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December 6, 2010


1.Oct min. & Nov. minutes approved.

Clemens comment: 607 NJ (not for sale)

Paypal- Kitty to provide update

New Ordinance update: Kitty,to ask Councilman Rizzo to reintroduce ordinance, as he had voted no. Elaine will also speak with him about same. (update: Kitty called, Left message)

Endowment/ Pver project: Kitty to provide update

Commission status: DPW did not send anyone to shade tree conference, and Elaine was unable to attend (illness in the family). Because of this our commission status is in jeopardy -we still need 2 more CEUs. (kitty might be available to take this). We will ask for reimbursement. We have $56.12 in our budget.

Budget: Kitty to prepare this week.

Email contact info: Because anything we email on our accounts can be public knowledge, it is prudent for us to each have a designated email account for PPBSTC business- stc.kstillufsen@gmail.com. (kim to help me).

6.Hazard trees: Kim reported :Laurel court, exposed roots. Update- hazard sidewalk, not tree.

7.Tree City USA: We will apply for this status, as we already meet most of the eligibility requirements. This includes a per capita expense for trees (about $10,000, based upon a population of 5200), by adding all monies our town spends on trees (public workers hours, volunteer time etc), Sharon has this information. The per capita expense is within our FMP, so the info is available. (Total budget, divided by 5200 population).

8.New Projects: a.sidewalk pamphlet: Kitty : Done! Group comments needed. Will email to group for comments. (All points printing to donate poster size).

Inspection update: Email from Elaine Petrillo, Dec. 1, 2010:

HI Kitty, I thought I had responded to this but I guess I didn't. Here is my update...

1. 607 New Jersey Avenue did replace the trees. One is near the Masonic Lodge the other (albeit is not a standard tree from the list) is on his front lawn (small Japanese maple). This was the only location and a tree that fit.

2. 203 Homestead Avenue - summonses issued.

3. 11 Niblick Street - b/c house is under construction,they have an extension to Spring, 2011.

4. 106 Central Avenue - keep me posted on this one.

5. 204 Princeton Avenue - a letter was sent to this property owner, Mr. Pfifer responded that he did replace the tree

in the front yard. He cannot put another tree in or about this area because of water lines and drainage pits. There two new trees in the rear yard.

6. 802 Grove Street - a letter was sent advising the owner to replant by December 31st or summonses.

The property owner of Emma's Beach House was issued summonses and fined. They are planning to do additional work in this area and will incorporate trees into a new 'green' area in the future.Any other questions, problems or complaints, let me know!! Thanks -Elaine

10. Also: 406 Bway, pruning request, and letter from Bill Lammers- owner of Brave New World- complaining about Bradford Pears trees uplifting sidewalk and causing structural damge to properties, and creating a hazard. Would like to know town plans for this area. Our comments are requested. And- Kitty- to reenforce our recommendation of removal and replacement at same time.

Tree planting encouragment program- Anne and Pete to update (their trip to nursury, recommendations, etc...)

American Liberty Elm: Kim & Nina to update. FREC to donate bench tops & backings, need to find pilings, possibly also legs(Approach shop teacher again) Kris-To see that plaque gets mounted to building. (Palque- working on mounting it to wall- Kitty suggested we try and source recycled wood. Group (esp. Kitty and Nina) to work on this.

11.Nina- FREC: Nina to call and see if they can come to our next meeting.

Busines stimulus fund-Anyone who works to plant trees must fill out a W9 form

Pete: List of Tree Committees in NJ. Is verifying & seeking email contacts. Update: Sharon to help with mail merge. Kitty will order phamplets

Kitty to add to our public email list: Lauren Walters- lwalters@skidmore.edu

Fund raiser- Nina, come up with ideas. (also, engraved paver program)

Sharon- Guidestar.com (or org) , can highlight 5 programs on this not-for-profit email with endowment program. Info needed- our mission statement, what we’re looking for (trees donated).
Kim- ppbstc can help the greenteam gain points

Published December14, 2010 | Shade Tree Committee Agendas | 1121

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