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Building Department Requirements for Sheds

A zoning permit is required for all sheds installed within the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach that are 100 square feet or less in area, and a building permit is required for sheds that are larger than 100 square feet and may be built up to 120 square feet. Permits may be obtained in the Building Department and are subject to zoning review.

The fee for a shed 100 square feet or less is $50.00. Fees for sheds over 100 square feet are based on construction value; the minimum being $75.00. Permits must be obtained prior to beginning any work on the property.

The following list shall be the minimum requirements for the issuance of a zoning or building permit for a shed.

All sheds must be properly anchored to the ground.

Copies of the plans, whether pre-fabricated or built on site, showing all straps, anchors, lumber sizes and materials used must be submitted for sheds over 100 square feet.

Other restrictions and guidelines are listed within the Borough of Point Pleasant Beach Development Ordinance.

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