would be, as far as tree inventory goes, if we checked these trees to see how long they would live (Councilman Gordon: if you vote ‘yes’ you still don’t have to accept the grant – this gives an opportunity to explore all options) have to budget for it (Councilman Mayer: shouldn’t tell people you’re committed to the grant and then turn it down when you get it – was asked in the straw poll only if we would agree to appropriate $3,000 – the next step is, once we have the tree hazard plan, to cure the hazard – either by public expense or private property owners – need to see if there is a hazard and deal with it one way or another; Councilman Reid: whenever we can get money from the state, we should go get it – let’s see what’s dangerous to our residents).
Motion by Councilman Gordon, to authorize the Shade Tree Commission to apply for 2012 Green Communities Grant (not an authorization to match funds), was seconded by Councilman Reid and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Reid….YEA
Council Members Corbally, Lurie….NAY

RESOLUTION 6: Appointment of Steven A. Zabarsky as Municipal Prosecutor and Colleen M. Dolcy, Bonnie Peterson and John Ducey as Alternate Prosecutors was discussed.
Motion by Councilman Corbally to approve Appointment of Steven A. Zabarsky as Municipal Prosecutor and Colleen M. Dolcy, Bonnie Peterson and John Ducey as Alternate Prosecutors, was seconded by Councilman Mayer and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie, Reid….YEA

RESOLUTION 7: Authorization for Borough Clerk to draft proposed amendments, pertaining to residential tax payers, to Ordinance 2010-25 (Residential Parking Pass)
Councilman Gordon: need input from our professionals, Administrator Riehl and Chief O’Hara – need additional background as to viability – puts onus on police department – as police liaison, need to be their advocate in this regard – don’t want a knee-jerk reaction.
Motion by Councilman Gordon, to table authorization for Borough Clerk to draft proposed amendments, pertaining to residential tax payers, to Ordinance 2010-25 (Residential Parking Pass), was seconded by Councilman Corbally and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally ….YEA
Council Members Lurie, Reid….NAY

Motion by Councilwoman Tooker, to authorize Borough Attorney, after consultation with Chief O’Hara and Prosecutor, to amend noise ordinance and address zero tolerance policy, based on Senate Bill 2850 (Beach Bar, Amusement exemption from 1971 Act), was seconded by Councilman Corbally and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie, Reid….YEA

Ordinance 2012-01 (Remove Bus Stop/Washington Avenue) was introduced on first reading. Motion by Councilwoman Tooker, to approve Ordinance 2012-01, was seconded by Councilman Corbally and carried by roll call vote. Public hearing will be held on February 7, 2012.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie and Reid….YEA

Ordinance 2012-02 (Amusement Game License Fees) was introduced on first reading. Motion by Councilman Corbally, to approve Ordinance 2012-02 was seconded by Councilwoman Tooker and carried by roll call vote. Public hearing will be held on February 7, 2012.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie, Reid….YEA

Ordinance 2012-03 (Combination Sewer Cleaner Truck Acquisition Bond) was introduced on first reading.
Mayor Barrella: will be given a $250,000 forgiveness loan from EIT (Engineer Savacool: still waiting for authorization from DEP to bid – it’s a $250,000 principal forgiveness loan – under the Barnegat Bay program, the State put aside $1 million toward equipment purchases that can be used for storm water use – Pt. Pleasant Beach got $250,000 of this; Councilman Mayer: have to give DEP a bond for them to then forgive us when the sweeper comes in – they can’t give a grant – it’s got to be a loan) most likely the bond is going to be forgiven; Engineer Savacool: spoke to DPW about needs before applying – no specialized training of employees necessary).
Motion by Councilman Mayer, to approve Ordinance 2012-03, was seconded by Councilwoman Tooker and carried by roll call vote. Public hearing will be held on February 7, 2012.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Mayer, Corbally, Lurie, Reid….YEA


Councilwoman Tooker: asked what's happening with FEMA and Silver Lake; asked about getting steps to jetty (Councilman Lurie: waiting for Federal Government to put on Open Space – would like to include area up to Loughran Point – contacted Army Corps and waiting for response); asked about taking down Cook’s Lane pump station and selling that lot (Mayor Barrella asked Administrator to get cost estimate from County through Schedule C); met with Jenkinsons’ representatives, along with Councilman Gordon – they'd like turn-around widened on Route 35 – asked that Administrator be authorized to speak to DOT (Mayor: if Jenks wants it done, Mr. McGlynn might get it done faster by calling Trenton himself; Councilman Gordon: shouldn’t preclude us from trying; Engineer Savacool: wouldn't require a major modification; Councilman Lurie: asked about setting up a pre-application meeting with the Borough Engineer and DOT; Councilman Mayer: suggested running the idea before the Building and Grounds Committee; Councilman Gordon: agreed); also spoke with Jenkinsons about litter patrol – they would like more garbage cans in District 4 – suggested having their employees empty cans more often (Councilman Gordon: suggested a compromise with a few more cans and increased frequency of emptying same; Councilman Reid: litter patrol goes from New Jersey Avenue to Broadway); met with Lt. Dikun, Chief O’Hara and Code Enforcement Officer Petrillo, along with Councilman Gordon, about part-time weekend code enforcement – Lt. Dikun would train personnel who would be under the supervision of Building Department – overnight on weekends during summer – would need to be budgeted for this year – it's in “Rice Krispies” plan – should start funding and implementing those recommendations; Environmental Commission had presentation on municipal composting and how it can save the town money in tipping fees – starting dialogue with area restaurants and will go to Kean University to see it in action; working on curb cuts at Rickover Park for rain garden – were supposed to be part of initial project; luncheon for senior citizens at High School was great – asked that senior advisory sub-committee of Recreation Committee be rejuvenated to provide more senior activities.

Councilman Gordon: Mr. Ammirata, who has served as Chairman of the Recreation Committee for many years, has resigned – recognized and thanked him for his many years of service – also recognized both Mr. and Mrs. Ammirata for the fantastic job they’ve done on behalf of this town – Glen Paesano is the new Committee Chair – a social sub-committee was established and senior activities will fall under the auspices of same – other officers are Mike Ramos and Karen Mills as Vice-Chairs, Mary Jane Reilly as Recording Secretary, Matt Nagle as Corresponding Secretary and Janice Aportela as Committee head – discussed developing a master schedule for town events; met with Police Chief, along with Councilman Mayer, to begin dialogue – had 12 arrests in recent 2-week period, including robbery, aggravated assault, possession of weapon, simple assault, trespassing, hindering, criminal mischief and DUI – there are a number of scams being perpetrated throughout New Jersey which predominately target seniors – asked public to report these scams to the Police Department; acknowledged Mr. Castin for bringing Veterans’ bill to Council’s attention.

Councilman Mayer: have had two Finance Committee meetings – Administrator/CFO Riehl is doing a great job – on January 4th, with Councilman Corbally and Mayor Barrella participating via teleconferencing, a lot was covered with major issues being over-expenditures, contract negotiations, water/sewer utility budget, deferred school taxes and Parking Authority budget – met again on January 23rd and discussed personnel and water/sewer utility deficit with CFO Riehl providing an updated draft of the tax levy cap calculation – things look a little better than they have in the last few years – will schedule meetings with department heads – asked Administrator to schedule meeting between Finance Committee and Parking Authority Chairman – discussed $450K Green Acre’s Grant received for Risden’s property purchase and recommend that grant be used to pay down outstanding notes – budget needs to be introduced by March 9th or the next regularly scheduled meeting thereafter and plan to meet that schedule – asked that all budget-related issues be funneled through him.

Councilman Corbally: would like to implement a pilot District 4 parking plan – residential parking, up to 5 passes for all taxpayers – from midnight to 6AM, from around Memorial Day to Labor Day – asked Council to authorize him to write a letter to the County Counsel, County Engineer and Freeholder Lacey, asking for permission to include County roads in this program – need permission from the County and a resolution by the Freeholders to accept the plan – this would initiate dialogue about what the pilot program would need to look like before moving forward with an ordinance.
Motion by Councilwoman Tooker, to authorize Councilman Corbally to write a letter to the County Counsel, County Engineer and Freeholder Lacey, asking for permission to include County roads in a pilot program for a District 4 parking plan, was seconded by Councilman Gordon and carried by roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Gordon, Corbally and Mayor Barrella….YEA
Council Members Mayer, Lurie, Reid….NAY
Attorney Gertner: dialogue is a miniscule first step before County Engineer puts forth a resolution to the freeholders.
Councilman Corbally: agreed with Mr. Dispoto about getting money from Chamber of Commerce events – will talk to them; Chamber has two events coming up – installation dinner on February 4th at Martell’s Tiki Bar and “Beer on the Boards” beer tasting event on March 24th at Martell’s; made flyers available with information on the Shade Tree program – encouraged all to take advantage – orders must be in by March 31st.

Councilman Lurie: asked Engineer Savacool for a memo, based on his calculations, on how deep the Little League infiltration basin gets and how many hours it will take to dissipate – will help Council in their decisions; Lynn Zupko has helped tremendously with street lights being out – has contacted JCP&L – he will follow up with her on when they will be coming to PPB – we are on the top of the list to be taken care of first.

Councilman Reid: spoke with DPW Superintendent Trout – sanitation and residents are doing a great job – in 2011, recycled more than 900 tons at $71.21/ton for a savings of $64,089; asked Administrator Riehl about replacing some of the meters on Ocean Avenue, from New Jersey to Washington Avenues with boxes to raise revenue (Administrator Riehl: would have to be included in the capital bond ordinance – would have to speak to our parking meter supervisor and Devo, who supplies our machines – would need 8-10 weeks lead time; Mayor Barrella: asked Administrator Riehl to do the projections to get an idea of what the additional revenues would be and we can weigh that against the number of boxes we would need and the cost of the boxes); speeding is crazy in town – on McLean, River and Bay Avenues – met with Administrator Riehl, Chief O’Hara and DPW Superintendent Trout – met with 19 residents on River Avenue – came up with two solutions to slow down traffic – people are cutting through McLean (Chief O’Hara: between 6,500 and 7,000 cars on River Avenue everyday – came up with solutions including flashing sign, like the one on Princeton Avenue, if you're exceeding speed limit – extra police enforcement when possible, and re-aligning River Avenue – since the road was re-paved, the middle line is not where it's supposed to) need to put in a fog line – affordable – distributed prices for a sign – re-aligning would be about $10,000-11,000 (Chief O’Hara: re-aligning gives the illusion of narrower lane and people will tend to slow down because they perceive less width to travel in; Councilman Gordon: asked about maintenance policy for sign) asked Administrator Riehl to send a letter to Freeholder Lacey and ask the County to pay for the sign (Councilman Gordon: should consider economies of scale and see how many we need ) maybe County can get a bulk deal (Councilman Mayer: asked Chief O’Hara if there is something in his capital budget for trailer with sign on it; Chief O’Hara: there may be) they’re ugly – people of River Avenue want something that’s not going to be moved around; Senate Bill 2339 permits exterior-based property reassessments – scheduled a meeting for February 19th at 12PM with Senator Van Drew – invited Mayor and Council to accompany him – also suggested that Mayor Barrella send a letter to the Ocean County Mayor’s Association inviting them to the meeting (Mayor Barrella: spoke with Senator Van Drew’s office today – he wasn’t in – also talked to Senator Rice and left a message with Assemblyman Greenwald – had a conversation with Tax Assessor Carpenter yesterday about this – it’s something that needs to get done – appreciates the invite and will move it forward) important for the Senator to know he is being backed by the residents of Ocean County.

Mayor Barrella: reappointed Tom Neumaier to Planning Board – appointed members to Non-resident Taxpayer Committee, chaired by Seth Sloan – 12 members picked based upon geographic diversity, diversity of interest, diversity of property; need to focus on snow ordinance – asked what's going to be done with the trash ordinance – combination of Police/Sanitation/Building Code – asked Council Members Reid and Tooker to work together and put together a joint committee; supports Councilman Corbally’s request for County roads in his pilot parking plan program – need to get something done by the middle of March – spent a lot of money last summer trying to police things we shouldn't have to police – residents shouldn’t have to pick up the tab to pay for police services we provide for 27 liquor licenses – received good suggestions, like restrictions on liquor licenses – need to focus on and address the impact of post-midnight bar hours on the quality of life by additional enforcement and/or other restrictions; Steve Ardito has been an alternate on the Board of Adjustment for a number of years – with Mike Palisi resigning from the Board, he has moved up to a full-time member – need to honor our long-term Board members with proclamations; you’re starting down a slippery slope when we allow Trenton to force us to do something – it's all about Home Rule – can’t have Trenton telling us what to do – this is all about forcing consolidation of municipalities by denying resources to those municipalities – should be done through a constitutional amendment, not through the back door of starvation.

Administrator Riehl: Animal Welfare Committee has invited Council to open house at cat shelters on January 29th; lease on bath house/concession stand with “I’m a Local” expired in October – new RFP going out for advertisement shortly with a return date in February – new prospective lessees have looked at it; T-Mobile dropping off cell tower – should have new carrier by November with no revenue interruption; exploring cost sharing with Board of Education and Fire Department.


Tom Highton, PPB: thanked Council for voting on overnight parking plan – asked Councilman Corbally to point out in his letter that these rules are in effect in other municipalities in Ocean County.
Ben Dispoto, PPB: asked how drainage schematic changed for Little League field project to require retention basins and a culvert behind people’s homes (have to comply with State storm water management rules) complained that we’ve got Yankee Stadium of Little League fields, Little League has laid out nothing, residents are unhappy and we’re over budget – complained that Little League is not coming up with any money and that it’s inequitable to the rest of the town.


Upon motion by Councilman Corbally, with second by Councilman Gordon, meeting was adjourned at 11:22 PM by consent of Council.

TRANSCRIBED BY: Eileen Farrell, Deputy Clerk & Maryann Ellsworth, Municipal Clerk

ATTEST: Eileen Farrell, Deputy Clerk

Published February08, 2012 | Council Minutes | 1306

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