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January 3, 2011


Monday- Jan. 3, 2011, 7:30pm
Pt. Pleasant Beach Town Hall
Agenda prepared by Kitty Stillufsen

1.Approve December minutes.
2. Paypal update: Kitty- Yes! Finally, Paypal is on the town website. This is a huge step forward for the town endowment fund- making it easier for people to donate money. At present it is a little hidden under the shade tree commission tab. Kitty will work on getting it on the homepage- in a user friendly format and attractive advertising layout. Thank you to town clerk Maryann ellsworth. Mrs.E , who saves the town money b/c she can make most of the updates to the site herself, was not able to access the paypal site from town hall b/c of a security block.So, she took her owrk home with her- and did the majority of the work at her house. Kitty worked in cooperation with her- setting up the original account and linking it to the town bank account, etc.payapl account (Sharon, could you inform the endowment committee?)
3. New Ordinance update: Kitty & Elaine to ask Councilman Rizzo to reintroduce ordinance, as he had voted no. Elaine will also speak with him about same. Endowment/ Paver project: Kitty to provide update.
4. Commission status: Email from Todd Wycoff, State Forester: “My records indicate that [PPB] currently has a total of 5 CEU's that were gathered by Clem Bremer at the NJ Shade Tree Federation Meeting on 10/22/10 - [so]you are 3 CEU's short of the required 8 and at least 1 of those 3 remaining CEU's needs to be gathered by someone other than Mr. Bremer. You are correct in that the calendar year is the year end for the requirements of the Act. I am not aware of any trainings that are taking place before the end of the year, but any tree related training can be submitted for CEU's....I would check with your Department of Public Works to see if they did any training....safety training related to tree work or perhaps pesticide training in Category 3-A which deals with trees. Another option would be to bring in someone to host a training before the end of the year....try the NJ Tree Foundation or perhaps a local nursery could do a young tree pruning workshop or a nursery stock selection talk....CEU's are awarded at 1 credit per person per hour of training...so you would need three hours worth of training.....3 hrs and 1 person (other than Mr. Bremer) or 1 hr of training and 3 people attending (Mr. Bremer could be one of those 3)....I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions. Todd” We will ask for reimbursement. We have $56.12 in our budget.And so, I have a call out to Kirsten from FRDC to see if she can give a 1 hour talk, with 3 of us present, before the new year! Aye, yai, yai!
5. Budget: Sharon- any chance you can do this? I might be out of time.(It was due in december) Pete’s suggestion: request that fines collected be used for our bills.
6. Email contact info: B/C anything we email on our accounts can be public knowledge, it is prudent for us to each have a designated email account for PPBSTC business.
7.Tree City USA: We will apply for this status, as we already meet most of the eligibility requirements. This includes a per capita expense for trees (about $10,000, based upon a population of 5200), by adding all monies our town spends on trees (public workers hours, volunteer time etc), Sharon has this information. The per capita expense is within our FMP, so the info is available. (Total budget, divided by 5200 population).
8.New Projects: a.sidewalk pamphlet: Kitty : Done! Group comments needed. Will email to group for comments. (All points printing to donate poster size). also, see #9.
9. Kim- To work table, she will explain. Inspection update: Kitty sent a letter to Elaine Petrillo, re: 607 NJ Ave., asking to NOT consider the miniature Japanese maple as a tree replacement. 203 Homestead Avenue - summonses issued. 11 Niblick Street - b/c house is under construction,they have an extension to Spring, 2011. 106 Central Avenue - keep me posted on this one. 204 Princeton Avenue - a letter was sent to this property owner, Mr. Pfifer responded that he did replace the tree in the front yard. He cannot put another tree in or about this area because of water lines and drainage pits. There two new trees in the rear yard. 802 Grove Street - a letter was sent advising the owner to replant by December 31st or summonses. The property owner of Emma's Beach House was issued summonses and fined. They are planning to do additional work in this area and will incorporate trees into a new 'green' area in the future
10. NEED: 513 McClean ave- replacement needed, 200 Central (Kitty has not informed Elaine about 200 central yet)
11. Pete:Response to Bill Lammers- owner of Brave New World- complaining about Bradford Pears trees uplifting sidewalk and causing structural damge to properties, and creating a hazard. Would like to know town plans for this area.
12. Anne, Pete & Eline: Tree planting encouragement program- Please provide us with an official, written update so that I may put it into our official minutes.
13. American Liberty Elm: Kim & Nina to update. FREC to donate bench tops & backings, need to find pilings, possibly also legs(Approach shop teacher again) Kris-To see that plaque gets mounted to building. (Palque- working on mounting it to wall- Kitty suggested we try and source recycled wood. Group (esp. Kitty and Nina) to work on this.
14. Busines stimulus fund-Anyone who works to plant trees must fill out a W9 formPete: List of Tree Committees in NJ. Is verifying & seeking email contacts. Update: Sharon to help with mail merge. Kitty will order phamplets
15. Sharon- Guidestar.com (or org) , can highlight 5 programs on this not-for-profit email with endowment program. Info needed- our mission statement, what we’re looking for (trees donated). Kim- ppbstc can help the greenteam gain points

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