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May 20, 2010


The May 20, 2010 Regular meeting of the Point Pleasant Beach Board of Adjustment opened at 7:30 pm. The clerk read the notice of compliance with the "Open Public Meetings Act. Present were regular members: Mr. Spader, Mr. Kelly, Chairman Struncius, Mr. Reilly, Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Ardito

Motion by Mr. Reilly, second by Mr. Reynolds to memorialize the minutes of April 15, 2010 BOA meeting.

In favor: Spader, Kelly, Struncius, Reilly, Reynolds and Ardito
Opposed: None

Application #2008-30 – Ann C. Varosi – 307 Baltimore/302 Chicago Avenue – Block 108; Lots 21 & 22 – Applicant wishes to demolish a single family dwelling on lot 22 and subdivide the lot into two lots. Existing Lot 21 rear property line would be moved. There are two existing principal structures located on lot 21.

Carried from March 18, 2010

Steven A. Pardes, attorney for applicant. Al Varosi applicant, still under oath described and reviewed the two new renderings submitted for the proposed lots. Homes are similar in style; lot coverage will be 26.3%, under the 30% which is allowed; setbacks are well within code. Homes will be neutral in color with a one car garage with separate driveways. Brendan McHugh, architect, sworn. Licensed in New Jersey, RA, AIA; graduated from University of Miami/Environmental Design, Masters in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology.
Chairman Struncius inquired why they went with “two left homes’ instead of one being right? Brendan McHugh replied that it was due to the layout of the floor plan. Ray Savacool added that on the Northerly side of the property that there are substantial trees that will be preserved by having the garage on the south side. Chairman Struncius questioned if applicant could add a window to the garage for aesthetics. (Yes)Tom Spader said that the renderings reminded him of Levittown; this is not what he was expecting. Steve Ardito inquired if there are any other variances besides the one for the two feet in the width of the lot? (No) Chairman Struncius is concerned with these skinny homes being so tall; I don’t feel it in the elevations but I am still concerned. Tom Spader recollected the applicant saying he would reduce the height to 32 feet; proportionately lower.

Audience Questions

Bill Knapp, 100 Harvard Avenue – You can have 1,000 square feet of space in your attic as long as only 500 square feet of it has a ceiling of 7 feet? (Yes) That is how the ordinance reads but the Board will look into it.

Greg Cox – has a concern about the floor being lowered. I believe that it needs to be a foot above the flood elevation. Ray Savacool agrees, according to the State Flood Hazard Area Act first floor does have to be at elevation level.

Chairman Struncius addressed the concerns of the board and inquired if the applicant wanted to go ahead with the vote. Steve Pardes said he is comfortable that the architect can make changes to address the boards concerns and at this time requests to be carried without notice.

Motion by Mr. Reilly, second by Mr. Leonard to carry Application #2008-30 – Ann C. Varosi – 307 Baltimore/302 Chicago Avenue to June 17, 2010 without notice.

In favor: Spader, Leonard, Struncius, Reilly, Kelly, Reynolds and Ardito
Opposed: None

Application#2010-03 - Dennis & Denise Gesumaria – 415 Richard Avenue; Block 161; Lot 21 - Applicant wishes to install a paver block driveway. Resolution #2007-03 granted him 50.03% impervious coverage and 37.92% building coverage

Dennis Gesumaria, applicant, sworn. Applicant stated that he is in the final phase of completing construction. Steps will be constructed from treks and will be totally permeable. Relief that is being requested is for steps, side yard a/c and impervious coverage for paver driveway. Original plans had the side door but the stairs were not added at the time. All of these structures are now there. Steve Ardito commented that if he pulled up the sidewalk on the side of the home it would keep the impervious closer to code.

No audience questions/Comments


Mr. Spader – Feels the adjustment is minimal. Applicant has improved the property and wants to finish it up. The a/c is an existing condition. In favor.

Mr. Kelly - I have no objection.

M. Leonard – I was concerned that we are adding to a home that was 37%, but now that I see it was mostly pre-existing I do not believe it is going overboard.

Mr. Reilly – Thinks the applicant has done a beautiful job with the home. The board did miss some things with the original application. Doesn’t believe there is much choice; the home is in place. Inclined to vote in favor.

Mr. Ardito – Positive side –elevating home and getting it out of the flood zone; consequence of that is that you now need steps. Would like him to consider not putting in the side pavers. In favor

Chairman Struncius – You need to look at the factors; what is adding to the coverage? Those are the things that you need to look at. In favor

Application #2008-20 – Jenkinson’s North – Beachfront - Block 180; Lot 2 & 3 – Applicant has installed “flooring” to the beach area adjacent to the building in order to hold banquet/reception type functions. Applicant is appealing the decision of the zoning officer. If the applicant’s bid for an appeal is denied, then the applicant will proceed with a request for a Certificate of a Prior Non-Conforming Use. If that bid is unsuccessful the applicant will proceed with the use variance application as well as site plan approval for the proposed renovations.

Motion by Mr. Reilly, second by Mr. Reynolds to carry application #2008-20 to July 15, 2010 without notice

In favor: Spader, Kelly, Leonard, Struncius, Reilly, Reynolds and Ardito
Opposed: None

Meeting adjourned at 9:16PM

Attest: Karen L. Mills, Clerk of the Board

Published July08, 2010 | Board of Adjustment Minutes | 1055

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