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Oct. 4, 2010


PPBSTC Monday, Oct. 4, 2010

Pt. Pleasant Beach Town Hall 7:30 pm

1.Approval September minutes. Welcome new member Nina Sasson

New Ordinance update : Kitty

Endowment: Getting paypal on town website: Update: (Pete): Karen Mills asked(to website designer)that Paypal be added to town website. Pete to follow up w/Karen. How much to get grates and/or engrave pavers? Kristine to ask Sandy pasola about pavers. Kitty has grate info: $1520 w/ insignia from Neenah Foundry.

5.Commission status 2010 requirements: State confirmed that Mike Ornsby is our town worker who is core trained. Kitty asked John Trout (DPW) who else can get coretrained? Maybe Dennis? Elaine & Kim requested to be core trained; Clem for certain to go. Clems to pick up CEUs at seminar. We do not have the money in our budget to pay for this. Will ask for reimbursement. We have $56.12 in our budget.

6.Hazard trees: Kim reported :Laurel court, exposed roots

7.Tree City USA: We will apply for this status, as we already meet most of the eligibility requirements. This includes a per capita expense for trees (about $10,000, based upon a population of 5200), by adding all monies our town spends on trees (public workers hours, volunteer time etc), Sharon has this information. The per capita expense is within our FMP, so the info is available. (Total budget, divided by 5200 population).

8.New Projects: a.sidewalk pamplet: Kitty : Done! Group comments needed. Will email to group for comments.

10.County Tree Grant:. Marty davies has not been paid. Kitty to follow up. Kitty spoke with Rich Reenstra (County Forester). He said that while the grant might not be offered this coming year, it might return next year. Kitty asked that if he has any extra trees, we would take them (at least take as many as we could handle).

11. Need more trees on Washington Ave. Anne Lightburn suggested: If the town can activly advertise to homeowners donating to endowment fund for a tree to be planted infront of their house, or elsewhere in town. Town will purchase trees at Fall wholesale sale price.

10.American Liberty Elm: Kim to ask High School Shop teacher to have students make a bench. Kris-To see that plaque gets mounted to building.

11. BSF(Busines stimulus fund)-Anyone who works to plant trees must fill out a W9 form

Pete: List of Tree Committees in NJ. Is verifying & seeking email contacts. Update: Sharon to help with mail merge. Kitty will order phamplets

June Tree replacement inspection assignments: Kitty to update list and notify Elaine Petrillo

Clem:607 NJ Ave.- Have not replanted. Home for sale- should be part of contract.

Kitty: 206 Yale -

203 Homestead Ave. - have not replanted. PPBSTC to request a fine

11 Niblick- Have not replanted. PPBSTC to request a fine.

Kim: 219 Sanborn

802 Grove St

Elaine: 106 Central

Pete: 204 Princeton

Sharon: 115 Parkway

Other news- a.Asbury park tree massacre on Cookman Ave.
b..Clemens- Tree removal and replacement should be at same time. Pete to update.
c.315 New York- can prune with a CTE who has 10 years experience, like R.T. Davies, Elaine , and possibly kitty to supervise.
d.Rockiní Joes- Kitty to comment. Rockiní Joes may pay R.t. davies to prune. The PPBSTC majoirty voted yes. Elaine refrained from voting.
f. Fran & Jack Drew , from Manasquan. .... suggested that several towns pool resources to hire an independent Certified Tree Expert to give second opinions on tree disputes.

Published October01, 2010 | Shade Tree Committee Agendas | 1089

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