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January 4, 2011


The Mayor and Council of the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach met at 6:30PM with Mayor Barrella and Council Members Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally, Lurie and Dyer present. Councilwoman Tooker arrived at 8:53PM. The Municipal Clerk read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Councilman Lurie: explained Borough Engineer’s letter about Sanitary Sewer Service Areas – need to tell Ocean County to go back to the draft plan on their website, as they’ve removed some existing approved structures east of the Boardwalk – will reach out to Engineer.
Councilman Corbally: spoke about streamlining meetings – either 1) eliminate 1st public discussion, 2) if person speaks at 1st public portion, can’t speak at 2nd, or 3) go to 1 public session at end and allow public to speak on consent resolutions and on 1st and 2nd readings of ordinances; Councilman Hennessy: instituted 1st public participation last year so residents who wish to speak on non-agenda subjects can say what they need and go home, but it’s turned into something it wasn't supposed to be; Councilman Rizzo: agreed with Councilman Hennessy – public should not have to wait until end of meeting if there for a specific purpose; Councilman Dyer: would like time to think about it – under original premise, 1st public participation is good – other municipalities allow only one bite at the apple; Councilman Lurie: suggested starting caucus at 6PM and regular meeting at 7PM; Mayor: inclined to restructure, would like to streamline – agrees with Councilman Hennessy – often, public points things out on 1st reading that we can easily change – suggested limiting comments to 2 minutes on first reading.

Motion by Councilman Corbally to enter closed session to discuss 3 litigation matters (ACLU/Cadalzo, Dikun, Save Lake of the Lillies), and 2 contractual matters (Wickberg, Wells Fargo), was seconded by Councilman Hennessy and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally, Lurie, Dyer….YEA
Councilwoman Tooker…..Absent.

Closed session started at 6:50PM and ended at 8PM.

Mayor Barrella called the regular meeting to order at 8:06PM. Present were Council Members Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally, Lurie and Dyer. Councilwoman Tooker arrived at 8:53PM. The Municipal Clerk again read the notice indicating compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act.

Motion by Councilman Dyer, to approve the minutes of the September 28, October 12, October 19, and November 9, 2010 Council Meetings, was seconded by Councilman Hennessy and carried by the following roll call vote. Mayor Barrella thanked the Clerk for using vacation and other time off and working at home to catch up on the minutes.
VOTE: Council Members Hennessy, Rizzo, Lurie, Dyer….YEA
Councilman Corbally….Not Polled
Councilwoman Tooker….Absent

Municipal Clerk Ellsworth administered the Oath of Office to Fire Chief Mark Drew.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Non-Agenda & First Reading Ordinances) OPENED AT 8:10PM.

Dave Cavagnaro, Point Pleasant Beach (PPB): agreed about getting only one bite of apple – public should be allowed to speak on 1st reading of ordinances; complained that meeting started later than 7:30PM.
Debra Petersen, PPB: refused to address snow conditions around rest of State – complained about slow snow removal – alleged work slow down due to furloughs – suggested privatization.
Ben Dispoto, PPB: complained about poor to non-existent sightlines at intersections due to snow plowing – should have been addressed more quickly; Chamber and merchants should be up in arms over condition of Arnold and Bay – it’s County’s purview to plow them, but sidewalks are abysmal and anyone who falls will sue the town – suggested snow be removed to parking lots, behind DPW or school field (have been piling on west side of tracks); asked about financial arrangements with Jenkinsons for $550K tax appeals – other taxpayers will wind up paying for the bond and interest – asked when they will get relief – it’s Council’s fiduciary responsibility to look out for them (only way to restore equity is to reassess – need to discuss and expedite reappraisal); atrocious that ACLU solicits donations and then want the town to pay back money they solicited from public.
Bill Knapp, PPB: asked why Council doesn’t go after Boardwalk (businesses) for extra services we provide – give accurate bill to Chamber of Commerce for Seafood Festival, but have never gone after Boardwalk for ‘Teen Night’ or fireworks.
Kristin Hennessy, PPB: important to keep public participation session at beginning of meeting – regular attendees might choose to stay to the end, but someone who came to speak on a specific issue and participate in an open, transparent government, should not be held hostage until (possibly) 2AM – asked Council to continue, even if it puts time limits on speakers; asked about Council’s intention to enforce snow removal from sidewalks (Administrator instructed Code to issue summons to those not in compliance) students, walking to school, have to step into the streets – Fair Haven Council gave homeowners until Thursday or summons will be issued.
Fred Schatzman, PPB: complained about conditions of roads and sidewalks – sidewalk at back of Antrim School wasn’t shoveled – if we don't have equipment and/or manpower, should rent it and/or hire contractors – child should not have to walk in the middle of the road a week after snow – in New Brunswick it’s 24 hours – unacceptable for taxes we pay.
Max Gagnon, PPB: biggest snowstorm in 45 years – poorest response – asked where we failed (Mayor Barrella: have read a lot about State's failure to clear State roads and highways – County didn’t get here until Tuesday afternoon – our trucks couldn’t get around town without County roads being done – County was impacted by State – domino effect – our roads were passable by Tuesday) should have plow attachments for garbage trucks – have a 10 wheel ex-military truck that managed in the storm – had the opportunity to get more, but didn’t – should not have waited so long between plowings (problem was wind and drifting; Administrator Riehl: snow was falling 4 inches/hour – couldn’t keep up – 2 of 6 trucks on the road went down – trucks were getting stuck and others pulling them out – County stopped plowing for 20-24 hours – Rte 35, Broadway, Ocean, Arnold, Baltimore, Chicago and Bay are main thoroughfares which were impassable – DPW personnel worked 34 hours straight – Fire and Police Departments worked – town hired 2 contractors to supplement and a third to clear out fire hydrants – whole town is important and working to get it done – were actually plowing parts of State highway; Mayor Barrella: State plowed past the turn onto Broadway from 35N, blocking it, and cars coming out of Broadway onto 35S were using the same lane as those from 35N trying to turn east into the Beach – DOT sent a plow but it didn’t work and DPW had to help by breaking it up with a front end loader – this is the ultimate in shared services, with the State, County and municipalities doing their part – when it breaks down from the top, it all breaks down – this town doesn't have the manpower to clear County or State roads because we are not supposed to – when shared service works, you get what we usually have, but when it breaks down, it’s not pretty); Brick is getting 2 free windmills – talked about this many times – Council is too slow to act; Mantoloking, with a tax base of millions, has a few students who go to our schools – asked why we are taking only a small amount when we are paying full share of the tax load (Mayor Barrella: will take a change in State law – State mandated it and set the formula – 99.5% based on pupils attending and .5% based on value – not paying less than they did as a sending district – problem is, they are voting as equal partners in the Beach school election; Councilman Dyer: spoke to Senator Ciesla and Assemblyman Wolfe – County Superintendent Greenfield, who was involved with the decision, had his position cut by the State – travesty when looking at tax base – if they paid on appraised value, our taxes would go down about $1500/home).
Vince Castin, PPB: Storm of the Century – lot of people put a lot of time in on it and thanked them for it – however, seems we were behind the curve – lack of foresight, preparation, execution as storm was predicted – hopefully, we can learn something and put new procedures in place – asked if road work was ongoing (trying to remove it without blocking everyone in again, both driveways and sidewalks) ordinance mandates shoveling sidewalks in a certain amount of time – good idea, but half the town are seasonal people – don't think we can fine them for not shoveling (Councilman Dyer: not in favor of summons – would be in favor of warning; Councilman Lurie: might be able to set time limit based on snowfall amount; Councilman Corbally: need to let seasonal residents know before we start fining; Mayor Barrella: many haven't been able to get here because of the roads in their communities).
Stan Angeloni, PPB: equipment may have been too small for the operation – plow got stuck coming down Laurel Court – County payloader came down Chicago at 4:30AM – plowed his Chicago Avenue sidewalks and the County came through at 30 mph and pushed snow back over his sidewalks to his fence – have a 15-foot pile of snow – asked if he should put a tunnel through it.
Kathy Ziegler, PPB: complained that DPW did not clear Beacon Lane until Thursday and is always late doing so (note: portion of Beacon Lane is a private road)– a Mini-Cooper couldn't get down her street after the plow came through – haven't gotten mail since last Saturday, because there’s a 10-foot ice block – should be a rule that cars must be parked in driveways (Mayor Barrella: had problems with abandoned cars in the road – tow trucks that were trying to remove them got stuck – disagreed with Governor’s policy about reimbursing for towing of abandoned vehicles – maybe can expand on schools’ 911 to notify people to move cars and identify lots where they can be put if we make it mandatory, although not sure we can).
Former Councilman Cervino, PPB: asked if it’s common practice for taxpayer monies to be used to plow driveways – alleged that Councilwoman Tooker’s and her neighbor’s driveways were plowed by school personnel (Councilwoman Tooker: was in Florida, didn’t know it was being done, nor know who did it; Mayor: asked how he knows it was Board of Ed personnel – should take it up with Board of Ed – asked him to give picture to Ms. Riehl so she can forward it to School Business Administrator Savage) asked if appearance of impropriety isn’t something Council should address.
John Fernicola, PPB: Council needs protocols – should not entertain items that are not germane to the issues and that certainly was not – snow is important – those guys busted their butts – an insurmountable storm – domino effect is correct – 15-foot high piles in places – tunnels are not possible – need compassion; if Council is going to fight, should do it elsewhere – public doesn’t want to hear it.
Motion by Councilman Corbally, to close first public session, was seconded by Councilman Hennessy and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally, Lurie, Dyer….YEA

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Non-Agenda & First Reading Ordinances) ENDED AT 9:10PM.

Ordinance 2011-01 (Increase Hotel/Motel Tax) was introduced on first reading. Motion by Councilman Corbally, to approve Ordinance 2011-01 on first reading was seconded by Councilman Lurie and carried by the following roll call vote. Public Hearing will be held on January 25, 2011.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Corbally, Lurie and Mayor Barrella….YEA
Council Members Hennessy, Rizzo, Dyer….NAY

Ordinance 2011-02 (Department of Fire & Safety) was introduced on first reading. Motion by Councilman Corbally, to approve Ordinance 2011-02 on first reading was seconded by Councilman Dyer and carried by the following roll call vote. Public Hearing will be held on January 25, 2011.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally, Lurie, Dyer….YEA

Professional Appointments were considered; Councilman Lurie: asked if they were billing at the same fees as last year; Mayor Barrella opened to public with no member of the public wishing to be heard; Councilman Dyer: asked if CFO would recommend the Auditor.
Motion by Councilman Dyer, to adopt resolutions covering professional appointments, listed below, at 2010 rates, was seconded by Councilman Lurie and carried by the following roll call vote.
a) Appt. of Warren Korecky (Supplee, Clooney & Co) as Borough Auditor
b) Appt. of William Mayer (DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole & Wisler, LLP) as Bond Counsel
c) Appt. of Meridian Occupational Health as Borough Physician
d) Appt. of Plainfield Consultation Center as Police Psychologist
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally, Lurie, Dyer….YEA
Mayor Barrella: typical procedure is that appointments are made by the Mayor with Council consent – cannot reach a consensus with Council on other appointments and will not make nominations until consensus is reached – after 30 days it ceases to be the Mayor’s call.

Consent Resolution 1 (three versions of Council meeting dates for 2011) was considered; Ben Dispoto: Version 2 appears to be most comprehensive and gives public the most face time with officials – one fault is that in June and July there is only one meeting/month; Councilman Lurie: asked about moving caucus to 6PM from 6:30PM; Mayor Barrella: until last year Council met on the first and third Tuesday of each month; Councilman Dyer: asked about additional meetings (Clerk Ellsworth: advertised as workshop meetings to handle closed session, budget and other special matters).
Motion by Councilman Dyer, to establish 2011 meeting dates listed in Version 1, was seconded by Councilman Hennessy and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally, Lurie, Dyer….YEA
Discussion ensued about starting caucus at 6PM – consensus to review meeting protocol; Mayor Barrella: concerned that there are not enough meetings in the beginning of the year, specifically dealing with budget – has authority to schedule special meetings – won’t hesitate, if needed.

Clerk Ellsworth added items to Consent Resolution 3; Councilman Hennessy: asked about 1/a [Mayor: League of Municipalities have asked that we endorse this; Administrator: explained that this was always an exception to the 4% levy cap – resolution is only in support of legislation to keep it as an exception to the 2% cap; Mayor: allows municipality flexibility to have that waiver room – reserve has been impacted by things like property tax appeals, which is treated as if it’s an actual expense – not spending at all, but a decline in collections in a given year; Auditor Swisher: never going to collect 100% of taxes, but have to send full amount to County and school; Councilman Dyer: clarified that (if legislation passes) would allow town to raise taxes another $141K over cap] Councilman Hennessy: asked to vote on 1/a separately and if payment to Chamber was already appropriated; Councilman Corbally: asked about $8K for Schedule C; Dave Cavagnaro: asked if closed session minutes would be available to the public.
Motion by Councilman Corbally, to close public participation and adopt resolutions covering items listed below, was seconded by Councilman Hennessy and carried by the following roll call vote.
a) HELD for separate consideration (Support to exempt ‘Reserve for Uncollected Taxes’ from 2%
b) Authorize annual Schedule ‘C’ agreement with County of Ocean
c) Approval of Payroll #26 ($233,716.51)
d) PO to CDW-G for Police computer equipment ($4,619.85)
e) Payment to Chamber for annual holiday lighting/decorations ($5000)
f) Appointment of alternate to Environment Commission
a) Payment to State of NJ for employee health benefits for January ($102,550.14)
b) Approve closed session minutes for 5/25/10, 6/15/10, 7/6/10 and 8/17/10 (CLOSED SESSION ITEM)
c) Authorization for Borough Attorney to negotiate settlement with Wells Fargo (CLOSED
VOTE: Council Members Tooker (all items except 3/b), Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally (all items
except 3/b), Lurie, Rizzo….YEA
Council Members Tooker, Corbally (Item 3/b only)….Abstain

Resolution Item 2/a (Support to exempt ‘Reserve for Uncollected Taxes’ from 2% cap) was considered.
Bill Knapp: Governor’s attempting to give tax relief, yet seem to be looking for ways to get things out from under the cap, so we can raise taxes – not in taxpayers’ best interest.
Mayor Barrella: all agree we need to control spending, but this is not spending – town is well below appropriations cap – whether we express support or not, it’s up to the Legislature and Governor to pass – gives us flexibility to use it, if it passes – League of Municipalities has requested our support; Councilman Dyer: (if passes) allows Governing Body to raise taxes another $141K; Mayor: 2% cap contains exceptions for health care and pension costs – some members of the legislature think this should be a third exception – if passed, Governor would have to sign off – would need $800K to close the gap instead of $600K; has been an exception before.
Motion by Councilman Dyer, to close public participation and not adopt the resolution of support, was seconded by Councilman Hennessy and defeated by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Hennessy, Rizzo, Dyer….YEA
Council Members Tooker, Corbally, Lurie and Mayor Barrella….NAY
Motion by Councilman Lurie to close public participation and adopt the resolution of support was seconded by Councilwoman Tooker and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Corbally, Lurie and Mayor Barrella….YEA
Council Members Hennessy, Rizzo, Dyer….NAY

Consent Resolution 4 (6 versions of Standing Committees for 2011) was considered.
Ben Dispoto, PPB: disappointed at so many options and Council can't agree (Attorney Riordan: can't discuss ahead of time, due to Open Public Meetings Act; Mayor Barrella: each Council Member is required to chair a committee and serve on 2 others – used members’ expertise and ensured that at least 1 member from each party was on each committee) should make use of individuals’ expertise instead of worrying about parties – there were some weak Finance candidates, especially in our financial condition.
Former Councilman Carey: seem to be inviting audience members to make recommendations – Council should make a decision and not waste everybody’s time.
Motion by Councilman Hennessy, to approve Option 6, proposed by Councilman Corbally, as listed below (with Committee Chairs listed first), was seconded by Councilman Dyer and carried by the following roll call vote.
Finance, Insurance, Advertising and Personnel - Council Members Corbally, Tooker, Rizzo
Police, Civil Defense, Waterways and Municipal Court – Council Members Tooker, Dyer, Lurie
Streets, Sanitation, Recycling and Water-Sewer Utility – Council Members Dyer, Corbally, Hennessy
Fire, Street Lighting and First Aid – Council Members Rizzo, Hennessy, Corbally
Public Property, Buildings and Grounds – Council Members Hennessy, Dyer, Lurie
Inspection, License and Building Code – Council Members Lurie, Rizzo, Tooker
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally, Lurie, Dyer….YEA

Consent Resolution 5 (Establish position of Council Vice-President for bi-partisan collaboration) was considered. Item died for lack of a motion.

Consent Resolution 6 (Appointment of Class III Planning Board Member) was considered. Councilwoman Tooker has held the position for 3 years; Councilman Lurie volunteered to serve.
Motion by Councilman Dyer, to appoint Councilman Lurie as Class III Planning Board Member, was seconded by Councilman Corbally and carried by the following roll call vote.
VOTE: Council Members Tooker, Hennessy, Rizzo, Corbally, Lurie, Dyer….YEA


Councilwoman Tooker: Shade Tree members worked out planting program for 2010 – $300 donation gets tree delivered to chosen location and professionally planted with gator bag (for watering); provided 2010 AWC stats – took care of 86 cats – 42 were adopted, 42 neutered and released, 3 reunited with owners and 3 euthanized, equating to over $12K savings – TNR prevented birth of about 400 kittens – volunteers worked with residents and the Boardwalk.

Councilman Hennessy: asked that Amy Struncius be appointed to Recreation Committee (decided to hold until the rest of the appointments are made on January 25th).

Councilman Rizzo: addressed snow removal – claimed mismanagement as snow was predicted 3-4 days before storm – claimed had town outsourced removal, it would have been done – outsourcing would save money, as there would be no benefits, and if they didn't fulfill contract, we wouldn't pay, but would litigate or hire a new contractor – snowfall fluctuated, not 3-4 inches every hour – had winds making drifts and things – received numerous calls –people, whom he would not name, alleged that they didn’t see employees on the roads, that employees came in and were directed to go home, and that DPW vehicles hadn't been serviced and broke down – another storm possibly coming on Friday through Saturday – asked if they were prepared (Mayor: 3-4 days before storm were the Christmas holidays – asked if DPW should have been called in and paid double time) people who were watching, whom he would not name, told him that vehicles were just parked there, they took pictures – can’t just blame the State and County for not coming in because we have our roads too [Mayor: asked if Councilman Rizzo had people observing DPW in snow and 50 mph winds on Sunday – should get pictures to Ms. Riehl – have a lot of respect for those who identified themselves and complained instead of hiding behind cloak of obscurity that Councilman Rizzo guaranteed – no way to verify accuracy of what anonymous sources alleged; Councilman Hennessy: asked when DPW came in on Sunday (9:30-10AM before it started snowing – by 1PM, full staff was on, including employees scheduled for vacation); Councilman Dyer: just like any other business, need to go back and evaluate the process to see if there was anything we could have done or planned better – we might not have been able to do anything better, as it was so drastic].

Councilman Corbally: spoke on several quality of life items; addressed Code memo about sign ordinance – real estate signs in Bay Head and Mantoloking are 1-2 feet, which is much more attractive than what we currently have (on our books) – in the Beach, there are not only For Sale signs, but Summer & Winter Rental signs – several signs per lot – looks like town is for sale – making signs smaller would have a positive effect – asked Code Officer Petrillo to send letter to realtors for input – can have only one sign on each property, even corner ones – cannot be between curb and sidewalk – would not affect political signs; spoke with company that will video stream Council meetings online for no charge – would cover costs through banner ads and keep meetings online for about 3 months (Attorney Riordan: would have to bid – can't let one company dictate specs) asked to work with Borough Attorney to come up with bid specs (Mayor Barrella: Police Department would probably be experts on cameras; Councilman Dyer: asked that town get percentage of ad money; no Council Member objected to moving forward); welcomed public comments on next topic in person, phone or email – quality of life in Districts 3 and 4 has been deteriorating consistently over the last several years, due to rising number of day trippers – marketing of town to younger, more vocal risk takers has taken its toll – Special Police cuts has led to an increase in urinating in public, fighting, garbage and late night disturbances – proposed concept of ‘resident only’ parking program – looking for resident and business input – all taxpayers will receive 5 parking passes, which can be borrowed, loaned and given to friends, family and tenants – taxpayer name will be on pass – would run from May through Labor Day, 24/7, with a test period in May, during which only warnings would be issued – signage will be on existing signs, where possible, with two large signs on Broadway and Arnold Avenue – quality of life for residents in Districts 3 and 4 will improve greatly – meter revenue will increase from day trippers parking at meters in the mornings and nightclub traffic, which will be contained to private lots and Silver Lake lot – meter revenue should increase in railroad lot during the day, if more parking is needed – have heard concerns from residents – don’t believe realtors will go nuts – summer rentals and bungalows will become more valuable – summer residents will also be happy – will increase property values, to some degree, in Districts 3 and 4 – should not be large concern about employee parking – lot of workers live in town – lot of business owners own several properties and can use passes for out-of-town employees – don’t believe this will hurt Boardwalk businesses – last year, during perfect summer, railroad lot was seldom full and never full during the week – hoping to have trolley service by summer – must address Ocean and Broadway businesses, such as Farrell's and Spike’s, which may be negatively impacted, as well as churches, schools, VFW – this is a small town with the ability to work together and be flexible as to how rules are enforced; will continue talking with Administrator and DOT regarding trolley and investigate whether west side of railroad lot is still available to us.

Councilman Lurie: suggested amending ordinance about drafting ordinances without authorization; received only one judge RFP – asked if Council wants to reopen (and rewrite specs; Councilwoman Tooker: same judge in Boro court – up in May this year – concerned about the upheaval in the Court already; Councilman Dyer: current judge is doing a good job, running efficient court – don't disagree with premise, but must be a reason people didn’t apply – puzzled about lessening the qualifications to get less qualified applicants; Chief O’Hara was asked for his input: understands concern about lower costs – this judge has presided for 15–17 of the last 20 years – familiar with ordinances, staff and need for punishment of offenders – happy with his performance – understands dynamics of municipality with need for strict enforcement to curb future offences – one change that we had back in 2005 netted a very rocky period of 6 months and would hate to see that happen again, especially in these times) deferred to Chief.

Councilman Dyer: will continue to pursue issue with Mantoloking – being taken advantage of – Beach home assessed at $500K pays about $2600 school tax, while average $3.3M Mantoloking home pays about $130; American Traffic Solutions puts cameras on lights – running a test to see viability – Brick takes in $70K-$80K/light – have to pay $17,600/light along the way – no down side from a revenue standpoint because if under $10K, only pay what we collect – from safety standpoint, slows traffic and reduces accidents – to get a ticket all four wheels must be over the white line – can access picture via the internet; many people curious as to what's going on with prayer issue – sometimes things confront you on a magnitude that you’re not willing to deal with – Mayor has said this could be a Gettysburg – still pursuing options as a Council – ADF has committed to pay our attorney fees – if Council goes through appeal and loses, could be on hook for ACLU legal costs – for lawsuit that was dismissed, ACLU is asking for $42K – second lawsuit could be about $50K-$60K – if appeal and win, would no longer be on the hook for that [Mayor: on hook only if Judge Grasso so determines; explained Gettysburg reference – sleepy little town that woke up one horrible morning to find a battle of two Goliaths occurring in its backyard – question is, does the Beach want the ACLU and ADF battling and turning the Beach into a Gettysburg-type battleground; Councilman Lurie: asked if a Police officer would have to be assigned to review traffic light tapes (yes) and about the manpower that would entail (Brick intersections are busier than ours, but they utilize one person for most of a shift – need to look at the trial phase – may be able to be done with current staff).

Mayor Barrella: No Report, deferred to that given on New Year’s Day.

Administrator Riehl: had 3-hour meeting with Parkeon, who will install parking machines throughout town – gave them pertinent information and working on March 1st goal – will pay $300/day/machine penalty for every day machines are not up and working after April 1st.


Dave Cavagnaro, PPB: concerned about snow removal coordination between State, County and local entities – saw problem with crossing County roads – need contingency plan – reverse 911 is a good idea – need to update radio station more often and add information, including garbage and recycling pick-up – watched County front loader at 3AM shovel snow onto private properties and dump it, up to 15-feet high, not only on people’s sidewalks but further onto their properties – many curbs damaged along Baltimore and lawns dug up – should look into wherever County plowed – on Arnold Avenue, County could have made 15-foot mounds on either the parking lot or residential sides, and chose residential side – County negligence is more serious than just getting here late – only thing that stopped them from burying 2 of his neighbors was his call to Police – other neighbors couldn’t get near their properties because of the mounds – our guys tried hard – Storm of the Century – lot more has to be done with County and State; thanked Councilman Corbally for ideas on quality of life, and videoing meetings.
Bill Knapp, PPB: had issues with people fixing bulkhead on Harvard – thanked Police for immediate response – pulled out neighbor’s 25' evergreens (per contract, they must restore area to the way it was before); spoke about signs put on telephone poles by pancake house on Ocean Avenue and asked if there were ordinances against it; asked if legal funds to support prayer issue would be under cap (real expenses) could cost jobs or cause furlough days.
Max Gagnon, PPB: while supervising early morning job, saw 5 cars go through light at Chambers Bridge/Rte 70 intersection, with camera doing rapid fire; asked if State picks up tab if it declares snow emergency (Administrator Riehl: filed through FEMA for $73K reimbursement).


Motion by Councilman Corbally to adjourn the meeting was seconded by Councilman Dyer and carried by consensus of those present.
The meeting was adjourned at 10:46 PM.

Published February02, 2011 | Council Minutes | 1158

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