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November 2, 2010

Minutes prepared by Kitty Stillufsen

Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by Chairwoman Kitty Stillufsen. Proper and legal notice was given. Present: Kitty Stillufsen, Elaine Hennessy, Clemens Bremer, Pete Renner, Sharon Cadalzo, Nina Sassano,

Excused: Council Liason Kristine Tooker (medical). Public: Ann Lightburn, Lauren Walters, and Kirsten from FREC. A quorum was declared present.

1.September & Oct. minutes approved. Clemens comment: 607 NJ (not for sale)

2. Kitty to update website, & to send tree list to karen mills.Kitty_ need routing number and bank account number for the endowment fund, and find out charges from paypal (percentage of donation? fixed amount?) also- on website indicate which fund) Kim update- Maryann replied and requested the aformentioned.

New Ordinance update: Kitty,to ask Councilman Rizzo to reintroduce ordinance, as he had voted no. Elaine will also speak with him about same. (update: Kitty called, Left message)

3. Endowment: Kitty to get paypal on town website & launch engraved paver program. Getting paypal on town website: Kitty & Pete to Update: How much to get grates and/or engrave pavers? Kitty has grate info: $1520 w/ insignia from Neenah Foundry.

Shade tree federation conference update- Kim and Clemens attended. Elaine could not b/c of family emergency. DPW did not send anyone. Clemens update: Objective anaylsis of hazard trees- most trees in an urban area fall into the category of a hazard tree- but the distingusing mark is the check out 3 min areas of a tree: the root, the trunk, and the crown, with a minimum score of 3. There is a recognized way to analysis a tree. “trees don’t heal, they seal”Defect + a target = a hazard tree. Scoring is new to us, and important. Clemens to do more research about the scoring system. Kim’s update: anything we email on our accounts can be public knowledge. For this reason it is prudent for us to each have a designated email account for PPBSTC business. We will ask for reimbursment of conference fees. We have $56.12 in our budget.
Note: B/c neither Elaine, nor a DPW worker went we still need 3 more CEUs before end of year!

6.Hazard trees: Kim reported :Laurel court update- hazard sidewalk, not tree.

7.Tree City USA: We will apply for this status, as we already meet most of the eligibility requirements. This includes a per capita expense for trees (about $10,000, based upon a population of 5200), by adding all monies our town spends on trees (public workers hours, volunteer time etc), Sharon has this information. The per capita expense is within our FMP, so the info is available. (Total budget, divided by 5200 population).

8.New Projects: a.sidewalk pamphlet: Kitty : Done! Group comments needed. Will email to group for comments. (All points printing to donate poster size).

9. Kitty changed logo to Comission from Committee.

10. Need more trees on Washington Ave. Anne Lightburn suggested: If the town can activly advertise to homeowners donating to endowment fund for a tree to be planted infront of their house, or elsewhere in town. Town will purchase trees at Fall wholesale sale price. Concept- to get high quality, larger trees that a resident would not normally handel. As a muni we can trees wholesale. An idea is to use the borough (going throug endowment fund), where a resident could donate money to the fund, the town buys the tree, and set a price with a tree planting company to plant trees. These trees can be planted anywhere- public or private land. Chris rehil said that this would be fine,a nd would not be undercutting any tree companies. bonus- public could go through endowment fund (if endowment fund approves to be conduit). Also, anne checked with company in freehold, who said this idea is a common place program. Clemens- be diligent about not offering invasive species. Anne and pete to take a trip to the nursury, and investigate. This could be used for the replacement requirement.

10.American Liberty Elm: Kim & Nina to update. FREC to donate bench tops & backings, need to find pilings, possibly also legs(Approach shop teacher again) Kris-To see that plaque gets mounted to building. (Palque- working on mounting it to wall- Kitty suggested we try and source recycled wood. Group (esp. Kitty and Nina) to work on this.

11.Nina- FREC: Nina to call and see if they can come to our next meeting.

Busines stimulus fund-Anyone who works to plant trees must fill out a W9 form

Pete: List of Tree Committees in NJ. Is verifying & seeking email contacts. Update: Sharon to help with mail merge. Kitty will order phamplets

Tree replacement inspections Kitty emailed updates to Elaine Petrillo. Also included in her correspondence to Elaine- fine request to The Spot (a new restaurant), on Rt. 35 S., and our suggestion that she recommends to homeowners to request an estimate for replacement at the time of tree removal. Kitty- to reenforce removal and replacement at same time.

Kitty to add to our public email list: Lauren Walters- lwalters@skidmore.edu

Sharon- read county shade tree commission notes- hazard tree assment, in northern part of county.

Fund raiser- Nina, come up with ideas. Kitty to research etched pavers. Maybe league of muncipalities might have a vendor list for upcoming conference. And installation costs. (check with masons). can they etch them without removing them.

New Business ###Sharon_ Guidestar.com (or org) , can highlight 5 programs on this not-for-profit email with endowment program. Info needed- our mission statement, what we’re looking for (trees donated).

Kim- ppbts can help the greenteam gain points

Published December13, 2010 | Shade Tree Committee Minutes | 1119

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